Hi everyone. Today I woke up to the screams of my beloved dog - one of my relatives was kicking her in the ribs strongly and hitting her with a stick because she broke away from the yard. I was totally shocked, and just shouted to him to stop, then he left. The dog is still traumatized... She is hiding under the table and shivering. I had intense feelings of anger and revenge towards that person, and I felt like punching him in the face. So of course, I understood I was way out of alignment so I meditated to the Abraham recordings. I felt much better and was inspired to tell my relative that I will not tell anyone about this, if he gives me his word that he'll never do something like that again. He (a very misaligned person) refuses to admit he was wrong and told me that if the dog ran away again, he'll hit her again and began justifying himself.

Quite frankly I don't know what to do. I can't control his behaviour (or worse - I could beat him up to "force" him to stop and I know we won't talk again for years, and I'll be kicked out of the house), and I feel that I must protect my dog from him. I am still a bit dazzeled from the cruelty and violence he used. Or to clarify my point - should I just stand there and practice being loving while he's beating up my helpless dog?!

Any ideas here?

asked 14 Dec '11, 10:15

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Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and a number of other murderers began their lives of violent crimes by being mean to animals; it is a serious flaw not to be taken lightly. The feelings of wrongness that you have are correct. I beg you to get away from this relative, or re-home your dog. There is no telling what goes on when you are not around. You need to protect this defenseless dog. And although it is very hard to report a relative to the authorities, it is something you should think about. It's possible he will move onto hurting others. Please protect your dog who loves and relies on you! Best wishes......I hope you are able to work something out right away.


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LeeAnn 1

Good answer Lee Ann I agree with you.

(15 Dec '11, 16:08) Paulina 1

Benjamin Jaianniah and LeeAnn have correct ideas for immediate action for the protection of your dog and yourself. The only thing I could add is pray for him and for your dog, both need prayer for different reasons.

First your dog: the prayer should be of healing and protection similar to this.

Father I lift my dog to you that he be healed for this trauma that his body is repaired and the damage is reversed, (keep your hands on the dog as you pray.) You may feel your hands get hot as you say the next part "Father use me! Use my hands as your hands! Let the Holy Spirit flow through my hands now for this healing you are now doing!" Then let the healing flow for your dog as you keep your hands on it but as well if you feel led move your hands when you feel they need to be moved and to where you need move them.

Close with a prayer of protection around your dog saying, I command in the name of Jesus all that is negative be gone from my dog and my home now! I surround my dog in the white light of the Christ and nothing will penetrate this wall of protection as God is my dog's shield and protector! Father thank you for hearing my prayer even before I asked it thank you for answering it I know feel and believe it has been done, I Jesus name I pray amen.

Lastly this relative needs prayer, "Father I lift up this relative to you, he is filled with violence and hate. Soften his heart open his eyes to you lord. I command every evil out of him in Jesus name leave leave him now and never return! I lift him to Christ and the Holy Spirit now that all that is upsetting him and bothering him be disintegrated right now to nothing but ashes. I bless this man that he finds you Father and that he is so filled with your light and love that he has to never feel this anger again. That he is filled with our compassion for all and that every desire and temptation he has of violence is now eradicated in Jesus name!!! I Thank you Father for having heard my prayer and know it has been done, no prayer returns empty. Thank you, Thank You , Thank You, In Jesus Name I pray Amen...

If you are not Christian maybe Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist then pray in Moses name, Mohammad's name or Buddha's name whoever you pray to. I am just telling you how I just prayed for you and your situation.


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Wade Casaldi

Thanks everyone for all the answers.

It was a very tough experience to me and I truly felt yesterday that I just can't shake off the feeling of disgust and rage. I love my dog so much (and also use her a lot for getting into the vortex:)), and also my relative. I am training my dog now not to run out of the yard so it won't happen again, but that's not everything I learned from yesterday. After lots of focus wheeling I managed to allow well-being into my mind, and I see it all from a different angle.

Obviously I manifested this eveny in my life. It didn't just happen, I was offering a vibration that caused it. And since the last week was maybe the happiest one in my life - I was so aligned and felt so comfortable in my vortex, and suddenly this happened. Abraham and Bashar spoke of this - excitement is a complete success kit, and it will pull all your unwanted vibrations so you can notice it. And in order to move forward, I had to become aware of the subconscious vibration I was offering.

I have very intense feelings toward my relative ever since I know myself. He gets me out of the vortex instantly so I just try to stay away from him, while judging him in my mind (1st vibraton that has been manifested). Also I have stron feelings when I see someone get bullied - it just gets me into complete rage as I was bullied also in my early days, into feeling like a victim and wanting to hurt the aggressor as badly as I can (2nd vibration that has been manifested). These vibrations have to go for me to step to the next level, and the stream of well-being put it into my face since I was looking away from it.

Quite frankly, there is no physical action I can take to protect my dog always, and force my wants over my relative (btw, it's his dog too, not that it justifies what he did of course). It tore me apart thinking about this, but no one promised the truth is easy - I can't protect everyone I love from a state of worry. Horrible things happen everyday, and I can't do anything about that - I can only choose to focus on that and make that a part of my reality, or to instead focus on love and let LOA match my vibration. After relaxing and aligning today, I have this sense of confidence that he won't do that again - I think he realizes that he made a mistake and lost control over himself.

I have learned a lot from yesterday. I experienced a practical situation where an emotional journey was so invaluable in comparison to the action journey. I learned about myself and my new mental strength - I never would imagine I could watch something like this and refuse to react while not in alignment. I believe my faith was tested yesterday, and there is more work to do. But eventually, I came out of this incident stronger.

Love, Benjamin.


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I grew up in a violent home, and I hated it!

I hated the unpredictability of it. It was like being hit by a tornado, again and again, and when it is over, everyone pretends it did not happen...until the next time.

Your relative is sick, and wrong, too. When a person is violent to animals, it does not bode well for that person. It is often a sign of deep trouble. If it was me, I would rather give away my dog than let this "relative" hurt my dog like that. People who abuse animals go on to abuse people (if they aren't already). It sounds to me like your dog is trying already to get out of there. It is sad, but true!

Benjamin, this person needs a lot of intervention and help. I do not know if this is possible, but he must be reported when he does violent stuff. It is wrong to let him hurt others, dog or not. Call the police if you are afraid the next time.

I never reported what my parents were doing to me. I never "squealed". I had this mentality that told me just to survive and get out! Boy, was I wrong! The last time my dad beat me up, the police should have been called! He threw me across the kitchen, and wounded me badly, both body and soul. I still feel the pain of it, and the suddenness of his explosion of rage. I still know that I have a long road to recovery from this.

I hope that by sharing my experience, it will motivate you to get help. What your relative is doing is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Blessings Love and Peace this Holiday (Christmas) Season 2011,



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Ans Blessings, love and peace to you as well Jai.

(15 Dec '11, 16:15) Paulina 1

Interesting situation to find yourself in, Benjamin.

Personally, I don't think there are any right or wrong courses of action. But I do think you did absolutely the right thing in not acting from a place of feeling bad.

should I just stand there and practice being loving while he's beating up my helpless dog?!

Well, what's the alternative? Using physical violence in return?

I did the revenge/physical violence thing for much of my youth and it just made matters far worse, added to which I kept attracting more people to be violent with or who wanted to be violent with me.

Like I said, I don't think there is a right or wrong action-based answer to this. Some may choose violence in return, some may choose simply to let the situation clarify their own emotional issues about controlling others.

But, as you are keenly aware (and you certainly don't need me to tell you), acting from alignment with the Vortex is always going to be the best personalized solution.


answered 14 Dec '11, 14:47

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It's his dog that needs to be in the vortex...

(14 Dec '11, 23:03) Wade Casaldi

well you did the right thing violence never solve annything. if your dog run away train him to not pass some limit with out you so that nothings bad happen to your dog. it is your dog you are the one responsible for the dog. has for your relative i would tell him the same point that apply to the dog to him and say to him well then when you will do this i will kick you in the ribs and hit you with a stick. will it solve the problem that is what you need to learn? experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Dec '11, 21:52

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white tiger

Hello Benjamin ... without entering into the painful details of this event and just concentrating on the subject of the question "what do i do when i see violence around me ?" ... let's apply the exacting law of attraction ... "i attract into my life whatever i give my energy, attention or focus to ... whether good or bad!"

I think you'll agree this merits reflexion ... have a great day :)

Corollary ...

Great work Benjamin, now that's what i call a sincere "mea culpa" ... there is a book by Bernice W. Kliman that reviews the Shakespeare play "Macbeth" ... here is an extract ;

"as the witches complete their ritual, Duncan, the sacrificial lamb taking upon himself the sins of the community, beats his breast "mea culpa" ...


Love blubird


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blubird two

edited 16 Dec '11, 09:45

So is the dog attracting violence into its life??? I really doubt it, any more than a child of three attracts violence into her life....

(15 Dec '11, 11:45) Jaianniah

Children and animals attract every circumstance of their lives just like everyone else. The Universe responds to vibration, not whether you are capable of articulating man-made words or not: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5967/can-small-children-manifest/5970#5970

(16 Dec '11, 10:26) Stingray

Hi Benjamin, What a terible situation to be in. You must be feeling real bad for your poor dog. I agree with Lee Ann and Jai for I would rather give the dog to someone than let it be abused but who says it wont be abused elswhere as well. If you give the dog away make sure they are loving people and wont go beserk if the dog runs out the yard.

This relative of yours surely can't be the only relative in the house so speak to the others and ask them to look after the animal when you aren't there. If beats the dog up again than maybe what he needs is a taste of his own medicine from someone bigger.

I will give you an example. A friend of mine was terefied of her husband that used to beat her up time and again for no reason. He was much bigger and stronger than her and he would vent his anger on her no matter who upset him. She didnt tell anyone for years but one day after a terrible beating she decided to tell her brother about it as she feared for her life. Her brother went and beat her husband up sensless and told him that if he ever laid a hand on his sister in anger again the next time he won't be so lucky. Well that was the last time that my friends husbands ever touched her in anger. It doesn't mean that he didnt get angry he just didnt vent it out on her.

Personaly I hate violance and thank God dont have personal experiance of violent living and I believe in forgiveness and prayer and all the good spiritual stuff but there are times when stronger measures are needed for bullies only bully animals or those that are weaker or smaller.


answered 15 Dec '11, 16:38

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Paulina 1

This reminds me of MTV Bully Beat Down! It seems sometimes the only thing that changes the bullies. +1

(15 Dec '11, 16:55) Wade Casaldi
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