The creation process requires mind and feelings. To create and already attain the materials such as people, place still work on the event to be manifested is a clear task for the mind to work on. Now when the creation is started from zero, create the materials, the persons, place and reasons to manifest the event is a serious process for the mind/feelings to work on. The question is should I start it with mind and let the feelings support the thought? Or the process start with the feelings and the mind support them? I believe they feed each other. But how to proceed… have the thought; know that I am working on something that its materials do not exist in my own, and have the right feelings? Or should I have to feel good and the mind will produce?

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r0la, what is it that you are trying to accomplish. creation for this life cycle already is active. are you trying to put the pieces together to get a particular form, looking to maximize your conscious awareness or wanting to play what has been labeled 'god'?

(15 Dec '11, 22:59) fred

I am working to get some idea in my mind, from idea into flesh. Yes trying to put pieces together to get a particular form, My serious concern is to make it manifest, but I should admit that by time I am also looking to maximize my conscious awareness and maybe play what has been labeled 'god' and that is happening unconsciously without noticing but the real concern is let the idea manifested and become real.

(16 Dec '11, 06:58) r0la

No one needs to play God for after all we all have part of God within us the secret is to use this God within to link us to all of God. That is when miracles happen.

(17 Dec '11, 07:07) Paulina 1

r0la,our world and the universe of which it is in was not put together over night nor in just 6 of our days. if you have seven levels of consciousness you need to find them or you are driving a vehicle with 7 gears in 3rd or 4th if fortunate. as odd as it may seem the goal is arrived at by focusing inward

(17 Dec '11, 22:14) fred
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Great question my friend. I am a channeler and my source explains this in many ways. He explains that originally it is consciousness that creates reality as most of us are starting to accept now. BUT , if you are talking about how to start in manifesting. It has to start from your heart, your emotions truly run the energy of your manifesting. True want and love is what we use to manifest, PURE LOVE AND DESIRE!! without this, no way it works correctly. You see what I mean ?
Now I can see the point of conscious thought and decision to move on it is a form of manifestation in itself, but in true light, a thought without love and desire behind it is the same as an empty bottle with no water.
So it doesn't do much but just makes us thirstier.
I hope you understand what I mean. Please listen to this too, it might help with general knowledge of manifesting. and unlike most of my sources session, this is a partial, only 9 min instead of an hour or more.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Thank you rob, sooooooo helpful

(16 Dec '11, 07:43) r0la

you are very very welcome my freind, it is nice to meet you :-) love n light

(16 Dec '11, 11:37) TReb Bor yit-NE

iam so srry my speling was bad, when u see things like that, if you fix them u cna build more medals and points for that, when u see answers that are helpfull do not be afraid to vote them up, even in small comments like the one u said above, i voted that up because u were nice enuff to thank me and i am very greatfull in my want to truly help everyopne i can, love n light and welocome to this great group. love n light

(16 Dec '11, 14:16) TReb Bor yit-NE

Firefox web browser and the american english add-on. If it weren't for that my posts would all be misspelled too rob. I prefer firefox over google chromes spellchecker. The swedish spellchecker is great too!

(17 Dec '11, 06:55) ursixx

yes, i am using chrome mopre often now an dwhen i do my spelling is better, but i have all my email and info saved on my AOL so it os hard for em to transfer the thousands of websights i have saved, ty brother

(17 Dec '11, 16:30) TReb Bor yit-NE
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At all moments the entire physical universe is held in dynamic equilibrium by powerful positive and negative forces that are dual expressions of source.

In practice to initiate the creation process just relax into the now moment and you'll automatically connect yourself to the source from which all creation comes. Putting it otherwise, thinking clouds your vision, the less you think the more aware you become and extend your consciousness wider and wider to perceive more clearly the creative forces.

All fears and doubts come from a mind in a contracted state, a mind that's holding onto thoughts of the past or future. Let go of how you think your life should be and discover a reality free of fear and tension and in doing you release your natural creative energies.

"Learn to sit and rest. Fall into deep rest, so the breathing becomes natural, the body becomes cool, all the fever of constant desire and turmoil disappears, evaporates. And then work. That work will have a totally different quality. It won't be out of desire, it will be pure creativity." ~Osho

Creativity is a way of doing the things that you love, allow the energy to flow ... if you love singing, sing ... if you love writing, write ... if you love to carve shapes, sculpt

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Hello rûla, let's be clear what this question is about ... creation is taking place all the time with or without the existence of humans ... your question is uniquely about deliberate creation by humans using mind power ... mind is spiritual and is always love, to create we project the thought vibration of the desire.

have a great day


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blubird two

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