Vedas are supposed to be able to perform levitation ;

How to perform levitation is explained here ;

So is levitation really possible ... in other words is it possible to perform anti-gravity just by using natural energies or in technical terms is modulation of the field frequency of the human aura possible ?

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blubird two

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well blubird you could try it if you want but be carefull to not go in space. i have never tried to do that. but i have seen stuff that add move over 8 feet in a fee second with out anny noise. just after i have think i will have to move this and place it there. so if you try it tie your self with a rope give just a fee feet just in case. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

well it is yes in lucid dream. and yes we can move stuff with our mind or affect the world make things happen etc. so i would say yes eventually we could learn to do this. of course this world has physical law and a scientist will say to you that you need energy to move object has strong has the gravity that pulls it to the ground. but how much energy do we have? in my case i have though about something and it moved 8 feet in a fee second is it mind power is it spirit? and also do we know everything?

(20 Dec '11, 06:23) white tiger

In short, yes.

In long, yes, and there is more than one way to accomplish it.

One method involves manipulation of wind. This is very powerful, but chaotic and difficult to control 'fine' movements with. For example, one can go outside and blow leaves into cyclones with relative ease if they have studied aeromancy. Enough power in this particular category allows VERY rapid movement, but turning / stopping may be one hell of a task...

Another method involves the manipulation of magnetic fields and polarizing objects. This allows for extremely fine movements, but requires an absurdly powerful practitioner, both in spiritual prowess and mental understanding of how magnets work.

Yet another method involves the use of "quantum tethering" to "hang" an object on other objects. Most often the "other" objects in this equation will be across different realms, such as tethering your physical body to your spiritual body, then moving your spiritual body and allowing your physical one to follow. However this is even more "annoying" of a concept than the above two.

That all being said, actually being powerful enough to counteract gravity on behalf of a normal sized human being is more than slightly out of the scope of most individuals. Just making a tiny object levitate is a daunting task because you're battling against gravity, which is an extremely powerful natural force.

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This is very interesting. I have moved things with my mind unconsciously. As well as poping light globes and other stuff. I have no idea how I got this right as it happens sometimes when I'm angry (thank God I'm a not quick to anger) and sometimes when I do healing.

(20 Dec '11, 08:55) Paulina 1

Absolutely. You will find that your subconscious is capable of things far beyond what your conscious is. This is why if we are TRYING to move something or bend a spoon it can be extremely difficult, but one can accidentally cause an entire cyclone to appear around them while meditating and scare the hell out of themselves.

(20 Dec '11, 09:10) Snow

But be wary of your emotions. They are good, and you need to be able to control them, but powerful people can cause very big problems if they are not careful. In case you've read the Harry Potter books, the idea of a "wizard" making things happen when under distress is a very good explanation of things that everyone is capable of. I actually know a person who haphazardly wished death upon a family member of theirs. A few weeks later that person had a near death experience that doctors say they should not have lived through. Just food for thought.

(20 Dec '11, 09:12) Snow

Indeed. But bear in mind that gravity may be weak when compared to the power of the Earth's EMG field, but when compared to the amount an untrained human can manipulate gravity is one hell of a foe. Otherwise humans would be running all over walls and on top of water regularly, instead of very rarely in history.

(20 Dec '11, 09:31) Snow

That is... very complicated. Sounds possible to me, but I must admit it is well beyond my understanding or abilities.

(20 Dec '11, 10:49) Snow
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A good example of real natural levitation is a waterspout, it can suck small objects like fish out of the water and all the way up to the cloud ... swirling winds and hot and cold air are said to cause this, however in reality scientist are unsure how they are formed, there is probably a phenomenon of localized inversion of natural electromagnetic fields involved, the waterspout acting like an inverted siphon

Here is an article showing that frogs (like fish), can be levitated using an electromagnetic field that is stronger than the downwards pull of the electromagnetic field of the earth, that is, gravity ... in other words the electromagnetic field of the earth is locally inverted to create the phenomenon of levitation.

have fun :)


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blubird two

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