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A mind-blowing video from the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) showing the latest developments in the technology of levitation.

Enjoy :)

asked 25 Oct '11, 13:17

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That's pretty cool, thanks for the link

(25 Oct '11, 15:04) kakaboo

It's called the Meissner Effect. Scientists have been routinely levitating magnets using superconductors since about 1987, when high-temperature superconducting materials were discovered, making the demonstration easily reproducible in an ordinary classroom setting.

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This is an excellent question! I believe we are indeed heading toward that future where friction and engines are a thing of the past, not even engines but motors that need no fuel and never stop!

This is exciting as watching Neal Armstrong take "One small step for a man and one giant leap for the future of mankind!"

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answered 25 Oct '11, 17:09

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Wade Casaldi

Very impressive ... on the subject of revolutionary ideas here are a couple of articles about the possibilities of regulating the earths gravitation and electromagnetic field to produce controlled levitation and clean abundant energy ;

This article is about gravity control;

and this article was written by David Barclay on the 30th may 2005 ... it is considered by the Gravity Control site as containing the most promising ideas;

The central idea of David Barclay is based on the natural phenomena of sap rising in the stems of plants ... trees can move gallons of water upwards, against gravity every day and they can do this because they have a system of very fine tubes (xylem).

Sap is a watery fluid and rises by capillarity ... capillarity is based on the phenomena that water is polar consequently the molecule acts as a miniature magnet ... all these miniature magnets lined up create a pulling effect and this phenomena can be compared to how electricity travels along a thin copper wire ... here is an article ;

happy hunting :)

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answered 19 Dec '11, 16:42

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blubird two

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well that is not new blubird. they froze the magnetic field near the zero absolute using hydrogen. i have seen that on tv in 2000 they where doing a electric central in japon based on this concept. why because there is no friction and a magnetic field when there is movement near a wire produce electricity. so imagine that you put a lot of wired around the circle and give a slap to the magnet it moves on and on and it makes electricity for you. i have not ear about it since 2000. maybe some gaz industry have put pressure and closed the project i would not be surprise. that is often what happens they put pressure or by the project or invention and close it. why because if you would have free energy they would not sell gas anny more and would not make money.

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answered 20 Dec '11, 06:12

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white tiger

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