Whirlwinds are natural phenomena that possess a central column of rising air that can lift heavy objects, from this point of view they seem to defy the law of gravity and provide the key to levitation.

Technically a whirlwind is a rotating column of air that reaches from a storm cloud to the ground in a funnel shape maintained by strong winds ... the outer sheath is a down flow and the inner column in an up flow of air ... over water it forms a waterspout.


Although whirlwinds seem to be caused by unstable atmospheric conditions, scientists are still trying to fully understand the deeper mechanism of how they are created, grow and disappear.

How does a whirlwind create the anti-gravity effect ?

asked 12 Feb '12, 00:15

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blubird two

you cannot create anti gravity. do you know why?

(12 Feb '12, 00:29) white tiger

first of all what is gravity? it is energy that pull mass toward the center you can see it on planet or in the universe. like the sun for example it is very heavy and it spin and make the planet spin around it(centrifuge force). if you stop the spin all the planet would go down to the sun because of is mass the sun would become a black hole. if the earth stop is spin you woud be crush by gravity. annything that fly use other energy to counter the force of gravity.

(12 Feb '12, 00:54) white tiger

or if we look at fluid the liquid with less mass float on the liquid that have more mass. if we look at electro magnetic force minus to minus or plus to plus repulse each other and when you froze the magnetic field they stay repulsed and attracted to each other. but that his not anti-gravity it his only energy co-operating.

(12 Feb '12, 01:05) white tiger

so to create anti gravity you would need something to remove the mass or lower the mass of the object that you want to make levitate. but to do this you would need to harness the power of energy that have no mass like photon for example. but the question is how will you make the photon hold the object since they pass through annything because they have no mass? have fun. experience and enjoy.

(12 Feb '12, 01:14) white tiger

@white tiger - "energy co-operating" yes i like it, thanks :)

(14 Feb '12, 02:21) blubird two

i have read somewhere today that neutrino have mass but are not affected by gravity.

(14 Feb '12, 04:37) white tiger

@white tiger - thanks for the info my friend :)

(14 Feb '12, 04:40) blubird two

here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutrino experience and enjoy.

(14 Feb '12, 04:45) white tiger

well blubird you will know more in 2015 about the mass of neutrino and if it is at around 1.5ve then cold dark matter do not exist. but it is all ready pretty interesting because they can travel faster then light so it change the law of the speed of light and relativity. experience and enjoy.

(14 Feb '12, 05:30) white tiger

also they most have been pretty fast in 2012 when we got that solar flare that was sending light very fast to earth. Scientists say the coronal mass ejection, a violent release of plasma and magnetic fields from the sun, has been hurtling toward Earth at 5 million miles an hour (2,000km per second).

The large piece of the Sun's atmosphere was travelling five times faster than solar particles normally travel, they added.

(14 Feb '12, 05:38) white tiger
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The simplest whirlwind to examine is a fair weather waterspout because they form in moisture laden, electrostatically charged, light wind conditions making them easy to observe. They usually begin to take form under the dark flat base of developing cumulus clouds, the first sign is a spiral shape on the surface of the water, generally turning counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere, then working it's way upwards forming a funnel


It is probable that the formation of these whirlwinds is made possible wherever there are strong subtle energy vortices together with an electrically charged atmosphere ... here is an article by Madis Senner on energy vortices


Let's put forward a hypothesis on how a water spout forms ... imagine that there is a spinning vortex of subtle energy pulling upwards in the shape of a column, between the surface of the sea and the cloud above, which acts as a channel, the interior of which is saturated with tiny droplets of electrically charged water, these ionic molecules act as mini-magnets and can form chains creating a string type structure.Remember also that there is a difference of potential, like at the + and - ends of a battery, between the sea level and the cloud, which reinforces the upwards pull on the ionic molecules of water.The sea water can use these strings as a support to climb upwards using capillary action, just as water climbs up the supporting and water-conducting tissue of vascular plants, such as inside tree trunks ...

have fun


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blubird two

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@ele - thanks

(15 Feb '12, 23:49) blubird two

@Blu I Planned on posting this before you left to find your inner Buddha last year. Years ago a Native American Shaman said I was not to worry about all those whirls in my mind. He said not to fear; they were caterpillars - many caterpillars - many metamorphosis, many transformations to come & finally butterflies.. Perhaps they are one of your power animals also. It appears we both have the power of the magical whirlwind.

ffalt textff

Butterfly/Caterpillar's Wisdom Includes:

The power of the whirlwind



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You are ahead of me - you experienced reincarnation also..

(23 Apr '13, 07:55) ele

thanks @ele, long live blubird :)

(25 Apr '13, 03:22) ru bis
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