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Of course this is community wiki, meant as a discussion thread regarding the older versions of the tale of Aladdin, not necessarily the modern renditions thereof.

For the short version, stick to the black boxes. For the extra explanations, see the white spaces.

A background for those unfamiliar: [skip this white space if you are already familiar with the non-Walt-Disney interpretations of Aladdin]

Aladdin is a story of medieval Arabian origin, interpolated into One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights) by its European translators and editors, and widely known as part of that collection.

If you'd like to read more about these stories:

Assuming that if you're reading this part you do know of and have at least read the "cliff notes" version of these stories: Do you feel that these stories have any significance? Morally? Spiritually? Scientifically? With regards to the LOA?

I personally believe the answer is "Yes" to at least three of those questions, and I will gladly share my interpretations if there is anyone interested in hearing them. Otherwise, I am just looking for others who are willing to share their interpretations with me.

asked 24 Dec '11, 14:37

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the ring his a circle. the lamp hold the light. aladdin his a child with a pure heart.

(24 Dec '11, 21:01) white tiger

also leo i would suggest that you look at the movie green lanther.

•"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!" the ring does not make error. .

(28 Dec '11, 01:44) white tiger

^^... That.. is one hell of a quote my friend. I enjoy it thoroughly. ;) I have always been a fan of The Green Lanterns, one of my favorite species... ^^y

(29 Dec '11, 01:24) Snow
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Yes this was a tool Robert Collier (Secret of the ages) used to explain that the subconscious mind is this Genie. This is an understanding that our subconscious minds are far more powerful and active than we think they are. He talks about how calculation that would even today boggle supercomputers the subconscious mind does instantly everyday when it calculates what the body needs and where.

We can assign to the subconscious mind a task to be carried out for us. When we assign a task to the subconscious mind it goes to work for us if we "LET" it. Most do not let it and worry about the opposite of what they want happening.

The S.O.S. talks about utilizing our whole brains. This is giving tasks to our right brains to do for us. It is like in the background working all the time for us, most would say subconscious but that is a word that takes the belief of control and power away from you. Subconscious implies that you have no control so it is better to say I give it over to my right brain to handle.

When we need something solved that we haven't an answer for we just give it up to our right brains to handle and forget about it. This is similar to praying to God to handle it for you and forgetting about it.

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answered 24 Dec '11, 15:51

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Wade Casaldi

Hmm. Interesting... Always so much reading material.. lol. Exactly what I wished for. =P Thank you very much for sharing. ^_^

(24 Dec '11, 20:05) Snow

Oh yes The Secret of the Ages is if not the best one of the best books written on manifesting and even life or living a good life.

(25 Dec '11, 01:29) Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade yes I enjoyed reading your answer, for me it's all about the meanders of the mind, of how humans function and the experiences that the mind can contain. For me the contents of the magic cave are the illusions that I acquired during my childhood that later on in life seemed to sabotage my development

(04 Jul '15, 11:11) jaz
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I only have read whatever disney or other childrens' books and parts of movies. I noticed that 'Open sesame' sounds a lot like 'Open says me!' I found that very empowering! :) Now that you mention it though, it was translated from another language that may or may not have the same similarity.

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answered 24 Dec '11, 15:20

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Fairy Princess

Yes, that is an intentional "joke" to represent the power of the spoken word, the source of all "magic", "curses", and "blessings". This is why the Bible says to not "Curse" others. It does not mean to not say words like "Fuck" or "Damn", which are modern words that hold no Biblical meaning. It means do not directly wish ill upon another unless you have a VERY good reason to. This is why I strongly encourage people to avoid road rage, because throwing out that much negative energy into the world around them is likely to cause a ton of turbulence.

(24 Dec '11, 20:07) Snow

en francais ouvre ces ames.

(29 Dec '11, 02:25) white tiger

very good black dragon you understand that those tales have some hidden meaning. aladdin go in a cave(soul hearth and mind). and find a lamp that has a genie with great powers(spirit). experience and enjoy.

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answered 24 Dec '11, 20:47

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white tiger


You're right, they definitely do have a hidden meaning, but the one I refer to is a WHOLE lot deeper than the one you're referring to. ^_^ There are always more layers to hidden meanings, some are very subtle and others are not so much.

(24 Dec '11, 22:19) Snow

well you seams to want to say something so go a head. i have only told you the beguinning because you might understand it from a story but if you did not experience it. it does not give you much to try to find deepper mening. it is like someone reading a old map and saying there is a deepper meaning. well did you go to that place to verefy it?

(25 Dec '11, 00:09) white tiger

"a head" is the thing on the end of a neck, "ahead" is forward, continue or proceed. I say this to help your English from friendship White Tiger. I know as you said English is not your first language. Jai corrects me on things all the time but I am learning each time. :-)

(25 Dec '11, 05:33) Wade Casaldi

well thank you wade. experience and enjoy.

(25 Dec '11, 05:43) white tiger

I believe Wade is on to something regarding 'language' and helping others learn it.. ^_^ I actually add people to my friends list all the time from other countries just so I can try to learn their language from them and share mine in return. I think this is an incredibly beneficial exercise for all those involved.. just a thought I felt like sharing, not really sure why..... ;)

(29 Dec '11, 01:25) Snow

et bien leo ont peut communiquer dans d'autres languages si tu veux il n'y a pas de probleme.

(29 Dec '11, 02:22) white tiger

bonjour @white tiger qui est "black dragon"

(04 Jul '15, 11:15) jaz
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I very much like the words of @white tiger;

"very good black dragon you understand that those tales have some hidden meaning. aladdin go in a cave(heart and mind) and find a lamp that has a genie with great powers(spirit). experience and enjoy."

What does cave mean? it signifies all those physical experiences you've had that remain and reactivate the mechanism like (a permanent black dragon).

So what does all this mean? It explains why the Stingray ME-4 and ME-5 "seem" to lead nowhere ... because they plunge into the seemingly incomprehensible language of the mechanisms of the mind, in fact I congratulate Stingray for his brilliant method, it actually leads to the discovery that;

all emotions seem neutral.

and from there it just needs a link jump to discover that all emotions have equal value just like notes of music to our ears, all notes of music are enjoyable.

So how come I feel "happy" or "sad" or whatever?

The mind follows what we believe, the labels "happy" "sad" etc are learned responses. A label is used to identify a known vibration. But as a young child, how do we "know" which emotion is "happy", which emotion is "sad"? To a young child all emotions blend into a wonderful play thing.

Here's an amusing imaginary dialogue that surely takes place faster than the speed of light within the mechanisms of the mind, keep in mind that the hidden motivation for everything you do is always a feeling, the thing you wish for is just an imagined pathway into the feeling that you really want, "happiness", enjoyment, living life to the full and this "happiness" is a far cry from the "positive" emotion "happy" as so often depicted on emotional scales;

The blue wizard represents the all powerful and the sporty young woman represents (well I'll leave you to guess that);

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

I invite you to try this game yourself(or with a real person), image you are speaking to a magic genie, this can be anything, even a cuddly toy. Imagine that your genie can grant you three wishes you should be very precise what you're asking. What would you wish? then keep delving into why you're asking what you wish just like in the BD. You'll always come to the realization, that what you really wish is to be happy with a big H.

Your first wish was just the entrance towards the truth.


answered 04 Jul '15, 23:00

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