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I just received an article from Owen Waters in my mailbox and it says that spiritually aware people might feel alone in the crowd in this festive season. I have copied and pasted the entire article below:

I would like to know how does the IQ community feel about this. I would love to hear the experiences here.

Alone In A Crowd by Owen Waters

The Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are often a time of gathering together for friends and relatives. The holidays can also be a time when spiritually-aware people feel a certain aloneness, even in the midst of a crowd.

It helps to know what can cause such a sense of loneliness, and why it affects spiritually-aware people more so than others. Your outer personality is designed to focus upon the five senses and upon the experience of the outside world which those senses deliver. As it says on our home page at,

“Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. Your primary purpose in life is to experience life from one individual, unique point of view. You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints.”

Your purpose here on Earth is to experience being an individual, and that is exactly why a sense of isolation can occur, especially during the holidays. Because we are all connected within, we need to take a moment to go beyond the separated appearance of a room full of individuals and recall the inner connection that we share with the people around us.

Recalling that inner connection is not hard. At night, in the deepest level of sleep, you reconnect with your soul family and thrill at the union you all share. Soul families consist of people who resonate to the same ‘musical’ tone of consciousness as each other. Each person has a signature tone of consciousness which represents who they are.

When you meet people in your soul family at night, you know them by the unique signature tone of consciousness that radiates from them. It doesn’t matter how their spiritual body appears to your sense of spiritual vision, you know them by how their unique consciousness signal, their ‘signature tone,’ feels to you.

Each person belongs to a primary group of soul mates which, typically, numbers somewhere around eight souls. This primary group vibrates in close harmony with other groups which, in turn, vibrate in close harmony with still more groups. The number of people in an extended soul family can easily stretch to two thousand or more individuals. Among these, especially the closer ones, are the people that you interact with in meaningful ways as you pass through life on Earth together. In fact, you plan your life as a soul before you begin your life so that you can arrange to meet significant friends who will help you through significant events and experiences in that life.

Part of your consciousness lives with the pure essence of your soul family all the time, not just at night when the main focus of your attention rises through the spirit realms to meet them. It is your awareness of that soul family-connected part of yourself which makes you yearn for the close community that you experience in those other realms of consciousness.

The holidays are a good time to remember that, no matter how different people appear to each other through their surface personalities, deep down we are all one.

Feel the connection. Feel the love that binds all of life in this universe together, and remember that, in the ultimate reality,

“We are all Infinite Being.”

Thanks and Lots of Love to All...

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello perfection ... thanks for sharing the article by Owen Waters ... here is another article by him that i enjoy very much ;



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blubird two

Thank you very much for sharing this article blubird.

(26 Dec '11, 12:36) Perfection

I can relate to this completely!!!

I feel this way whenever I am in a group of people, and it was really great to know where that "alone" feeling comes from.

Thank you!



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Thanks for sharing Jai! I wish we can see more of similar experience and try to explore the reason behind.

(27 Dec '11, 06:42) Perfection

Hey thanks for sharing. I have a personal story about this- I stopped celebrating Birthdays/thanksgiving and Christmas about 8 years ago, and while it is tough its also a relief! Incredibly enough, my personal non-participation has actually spawned a chain of events in my family in which no one is worried anymore about buying gifts or traveling to far relatives- its like seeing me back out has made them less stressed about the whole ordeal- its become much more meaningful and minimal- really down to only sharing an afternoon with the geographically closest relatives, giving a few phone calls and maybe cooking a meal and thats it- for the whole year. Even though I live on the other side of the country from my family I have noticed these huge festivities with all the excess being pared down slowly since I stopped joining in (and my sisters, cousins, dad etc others have followed suit, so now "holidays" just mean whatever ends up working out for everyone on an individual scale- nothing is forced) While some people might think its a form of decay, I think it is more of a spiritual reevaluation as to what is best for all, and its been so much more positive. In fact I don't even notice holidays in general anymore- Ive forgotten them almost- they seem like just another day, and it doesn't bother me at all! Anywho that's just a personal story from my end...


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