Is there a universal law that determines the core values of ethical behavior? For instance, is love the basis of all ethics? Would everyone have to agree?

Which ethical values would you call the core of ethical behavior? Do any of these core values ever conflict with each other, and if so, how does one resolve the conflict?

asked 26 Nov '09, 07:04

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John, i would like to make you aware that this world is an illusion that we have agreed to live in. The real world is actually the very same and also entirely different. Now when you think about universe, each and every one of us have their own illusion. Now talking about ethics, it is how you believe in it. Your belief will make the illusion look more real and will be easy for you to live in it. Now when i say this I mean that you need to figure out why did you agree to live in this illusion first and then automatically you will come to choose the ethics. Love and hate are both same emotions just like fear and faith. Nothing is different. There is no conflict. All is one and all is you. You choose how you want to make it.

It is your illusion that you have to worry about. All others have their own illusions and their own worlds.. They have their own choices and they play whatever game they want to play at the moment. You are the entire world for you and YOU are the one to decide the ethics for you and your world at the particular moment.


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Thank you for your viewpoint. Let me make you aware that questions posted on this site are not necessarily seeking clarification for the poster's own understanding. I am well aware of the various points of view regarding both the real and/or illusory nature of this world as well as a number of viewpoints on the foundations of ethical systems.

My question is an opportunity for people to express what they believe, understanding that no one has a corner on all knowledge, and ultimately, regardless of your point of view, you can't prove it with absolute certainty.

Thanks for your response.

(26 Nov '09, 22:06) John

perfection, your answer is totally missing the mark, individualism is neither ethical or moral. Ethics and morals only apply to an interaction between two or moe people. your answer states that you are what you are and that is all that matters, does not answer the question put forth by John

(26 Nov '09, 22:38) Goodisevil

John, thanks for the clarification. i am sorry if i missed the point.. Thanks Goodisevil for elaborating ethics and morals.. I am new to the place so make mistakes.. thanks for correcting.. :)

(27 Nov '09, 18:30) Perfection

Hi Perfection - I don't think you need to apologize for anything - especially your own opinion. If someone believes your point of view doesn't suit them, so what? It's still your point of view and you should never feel you have made a mistake for expressing it. The nice thing about this place is that most of us seem to disagree with each other most of the time and we still manage (somehow) to be nice to each other. I enjoy reading your postings and look forward to reading more of them. Welcome to Inward Quest :)

(27 Nov '09, 23:28) Stingray

Thanks a lot Stingray!

(30 Nov '09, 09:23) Perfection
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I believe the cornerstone of ethics is honesty and integrity, anytime someone tries to decieve another, it is unethical behavior. too quote a famous song, "Whats love got to do with it" I do not believe that love matters in the decision to be ethical or not. I think that it is a matter of what is right for the many or the one and that decision is based on complete openess about the circumstances involved. Also it may be based on what society believes to be moral behavior. In an evolving society where there is no set moral values anymore then chaos prevails to create confusion, until the new set of values has defined itself. What one society or entity may define as acceptable behavior another may not. There fore ethics and morals are a constantly changing set of values dependent on the belief of the society or entity.


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Thanks for your answers. One question, though. Do you believe individuals should defer to societal values if they disagree with them, or stick to their own set of values regardless of what society says?

(27 Nov '09, 05:59) John

You are, What you do, When it counts, The Masao A person should stick to societies values unless they conflict with the good of the one or the good of the whole. This is the reason people have been known to give up their lives to protect others. If society thinks and believes that getting extremly drunk and acting crazy is OK, then ethically you have the right to disagree with this value and do what is right for you by not getting drunk.

(27 Nov '09, 07:51) Goodisevil

You're referring to Masao Abe's teachings?

(27 Nov '09, 16:58) John

No, not that gentleman, but another fellow.

(28 Nov '09, 00:04) Goodisevil
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Hi John,In the early stages of learning the .Munay-Ki there is a process called Feeding The Seeds. and to do that you need to practice The Great Principles , and there are Five of them.The first No Violence - bring no harm to yourself or others. 2nd Truthfulness- be true to your word let your word be true.3rd Integrity- do not steal not even a glance, walk your talk.4th Moderation- use wisely the life force within you. 5th Genorosity give more than you take for nothing in the world really belongs to you. I received the last of the nine rights a year ago this month and its been quite a ride.I try to feed the seeds as often as I remember. I don't believe they qualify as Universal Laws but they have been around a very long time. Namaste


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For me personally I would have to say that love is the basis of all ethics. Honesty and integrity rank high but I would also have to say, for me, authenticity is the core of ethical behaviour; only when we are showing our authentic face to the world does our ethical behaviour line up and this goes back to love being at the basis of it because only when we truly love ourselves can we be authentic.


answered 28 Nov '09, 03:47

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