I noticed that some people seem very content not having to dig for and learn about universal laws a spirituality. They do not deny it but it just doesn't resonate with them and they really have no interest in the subject.

Some of these people have seem very happy and content with life, others not so.

So what makes one not really care for this material vs. one who does.

Perhaps they are more spiritual than us and don't need to constantly figure out these things?

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Perhaps these 'others' would also ask similar questions:

Why do you think those folks need to question everything all of the time?

Why don't they just live naturally rather than seeking the answers to what makes a natural life?

Why do they insist on complicating their lives with 'spirituality' and 'enlightenment' to the point of obscuring the beauty and joy that is simply living?

Why do they make up ideas to explain that which naturally is and then worship their ideas as if they hadn't just created them out of thin air?

Why do some folks need answers? Isn't a question enough?


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Hu Ra

Hu Ra, perhaps those are better questions than the ones we ask here.

(14 Dec '10, 02:20) Back2Basics

Are you curious about science? Why or why not?

Many people are not the least bit curious about how their CD player works, or how their car works, or how technologically it's possible to type letters on a keyboard and communicate with people all over the world about spiritual matters.

But some people are curious about their material world. They know how their car works, how their CD player works, how their computer works. They have shaped the world with their ideas. And they are asking, "Why is your spiritual study so ambiguous? Why do you not require proof? Why do you not approach your spirituality with the same scientific rigor and precision that we approach our materialism?"

And the answer would be that they approach truth in a different manner than you do. Everyone's path to enlightenment is different.


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The wonderment of individuality is my opinion. I think many of us are on different parts of our journey. Maybe even closer to the end of replaying life's drama's. Others might have been there naturally.

By the way, a most excellent question. Thank you for letting me ponder this one for a while...but not too long :)



answered 14 Dec '10, 00:10

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