If we can move beyond all the "baggage" for a moment, setting aside all the evil that has been perpetrated in the name of Christ, or the Bible, or the Church, I'd like to ask what universal principles we can find in the Bible that can be used by anyone, regardless of their religion or lack of religion.

This isn't an invitation to say what's wrong with the Bible, but what's right with the Bible. Are there principles in it that anyone can use in the inward quest for enlightenment and a fulfilling and abundant life? Can you name one or more of these principles?

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Nice question, John. It's easy to bash organized religion (as many do these days) but it did come about in response to the needs and wishes of the people of the time, so there was (and is) value in it

(15 Oct '09, 10:15) Stingray

I know of five. (1)Jesus said that I come that you may have life and life abundantly. So through Jesus we can have abundant life. (2)He also said all things are possiable through him not some or an few but all things are possiable through Jesus. Now I would say now if you are going through Jesus you will be aligned with Jesus.

(3)Also he said you can do the things I do and greater things than I do so that is saying through him for he is the word of God manifest into flesh so he was the word of God, a man called Jesus.

It is not what defy a man what goes into his mouth but what comes out. So what we can say can help or hinder our selves and others. The tongue speaks life and death there is POWER in the tongue for it can speak life and death so if it can speak life and death than it can speak good health, happiness, prosperity, wealth, healing, love,and tranquility.

So there it is we have the ability within our selves through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to speak the positive vibrations into our own lives and those who we know and love and those we don't know. We need to strengthen our affirmation of empowerment of ourselves and others. God built it into us with the design he gave us and ignited it through the power of Jesus and his strong love and forgiveness through his shed blood for all of man kind though out the many generations. We are ambassadors of Christ. Now God and Christ name different in other countries, nationalities, and races I am sure they do for Jesus went all over the world from the time he was 12 to 33 years of age and the bible says the things Jesus done if they were written in books would fill up the world now that is an wow moment!

Everyone is free to chose who they believe in or serve. That is where free will comes in and we are allow to chose what we want to believe in or not.

(4)There is the principle of giving and sharing which all people can do to help one another.

If you don't believe in the bible or Jesus than the only other and the most powerful of all than would be the (5)principle of LOVE this indeed the most power principle of all this span to all humans across the globe regardless of the religions or beliefs. My God says he is love and love empowers everyone to feel better about themselves, others, their environment. Love can put an smile on your face from deep down in your soul. For we all need and want love regardless if we say and think we don't; love is the buffer that shields us from all of the none loving situations we go through everyday. That hug, that kiss, that uplifting word, that pat on the back and said you did good today makes us all feel good on the outside but it radiates from the inside outward to others.


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For abundance, I'll venture forth the principle of tithing, whereby one gives a percentage (10%, I believe) of one's income to worthy causes and thereby receive more income in compensation.

Though I would add that I often find this principle to be misunderstood and come across people doing it in order to generate an income for themsleves from a place of feeling themselves in poverty.

The point of tithing is that you must have a feeling of abundance while you tithe in order for the principle to have an effect. In other words, you must feel a sense of surplus regarding your own income while you do it. Done in this way tithing cannot help but increase your income.


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Well, following the Ten Commandments is a good start.

However, the book of Proverbs is an excellent source for life principles.


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read neville goddard's lectures


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saikat banerjee

Can't you give us a few salient points here? I can't very well give you credit for an answer unless you can at least say why you feel Goddard is a good resource to check out. You personal input would be a real plus.

(23 Oct '09, 10:25) John

I have recently started reading some of Goddard's books and lectures and they are very interesting. I started with 'at your command' and am now reading How to Manifest Your Desires: The Neville Method. It is very enlightening with regards to the Bible. These books are freely available as ebooks if you search for them.

(31 May '10, 15:29) AboveBelow

1 Corinthians 3:21-22 "So then, no more boasting about men! All things are yours, whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas[c] or the world or life or death or the present or the future—all are yours,"


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