Sometimes I see what other people do not see and it is in my power to help them! And I do it just because I can with out any motive other then that! Example: this winter someone was stuck in snow and was trying to get out for a while (over 1 hour) he add put traction aids sand and salt under the back tire and still no result!

So I have went to look at it and the girlfriend of the guy was there and I have ask her did you remove the snow in the back of the front tire she said no I don't think it will do much difference!

and I said to her better to put all the chance on is side! then she went give 2 shovel each side and he got out!problem solve!

If there are people able to give you some help in different things on this world! and you reap what you sow! do you think it will be done back to you? do you agree with this?

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would say it is more of a circular experience. Maybe when you stopped to help selflessly, you were 'paying forward' after somebody has helped you. So maybe your act of kindness is creating the balance that someone did a kindness for you. If you do it expecting a future payback, it is still not selfless. If you do it because it is what is right then it doesn't matter if it never comes back around to you. It is not usually the ones we help that help us back or that helped us first. It is more circular. A helps B, and B helps C, and C helps D, and D helps A or even E or Z. On the other hand, if we are all one body anyway, then in a sense, we help ourselves as we help others. However, if we all had the attitude of helping others, this world would be heavenly. If the whole world is helping each-other, then surely it will get back to you.


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Fairy Princess

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We are indeed ONE, which is why when you help another, you are actually helping your own SELF. ALL deeds boomerang.

(16 Jun '11, 04:03) Hitesh

I have always gone through life that what you give unconditionally will come back to you in the form that you gave. In otherwords, if you gave time, you will have opportunities for you to enjoy your time, If you gave help, you will be helped when the most opportune time is needed, If you gave monetary, you will receive monetary.


answered 10 Jun '11, 13:30

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I am not sure abt the last part of your answer. My understanding says what you cause the other to experience , you experience it your self. So if you made someone happy by paying for their meal, you will receive happiness in whatever makes you happy.

(16 Jun '11, 04:09) Hitesh

In my humble opinion.... I would like to offer that: this has nothing to do with giving unconditionally, helping people or anything other "feel good cliche". It's really all about energy. The energy vibration that you (are) what you get back in return. If you offered impatience or "I don't care attitude" to the person with the "snow issue" ... then you what have gotten that energy back (sooner or later). The Universe is very fair... quite the stickler on keeping things exactly balanced. You create your vibration thru your thoughts/beliefs, etc. But you get back or attract...that which vibration you are. Your dominant emoting vibration...creates your very existence minute by minute. Everything that you do, that you are, that you create and are in contact thru out the a direct reflection of your vibration.

This is why a "negative" person always complain about how nobody wants to help them, they can't get a break, etc etc. The person who is vibrating at a higher frequency (we always have full control of our frequency)....will always attract good things from people around them. Why? Because that energy Must flow back to keep the "energy scales balanced".

Energy is neither created or destroyed...just transformed~ einstein


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I have two twists on this topic…

First, the phrase”Give and you shall receive”. I do not think this is related to the actual act of giving as much as it is giving of the thoughts of that which one desires. If one desires Peace they must give and maintain thoughts of Peace. If one desires health they must see themselves in a state of health.

Second, when someone goes out of their way to assist me or does something for me that I see was an act of kindness then I pledge to myself to honor this person by multiplying their act 2-fold. Thus, if I receive assistance, I then find 2 people I can assist. Additionally, if I assist someone and they ask if they can pay me for assisting them, I simply ask them to find 2 people in need of help and to assist them simply out of the kindness of their own heart. Through this philosophy, I am constantly giving more than I receive.



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Jim 1


Pay it forward !! You are doing a great job!!

(16 Jun '11, 04:13) Hitesh

I help people because that's what you do. Period


answered 10 Jun '11, 14:14

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First of all I want to say is good job on the front wheel drive observation.

Yes I do believe we are here to further God's kingdom on Earth and that involves helping others, having compassion for others, forgiving others, and holding no grudges against others.

All of this comes back to us however this is not the reason we do these things, we do them because these are fellow human-beings. We know if we were in the same situations we wish we would be treated so kind so we become God's angels for these people.

My pastor in Mississippi told a story of a man that paid his bus fair one day. He hadn't correct change and wanted to make change, the bus driver said no. A man behind him said "I'll pay his and his wife's way." He got on and paid for them both then he walked all the way through the bus and got off the back of the bus. In other words he did not want a ride on the bus but he did want to pay for the pastor and his wife's way, he was just there to pay and leave. They had no idea where he came from or where he went or even who he was, he was just someone listening to God to be their angel.


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Wade Casaldi

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it was a back wheel drive big cube truck! there was like just 1 small shovel of snow behind each tire in the front! but just to remove that did the trick all chance where on his side now!

(11 Jun '11, 14:04) white tiger

the strange things is if she would not have believe me or have faith in what i said she would not have change her mind and remove the 2 small shovel of snow and he would have spend the day trying to move the truck to get to is job!

(12 Jun '11, 07:32) white tiger

if word can move a 2 ton truck caught in the snow i think it is worth it to say them! don't you? smile!

(12 Jun '11, 07:34) white tiger

Amazing and much agreed! :-)

(12 Jun '11, 16:01) Wade Casaldi
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Definitely your actions, negative or positive, will return to you. It is stated in:

1. Jesus' words
2. The concept of karma from Hindu philosophy

I think it is more than enough to prove it right.


answered 16 Jun '11, 14:50

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yes it is asklepios!

(16 Jun '11, 19:30) white tiger

Give just because you can. You will receive something I don't know what. For me it is a license to be able to ask if I need help. I am never ashamed to ask for whatever I need. I had to get a large sofa upstairs from the street. I ask neighbors until I found a person to help.


answered 12 Jun '11, 23:32

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well tom it is in those time that you see who your real friend are! and you can count them on your finger!well i never ask people for help they will help if they want to help if they don't help i get the message!

(13 Jun '11, 02:51) white tiger

that is my license to put things straight!

(13 Jun '11, 02:53) white tiger
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