I am learning and becoming more aware of Oneness and Allness. I believe that God is All in All and that we are One with God by virtue of that. What I'm not sure of is that since God is All, and All is Good, how to reconcile that with destructive storms.

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I have never been ok and probably never will be ok with destructive behavior.... that is the worst part of anything. The building and creating good is what I think we should focus on... Just a thought... Storms kill people. That is Never a cause to be happy or to celebrate, it is sad and solemn. So, Initiate destructive behavior??? or be ok with it??? hope none of us ever are...

(18 Apr '13, 20:42) Dragonflybreeze

What do you mean destructive storms are bad? It's a GOOD way to clean the places of the planet Earth the nature has invented to get rid of bacterias that infested this planet - humans. Although over the years, we have sort of adapted and are able to endure such measures.

We pray to our gods, I guess planet earth being a living form is praying to its own god. And when you wash dirt and bacteria off your hands, you're no less evil to the bacteria than the nature is to you with the storms.

(19 Apr '13, 03:49) CalonLan

CalonLan, Yes, of course it is a good way to "clean" the earth.... but caring about human life and the lives lost is also important.. Could you say that you care not for other lives but only yourself??

(19 Apr '13, 10:34) Dragonflybreeze

And in fact, I would be under the assumption that the storms are Exactly Mother Natures way of Cleaning Herself and the Earth. I Really quite like the storms, but I do have respect for life as well and the loss that has occurred and think that is sad that it had to be that way... these are people, these are beings.....

(19 Apr '13, 10:37) Dragonflybreeze

@Dragonflybreeze, I don't care for others. I don't care for myself sometimes either. At times I'm wishing I'd just not wake up again, life gets sort of tiring with all its mumbo jumbo theatrical nonsense. Then I remember something I find nice, and cling onto that for a while. But is it important? Nothing is. I'm just passing through time, having fun before they kick me off the ride.

(22 Apr '13, 07:02) CalonLan

So sorry to hear that CalonLan, I understand your feelings, as I have fought depression for may years. I hope you can find some joy and peace and purpose while you are here. WE are all here for a reason and we are all beautiful. I hope you can find that within yourself as well, I am sure it is there.

(22 Apr '13, 15:34) Dragonflybreeze
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The Laws of Nature were Made for Us so that we would feel safe.

Apples fall down, not randomly down, then up, then sideways. Gravity is constant for us, and we enjoy counting on it. The sun rises and sets predictably, depending on your latitude. Another constant.

There is a cost, though for living on this planet. If the oceans get too hot, something must happen to cook them down. This happens to be an engine called a Hurricane or a Typhoon. Believe it or not, the Hurricane takes all that heat from the ocean and converts it into wind energy, thus cooling the ocean. Unfortunately, people now live where hurricanes strike, and they can get hurt. I know about this; I lived right by Biloxi, Mississippi the year Katrina hit. My house was badly damaged. Tens of millions of dollars of damage were caused by this storm.

alt text

How to reconcile these things with God? Rules are like fences to make us feel safe. God did not just make rules for us; He also made rules for Nature as well. It may seem incomprehensible to us, but we live on a living, active planet with sliding tectonic plates and huge oceans that breed hurricanes.

This is how I reconcile the All in All with Storms.




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I like your perspective and insight in this Jaianniah.. We lived in FL for many years and were there during Katrina and several others..... The warm does fuel the hurricane... So I thought... Thought I completely had the formula of the weather patterns down until Hurricane Sandy... It was not fueled by the warm weather, in fact it produced and drove through cold and snow...

(19 Apr '13, 13:39) Dragonflybreeze

so that dispelled my theory there, kinda shocked me too. Thought it always HAD to have the Warm water, but now it does not seem so. It was winter during sandy and in the 30's.

(19 Apr '13, 13:40) Dragonflybreeze

I did see that one coming, the path and location of the hit several years ago.... did'nt think it could happen though...

(19 Apr '13, 13:41) Dragonflybreeze

Although the air was cold, the ocean was NOT! Also, the east or right side of the storm had gulf air pumping up from the south- so it was a hurricane, but a weak one as Hurricanes go. Global warning plays a part in this, too. Sandy would have never moved so far north if the oceans were as properly cool as they used to be.

(19 Apr '13, 17:36) Jaianniah

Thanks for the answer Jai, I lived in Gulfport, MS when Katrina hit!

(20 Apr '13, 13:01) zotac

And I lived just north of Ocean Springs!!! Small world!! :)

(20 Apr '13, 18:43) Jaianniah
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Answer: Faith (confidence and trust)

1) Its only destructive based on how your looking at it. Try looking at it from a larger perspective.

2) Make peace with the whole of God's plan. I believe people in general have a hard time accepting the 'stormy weather', but it's a part of our world too. It provides illumination and contrast to the 'non-stormy weather' moments of our existence, making them all the more enjoyable.


answered 18 Apr '13, 14:45

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thx for the answer! i feel the storm made me look at the larger picture and get to know that there is Divine and that there is Divine plan, that there is a Divine energy i can align with which will make my life beautiful and magical. ONce you know that the storm is not really a storm. You realize you more than just your body, mind and emotions. then at that point you can elevate yourself above the storm!

(19 Apr '13, 04:34) abrahamloa

Hello zotac, this question could also be written, "how to reconcile good with bad, god with the devil, peace with war" ... in other words this is a fundamental question on how to reconcile our physical world of duality.

There are 9 doorways, paths or vehicles that make up a total human which leads us to the 9th pleiadian poetry link, beyond which we enter into the immaterial world, a new cycle if you prefer. Let's base ourselves on a man whose been there, wilfred owen.


Yesterday 18th april 2013 i went with 3 friends to the small village of ors in northern france where that great poet wilfred owen is buried, here is a photo i took of his gravestone

alt text

and here is a photo of the actual vaulted cellar where he passed the last peaceful hours of his life resting and joking with a few of his comrade soldiers, sheltered from the war, just before he crossed the sambre-oise canal where he was killed in action.

ffalt textff

Through his poetry we can feel how he came to reconcile good with bad, life with death. As a novice soldier he was terrified being in a high intensity combat zone. After a while he got immune to it, he become oblivious to pain, death, life, cruelty ... he was forced to live in a different state of consciousness. His poetry, a kind of coherent delirium, explains for example how men, blown into the air by an exploding shell, their souls are caught in the gentle arms of angels, well before their lifeless bodies thump to the ground ... in other words beyond the duality of life and death he had discovered salvation, love and compassion, a rejoining of soul with source.

Understanding this shows the way on "how to reconcile all in all with stormy weather", we should endeavor to reach that unconditional love dimension.

This is where rob can assist us, in the following video


he leads us to the inner soul ... ♥ ♥ ♥


answered 18 Apr '13, 14:33

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ru bis

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I would describe Wilfred Owens elegy's as soulful melodies. Beautiful thoughts ru bis & brilliant thinking linking this to Rob via Treb's unconditional love & the 9th pleiadian poetry link - tis a hoop.

(21 Apr '13, 23:34) ele

@ele i'm glad you noticed :) thanks

(22 Apr '13, 01:41) ru bis

the reality bubble
we accept from science
and religion is restricted
in knowing of what is

the material universe
of man and nature is
unlike the misguided
media view of the dance

between manifested form
and its disolution


answered 19 Apr '13, 17:37

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Edit since my large deeply inspired answer seems too complex, here is a simple answer.

Take the good and the bad put them together, now you have the All in All. Take the black and the white, put them together, now you have the All in All. Take the happy and the mad, put them together and now you have the All in All. If you only take part even only good you do not have the All in All.

All means All, not part, not only what we wish it would mean.

Now if you want a inspired answer with depth, look below.

I think of Jesus calming the storm with the command "Peace, be calm."

We control our bodies, our limbs, our thought, all that we consider within us and our control. We as well control others that of their own free will choose to obey us. The more something we consider outside of us the less control we have.

So if this is correct... Where was the storm to Jesus? Where is anything if all is one and there is no place else?

Think on it and broaden your belief. Are you there or are you HERE?

When I used to do my God Consciousness Experiments I discovered in my meditation even for a moment I am HERE.

Think of when you sleep, you dream of all kinds of places, you experience all kinds of experiences. You meet all kinds of people and begins you seem to already know who is good who is bad, whom are your friends (Even though in life you never met them.)

You wake up in your bed. Where was all of that, ALL of that including yourself? Within...

We could say what about the laws of existence that seem in control? We have different parts of our brain. We are not consciously breathing, making our hearts beat, making our organs function, making our endoctrin glands function, we seem to only control what we are conscious of.

The laws are like autopilot, working in the background to keep us feeling order and safe.


answered 18 Apr '13, 14:07

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Wade Casaldi

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I think what they mean by we are all one... is more like... there is a chin reaction , a ripple effect... what happens to one, has a rippling effect to some degree, everywhere.

(18 Apr '13, 19:59) Dragonflybreeze

'Chain' reaction, sry, lack of sleep not very condusive to accurate spelling...

(18 Apr '13, 20:01) Dragonflybreeze
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