Do we need to learn how to read our own auras to keep it in good spiritual and physical alignment for the health of both?

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I agree with the fact that your feelings and emotions are the best indicator of your spiritual alignment as we all already have the ability to read them to some extent. The aura is just a visual aspect of that spiritual alignment. So, if you wish you could use auras but measuring your alignment by the way you feel will give the same reading.

What I think we should try and do more is get more in tune with our feelings and emotions so that we can use them to guide us. I think a lot of the time, we get dragged into and distracted by the different things going on in our lives that we become a mixed bag of feelings and emotions and we don't even know anymore what our dominant vibration is and from that state, following the way we seem to feel is not recommended. Meditation is one of the best methods for getting more in tune with our feelings and emotions and hopefully, we won't all have to start learning how to read auras to measure our spiritual alignment.


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Pink Diamond

I think there could be some value in reading one's aura, if that is possible.

But how you feel at any given moment is probably as good a barometer (if not better), that is more easily accessible to most people.

If you had the capability of reading your own aura, I think it would only confirm what your feelings are already telling you.


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