Most of the time I feel good and a lot of my time, I'm in the vortex feeling great. However, I have noticed, that when I have a "bad" day or moment, things in my life go really wrong, really fast, even though the feeling place I was in, wasn't really that negative!

It's like I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about certain things or just a little sad or a little lonely or a little frustrated and very soon, all hell breaks loose in my life; meaning that I have a negative discussion with someone, people are not that nice to me as when I'm in the vortex, etc.

The interesting thing about this is, I used to feel like that a lot, but my life went much smoother than now! It's like those mildly bad emotions I've described feel a lot worse compared to my previous life when I've lived on auto-pilot. Now, I can hardly stand these emotions anymore and the manifestations that follow feel really bad compared to the emotions I actually feel.

I also feel like I can not allow myself to not be aligned anymore for, like a day or half a day, because as soon as that happens, uncomfortable situations and manifestations occur in my life in a very fast and drastic way. Why is that?

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Wow, just how I'm feeling at the moment

(05 Oct '16, 08:14) Inner Beauty
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The way you have described your situation, it seems you are now in phase 2 of your journey of alignment. Which is good news. Phase 1 is a lot worse :-)

When you first start to guide your thoughts, i.e. in phase 1, you get all-hell-breaking-loose situations even when you predominantly feel good. You get thoroughly puzzled and wonder why you should even bother trying to feel better when it has made your life so much worse so quickly!

After weeks, months or years in the state, you enter into phase 2. In this phase, you are still trying to feel better habitually, and things go wrong only when you let yourself drift. And when they go wrong, they go very wrong.

Phase 2 is good for two reasons:

  1. It's your higher self telling you that you really can't afford to drift any more. I mean, you can drift, but you won't like the consequences. This phase is a strong reminder that you can't play with your alignment --- it's way too important. This phase is also about fine-tuning your ability of picking yourself up quickly and carrying on.
  2. If you are in phase 2, then you are almost there. The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. Very soon you'll be in a mindset, where you almost never drift anymore, and no matter what happens in your life, you know that a) you can quickly take control of it by focusing your thoughts, and b) nothing truly bad would happen to you anyway.

Hope this helps. It's all good.

PS. There is a way to work out if a 'bad' event is truly 'bad' (in whatever sense), or just a stepping stone. If looking back after a few weeks/months you decide that the manifestation didn't cause you any 'permanent damage' (in whatever sense), then it was a stepping stone. Of course you can't know this in real-time when the situation is unfolding. So the key is to see all setbacks as stepping stones, and carry on.


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I like your answer (and it has relevance to something I am currently going through), but I wonder if "permanent damage" is ever really possible for an eternal being. Jesus was crucified according to the conventional wisdom, but he was still around. So all setbacks are stepping stones, which as you note, is the correct way to view them.

(29 Sep '16, 01:06) Delphine

@Delphine, yes, you are right. There is never any real damage. What you are actually doing is to defer judgement. In two weeks time you are anyway going to decide that the incident didn't cause you any real harm, so this deferring of judgement gives you a better way of dealing with an unfolding situation, and also an increasing confidence as you tell yourself, "In two weeks I'll know that this was another stepping stone, so why am I fretting about it now?".

(29 Sep '16, 01:53) cod2

@cod2 - thank you very much for your answer. It was very comforting to read and I felt a huge sense of relief :) It's good to read that I'm going into the right direction :)

(30 Sep '16, 14:47) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy, you are welcome. I went through in a not very distant past what you are experiencing now, so the memory is still quite fresh in my mind :-)

(30 Sep '16, 15:28) cod2

@cod2 you have been out of the tunnel pretty fast :)

(30 Sep '16, 20:44) kakaboo
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the truth is in this world things are out of balance going in to extreme, it is like a roller coaster. the only thing you have choice on and full control is your self. this is true for every one. the problem arise on the outside with interaction with other that sometime are not aware out of balance going in extreme and making huge issue of small one. address the issue find solution. if you ignore it they pile up. but first of all be aware and clean the inside of the cup. you cannot clean something with dirty water or dirty cloth. so make sure that your cup is clean and that your water is clean. then the water that comes out of your mouth will also help other clean their own cup.


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Personally, I don't think this is a case of "all hell breaking loose", based on what you have described. A "negative discussion" or "People not being nice to you" seems pretty mild, compared to something like being down with a fever for days, losing a big contract with a client, losing your job, etc.

So what is it if it isn't a case of hell breaking loose? It's probably just that you are noticing the times when you are feeling worse even more, and beating up yourself over it. In the past, you probably might have also these same exact manifestations, but you did not bother and think too much about it and just moved on with your life. But now, you are starting to notice them and hence you start to feel uncomfortable with them as you feel like this should not happen at all!


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@kakaboo - thank you for your answer. There were far worse things in my life that happened when I've let myself drift - apart from the examples I gave. I just don't want to spill my entire life on the internet :) I think @cod2 explained the phenomena well.

(30 Sep '16, 14:50) spacemetalfantasy
(30 Sep '16, 20:44) kakaboo
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