Animals can give love and receive love which sometimes raises our vibrational frequencies, can understand human language, can see things in the spirit world (and maybe other planes) most humans can't see, they can see auras of humans, and they even know sometimes when you are going to get sick before you get sick. They know almost the moment when their master dies and start howling.

Also I remember seeing a lady in the vet office and I asked why was she there. She said she had brought her dog for an asthmatic child and the dog took away the asthma. And now the dog has it and she was bringing the dog to the vet for the asthma.

So would this be called animals with psychic powers or what?

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Thanks for correcting my spelling i appreciated.

(29 Nov '09, 11:16) flowingwater

Oh, you did it Barry Allen thanks so much. Have an nice day.

(29 Nov '09, 11:17) flowingwater
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There are a lot of implicit assumptions in your question, but...

We have a new dog, which was a cast-off from our neighbors because they couldn't afford to keep her anymore. We have been working with her, walking her and training her. Well, one day on one of the first walks my wife took the dog on, she came back to the house and said that the dog decided to move in front of her and sit down, blocking her path. She moved around the dog to continue the walk, but the dog moved in front of her and sat down again, blocking her path once more. So she turned around and came back to the house.

You can attribute that behavior to psychic powers if you like, but I happen to know that this dog has exceptionally good hearing. She can hear many things I cannot hear, and I have pretty good hearing myself. I know this because I can be sitting next to her, and suddenly her ears will perk up and she'll turn her head in a particular direction, and I didn't hear a thing. Sometimes the sound she heard will get slightly louder so I can then hear it.

I talked to my mom about the walking incident, and she thinks that the dog heard a snake, which is as good an explanation as any.


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I will tell you this the dog sense danger and was protecting your wife from something the dog knew she could not protect her from. How do I know this because my dog of years gone by use to do me that way and when he did I knew instantly to turn around for he could not protect me from this he would die trying but I would still get harmed. My husband did not listen to my dog when he done that to him and something very dangerous almost got him. Please just be thankful that your wife had sense enough to pay attention to what your dog did for her for he saved her life.

(29 Nov '09, 09:17) flowingwater

Yes, I too believe that the dog was protecting my wife. It only happened the one time; we have walked the same path many times since and she has never blocked our path since.

(29 Nov '09, 16:45) Vesuvius

I have 3 labrador retrievers, and have all of my life had canine companions. Some of their senses are sharper than ours: their hearing, and sense of smell. There is a school of thought at this time, that people about to have seizures emit a particular odor, and the dogs smell this and are able to alert ahead of time. Thus their use as a help for the disabled. And we all know they are able to sniff out narcotics and bomb making materials which we can't smell ourselves. They can also smell the hormones and such that we humans give off when we are afraid, as well as assessing threats, and really do try to protect us. Because they aren't preoccupied with the things that humans are: work, relationships, money and so forth, they are much more aware of their surroundings than we are. They also don't screen information they receive as we do, thinking something is silly or worrying about judgment. They love unconditionally and without reserve. Their loyalty is well known. They use their senses better than we do, but I am not sure if they have any special psychic powers beyond what most people also have. I loved this question; dogs and their abilities are an interesting subject!


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LeeAnn they see spirits and beings we can't see and they see auras of people and if they know someone is to be sick before they become sick than isn't some form of psychic ability. Also they will look at an person an start hollowing especially their owner and than days later they die. Thanks for your answer continue to ponder the question it is just an thought. I know sometimes our dog will be barking right at something that we can't see so we say there is nothing there. But it is it is just that we can not see it.

(29 Nov '09, 08:53) flowingwater

I respect your opinions! I was saying they may "smell" sickness (cancer, infections and seizures do have an odor) so it may not be anything supernatural with that. Seeing spirits, many of us can do when not preoccupied with the material world. They are hyper vigilant about protecting us, also a good trait. I contend they bark at things we can't see because of their superior sense of smell. Yes, dogs are talented, and sensitive, but I still say that they are no more so than we are, or we are capable of. I agree with Rani. Interesting to read your comments though and thank you.

(29 Nov '09, 15:21) LeeAnn 1

Animals are vibrational brings just like us. They experience the same feelings and emotions as we do and they have the same manifestational powers as us.

I agree that they have developed some of their senses a bit more than us but I wouldn't call that psychic powers. I would just call it what they have manifested through their practiced thought.


answered 29 Nov '09, 10:02

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