I here so many people always talking about the "white" light, but what I realize is that Christ energy is Golden. Is Gold the true God energy?

The white light gives a sense of peace and relaxation while Gold feels protective like love. Some people talk about "The White Light" being a trap to get souls and through them back into reincarnation here. Some people talk about "The White Light" being this reality we are in which is actually an illusion called "Maya". Some people say true masters like Jesus and Buddha will have a "Golden Aura" very strongly seen from their crown-chakra but extends throughout their body. Some say white light is Lucifer or fallen angels giving comfort. What do you think of all of this?

I even heard that the violet or magenta light is closer to God as it is the "I AM" or even that The Void (Darkness) is closer to God as that is the WOMB that creates all creation.

Have you ever felt the different energy colors (White, Gold, Purple, Black light), if so what is your experience and which do you most resonant with?

Here is an interesting website with an interesting take on the auras:


(It says that there are the 7 basic chakras and then these in the higher realms Gold being highest and then Void being the pre-creation)...

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Who are "some people"? Are you quoting something in particular?

I have worked with energy a long time. I have never heard of "Maya" but I suppose that "somebody" somewhere said this...I know that crown energy can be either white or golden...And white is NOT a trap. I have never felt that, nor have I heard of this before.

Gold energy is indeed a high form of energy. So is purple, and white. All are experienced at different times, under different conditions. But all energies, whether red, or yellow, or crown energy- all are special and feel great when you are aware of them. Each chakra has its own energy. The energies you speak of correspond to the third eye and crown chakras. Focusing on these alone is not really good Reiki. It is really great to feel gold energy around you from the crown, but if the other chakras are not in balance, you will not feel it.

alt text

This shows the ideal balance of the chakras- the gold energy forms the "halo" of the ascended soul- which is why paintings of Holy people show this gold halo- it can actually be seen on these people and felt if not seen. These people get this way because ALL their chakras are balanced and open. People should not dabble with gold energy- you need to be deeply involved in Reiki and be a Reiki Master/Teacher before you mess with the high energy. I cannot emphasize this enough. Do not be messing with it unless you have been trained properly!

Reiki Blessings,



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yes @Jai that fits nicely with my feelings, golden halo is when all is in balance

(27 May '13, 08:49) ru bis

I am telling you the truth, we speak of what we know and report what we have seen. the gold light is the energy that is send in every direction it serve as communication between all of us. the white light comes from someone else one of your brother or sister or the father but the father light is so big or so bright that you cannot see is shape or is form, is light encompasses everything. so I would say that the gold light is the grace of God because with out it no communication would be possible and no one could grow. As for the white light it is a state of holiness, be holy as I am holy. Out of the white light comes the other spectrum of light.

Let there be light,Be the light that you can be, Experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Wouldn't Gold be a part of the White light since White Light breaks down into all color?

It's interesting that you say The Gold light is the grace of God encompassing everything.

(26 May '13, 19:43) arpgme

Have you ever seen a gold aura around someone?

(26 May '13, 19:45) ele

A living person? No, probably an entity.

Still, I get so much mixed information: one saying the "violet" light is most powerful (The I AM and FREEDOM) one saying the "Golden light" is most powerful (The I AM and PROTECTION) one saying "The White Light" is most powerful (I AM THE ALL).

(26 May '13, 19:54) arpgme

Yes I was referring to a living person. Can you see aura's? I agree, lots of info & different perspectives. Just relax, stop thinking so much & start feeling.

(26 May '13, 20:10) ele

@white tiger in other words gold light is beyond duality, it carries source energy and is closer to source than white light

(27 May '13, 02:00) ru bis

so strange: @arpgme did not read properly and get confuse about some people saying this is more powerful then this, if I would ask you what is more power full orange or apple? you know it is not the same thing and should not be compare what are you expecting of such question?. @ele yes, @ru bis gold is the light that is use for communication as the speech is use down here on earth. if you could see a gold wave going in every direction it would represent that.In this world you do not see the-

(27 May '13, 03:27) white tiger

sound but you ear it. in a kingdom made of spirit, made of light where each spirit as is own color shape and resonance. like each person here on earth have their own face and reaction.is it so hard to imagine even if you did not go there yet? look at the internet and light and sound coming together in computer. we are made in is image after all and reproduce things very similar when we create. And of course there is no duality every one is at peace with them self and other there is no division-

(27 May '13, 03:33) white tiger

@white tiger - yes... a living person? Good answer BTW & I agree with the "communication" (harmonic vibration) being gold in color - from & to Source energy. @arpgme Yes, Grace of God - the halo represents the light of divine grace suffusing the soul, which is perfectly united and in harmony with the physical body.


(27 May '13, 03:37) ele

but each one is individual with their own personality like here on earth. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. http://biblehub.com/revelation/3-18.htm you see here in the bible gold and white again. now you can see what it is talking about. if I would say gold refined in the spirit, remember the holy spirit with tongues of fires.

(27 May '13, 03:37) white tiger

@white tiger i appreciate the enlightenment my friend :)

(27 May '13, 04:27) ru bis

you see here on earth you have sound waves and radio wave for communication well in the kingdom of God it is gold light.it is like a wave that go in every direction, for sharing its is like the internet of the kingdom, between all the spirit they know every thing from each other when they communicate together, so there is no division, blessed are the peacemaker they will be called sons of God. You see the truth is the truth some will say that it is a question of perspective but when you view-

(27 May '13, 14:41) white tiger

something under all angle, perspective or level of understanding it is what it is and it is the truth, for example: If 4 people look at 4 different wall of the same house when put together or if they go around the house to see the other wall they will have see the same thing. Even if some have different view on what they have seen. If some one was talking with a merchant or someone that love money would he not have said buy from me gold refined in the fire? to make him self understood.

(27 May '13, 14:50) white tiger

Did I tell you the truth? Did I help you?

(28 May '13, 20:17) white tiger

if 4 people live in a mansion, and none have know the owner or remember him and they started to divide the area of the mansion saying my owner is God,my owner is Krishna,my owner is Allah, my owner is Sat- Nam. And they fight and wage war in the mansion. Can they be at peace with them self and other? are they the kind of people you would let in your house? They would do the same thing or worse to the owner if he came to visit is property.

(29 May '13, 17:11) white tiger

Many will not be able to bear my words or to receive them. I understand this but from my grace I have given those words to you so that you can have your salvation. Now it is for you to overcome. It will not be said look here or look there to find the kingdom. enter at the strait gate and overcome as little children that are light.

(29 May '13, 19:53) white tiger
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In Reiki violet is highest for most and most used. But for treating Reiki masters or to atune students Gold must be used. Most can not handle the gold. Most the violet is as high as they can go.

As we go up the chakras from red to violet (violet being the crown chakra) behind the head is the causal chakra this is gold. You can see many paintings of gold light behind the head. The soul-star chakra is above the head that I believe is gold extending into pure white light.

This is why when attuned many see bright violet with showers of gold sparks in the center. They are just breaking through the crown.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade on a vertical axis going upwards the next chakra after violet is white which suggests that gold is an intermediate color between violet and white

(27 May '13, 01:17) ru bis

Thank you ru bis yes that makes sense. I can agree with that. :-)

(27 May '13, 02:19) Wade Casaldi

According to this. With the new chakra system (the aquarian chakras) The solar plexus is represented by Violet and Gold. So it is interesting how these two go together.

This same site says Peach (Golden Pink) is the highest energy. It is the 8th ray within the heart which shows that one has mastered all of the 7 rays (red, blue, gold, green, blue, violet, white).

(27 May '13, 06:22) arpgme
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White corresponds to that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that extends beyond ultra violet and into negative green ... black corresponds to that part of the spectrum that extends beyond infra red and into negative green. Chaumery and Belizal established that source energy manifests into duality as pure electric and pure magnetic in the negative green sector, intuitively source energy originates in the center of this disk and is commonly known as dark energy

alt text

Spirituality involves a higher harmonic of ultra violet, horizontal negative green and a higher harmonic of gold


update 28th may 2013

Here's a picture expressing how i "see" things in graphic form, the nine petals symbolize the 9 energy centers (chakras) or vehicles of a total human being, white corresponding to the chakra above the violet crown chakra and black corresponding to the chakra below the red root chakra ... awakening these 9 vehicles gives access to the golden triangle, the doorway to higher realms ...

alt text


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ru bis

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Very interesting read. I thought white was ALL colors though, not separate because you can shine a white light and it breaks down into the 7 visible colors (the rainbow) and black was darkness while ultra-violet was a black-LIGHT?

Wouldn't Gold be a part of white since White is supposed to contain all colors?

(26 May '13, 19:36) arpgme

yes white is all colors of the rainbow in what is commonly known as the visible range, here we're extending beyond the visible in both directions that is, towards the infinitely huge and the infinitely small, the two join at the mid point of the negative energy sector ... the point of junction is known as the quantum vacuum zero-point energy


and it's the point at which duality ceases

(27 May '13, 01:24) ru bis
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