I am an ardent student of the LOA and the Master Key System, which means that I am learning all the time while on the road to mastery! I am based in London and wondered if there is anyone who is meeting to work through the Master Key?

asked 30 Nov '09, 23:54

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Chris Nash

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You might want to try posting this message at the General Discussion Forum at http://www.masterkeycommunity.com.

(01 Dec '09, 03:04) Vesuvius

Hi Chris, I'm having to close this as "off-topic" otherwise we run the risk of this Questions and Answers website turning into a "who wants to meet up here?" type of thing. We have a Facebook page for Inward Quest and we are happy to post your request there if you wish, and you can organize something from there if you want to (obviously you'll need to get a Facebook account). If you are interested in this, just comment here and we'll put up a message on the Inward Quest Facebook page for you.

(01 Dec '09, 07:01) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Barry, that would be great to post it on facebook. I will join the group

(09 Jan '10, 09:23) Chris Nash
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