I'll give some examples. When you have completely accepted that YOU create YOUR reality do you believe that whether something will or will not happen (wanted or unwanted) in ANY scenario do you think it is solely determined by the level of belief, faith, etc. that you have? And do you think you control the rate of the manifestations? A lot of people always say "divine timing" but I believe there are short cuts and you don't have to wait a ridiculously long and grueling time for things to occur. Impatience and resistance stem from the belief that "if it doesn't happen now, it never will" that's coming from a place of DOUBT, not readiness or happy anticipation and expectation.

Example 1, Person A. knows their dream career wise and wants it for the LOVE of it and declares that it WILL happen and that there is absolutely no possibility of it not happening. It must happen and WILL (in this person's mind). Anytime the slightest doubt or fear occurs person A. quickly rids it from their mind and sees no other possible outcome other than what they want and truly desire and is feeling it in the NOW. Is eagerly waiting for it to happen and has a burning passion for it, not fear based impatience.

Example 2, Person B. finds themselves in an unwanted situation in life (created back before they understood these teachings) but now that they understand that in the past they created their involvement in the situation due to a lack of awareness. They now KNOW and TRUST that the situation will turn out the way THEY want it and to THEIR benefit, and have the outcome they desire and see no other possibility, unless it is better than what they have been visualizing. They use the same methods as person a. listed above when doubt occurs. They accept no other possibility.

Example 3, Person C. (on the lines of co creation) is dealing with a close friend whom I'll call Person D. and is wanting them to go into business with them that has been both of their dreams for a long time. Person C. is feeling the enthusiasm and knows it will happen. Person D. is fearful, doubtful, etc. and is on the verge of backing out because of fear. Person C. passionately wants their friend to go into business with them, and sees so much potential in Person D. in helping get this off of the ground, if only they could overcome their fear. Person C. visualizes their friend overcoming that fear and going for it, and knows without a shadow of a doubt that it WILL happen and that they WILL succeed.

asked 28 Sep '13, 15:12

lex's gravatar image


And in addition, I already have my own answer to this question. But I am asking for opinions because I have read, heard, talked to so many people who claim they believe and practice in law of attraction, but then when they observe something not happening are so quick to give up and say "well it just wasn't meant to happen". I for one, think that is ridiculous

(28 Sep '13, 15:27) lex

There is no waiting in happening.

(02 Oct '13, 02:00) CalonLan
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As we know now from quantum physics the observer (and consequently their state of being) affects the outcome of the experiment. So it becomes a difficult exercise to estimate a probability of an event when the law of attraction is in play. That being said, I think those of us that are in control of our states of being know very well that the probability of something happening can be affected by belief and knowing.

I would say that the probability of success in examples 1 and 2 is close to 100%. However for example 3, the person can maybe but not necessarily affect the other persons fear level, that crosses the boundary of free will. I would put the success probability of example 3 at a lower probability dependent on C's influence over D.


answered 29 Sep '13, 08:22

essbee777's gravatar image


edited 29 Sep '13, 09:18

True, I thought so. I dont know, I just believe when the law of attraction is really being exercised properly and you are in the correct state of being to receive the manifestation more than likely you're going to get what you want. Example 3, I'd give it a 98% if it's done correctly, since it's not really forcing someone against their true desires, just momentary fear based free will. Thank you for your input!

(29 Sep '13, 11:46) lex

@ essbee777 That was truly such an awesome answer. I agree a lot with this.

(30 Sep '13, 14:55) ikaruss21

In reference to example 3:

Mark 6:4-5 New International Version (NIV) 4 Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home." 5 He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them.

(30 Sep '13, 15:19) essbee777
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there is such a thing called
karma and it impacts your
present now as you tease us

and then the diminishing
perceptional powers from
self centered abuses of
the cosmic eggs energy

so, how well do you see


answered 28 Sep '13, 19:17

fred's gravatar image


I have no idea what that meant.

(28 Sep '13, 19:33) lex

lex, he is not surprised, perhaps take a starting point of what is understood then shuffle the concepts and look again

(29 Sep '13, 06:17) fred

@lex I googled cosmic egg...

(29 Sep '13, 06:29) ursixx

The band wolfmother's second studio album?

(29 Sep '13, 11:36) lex

Haha I'm completely joking! That was just the first thing that popped up when I searched cosmic egg. Okay I understand. I found a lot of different things on it, mostly on World Egg instead of cosmic but they're the same thing essentially. A creation myth used in a variety of different cultures. I still don't grasp what this had to do with me when you say "your karma impacts you now as you tease us", unless you're trying to tell me I'm unenlightened and too concerned with petty desires.

(29 Sep '13, 11:42) lex

Send me a link because I couldn't hardly find anything on it.

(29 Sep '13, 11:42) lex

lex, much of what is relgated to myth is closer to Truth than linear thinking theories. karma is seldomly taken into consideration on what befalls one now, as well as the future recompense of setting others on a false course. and,if someone tells me they have the short-cut to manifesting petty desires he has little interest in hearing/ reading more

(29 Sep '13, 12:28) fred

Fred Could you tell me how you see karma? I'm not sure what I think about it - Abraham says it doesn't exist, Stingray on a post here on IQ says it doesn't exist. Why do so many say it does exist? How does it work? Just when I think I grasp it, I can't explain it ... any thoughts?

(30 Sep '13, 16:10) Catherine

Good question @Catherine A new member wrote a book on soul families. I know you mentioned being curious about this subject in the past. Perhaps now would be a good time to ask a question about soul families & another question about karma. I didn't mean to imply @Fred would not have a great answer. I'm sure he will.

(01 Oct '13, 02:29) ele

@ele I'm working up to asking a question on this as none of the answers to questions about karma has completely satisfied me. It could just be one of those things that is so hard to pin down, that no one really has the ultimate answer ... it feels a bit like wrestling with an octopus. Having accused lex of teasing, I am hoping he doesn't tease me with one of his cryptic answers!

(01 Oct '13, 05:21) Catherine

catherine, if he says it is about accepting responsibility for actions taken (decisions made) by a potentially self-conscious being one sees the theathre of free will. then superimpose that on the Design of creation, each life form with a purpose and reacting within the greater theathre of Nature's rules of cause and effect for both spirit (consciousness) and matter (manifested form).

(01 Oct '13, 05:42) fred

con't this picture expands with reincarnations as we learn to complete the circle (cycle) of knowing who we are, that we put into motion everytime we act whether conscious or unconsciously a compensatory return, even if over more than one of our earth lives

(01 Oct '13, 05:48) fred

Fred - I understand, I think, but in practical terms what does it mean? For example, I assume you mean that every action has a reaction (remembering my very basic science education there) but how does the individual know when they are creating bad or good karma because people vary hugely in what they feel is "right" (i.e. good karma) or "wrong" (i.e. bad karma) so how does the individual know whether they are creating good or bad karma, assuming karma exists?

(01 Oct '13, 07:01) Catherine

.... contd ... An example of this would be "it is bad karma to kill people" but would it have been bad karma to have killed Hitler? I can see that pretty quickly one gets caught up in all manner of trouble by trying to define it and yet I don't feel that the Abraham "karma doesn't exist" is really the whole story either.

(01 Oct '13, 07:03) Catherine

catherine, what is practicallity in a world so far removed from it's potential. value judgements are man made and based on what her/she can see. yet self-consciousness the holds potential awareness of a universal morality that any member of mankind could see. your example, a snapshot out of history, has implications from many years past that culiminated in a world war and we (collectively) still don't know how to stop the killing

(01 Oct '13, 14:07) fred

No desire based upon love and desiring to help others is petty. Which all mine are. So if this "cosmic egg karmic" concept applies then good I have nothing to worry about.

(01 Oct '13, 23:43) lex

lex, one of your examples included 'getting it the way they want it and to their benefit' until a better way is found. to his ears that does not sound as a universal intention. a discussion for aother day is your concept of what is good

(02 Oct '13, 04:53) fred
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person a is blind to the truth that is what will make it fail.

person b is the same as person a they find out that there is lack of awareness well there still is a lack awareness. they accept no other possibility blinding them self to the truth. if you do not see the truth how can you grow and progress? if you do not see your error and learn from them you will never correct your self and that is what will make you fail.

I would say that person c is negative and trying to manipulate person d then it is bound to fail. because person c did not properly split that piece of wood and is still casting stone. so the real problem is not person d but person c.

it seams that person d is the one with the potential in this example. but that is according to person c and person c like person a and person b is not aware and blind to the truth. person c should know that if a blind lead a blind booth will fall in a ditch.

as for person d even if he as the potential he is still trap with person a b and c trap in the same person. they are not aware blind to the truth narrow minded thinking that it can be forced to work even when it is not working. so person d will be the one to support that person if he as the potential but person c will never see it or admit it since he is not able to properly split that piece of wood and lift that stone. and if person d is not blind does not manipulate the blind one person a b or c. he will be a passer by and he will get stone by a, b, c. and fire will come out of those stone and burn them.


answered 29 Sep '13, 10:06

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 29 Sep '13, 10:21

I didn't specify in any of those example what their actual beliefs were, so what truth are these hypothetical people so blind to? I'm curious as to what you're talking about? And why is person D the only one you see with potential?

(29 Sep '13, 11:49) lex

if person a try to force things and other person to is will and cannot see is error it will fail. person b is the same and lack awareness then it is a fail also. person c try to manipulate person to is will like person a and b it is also a fail. person c see potential in person d is it on things that is similar to him or on things that are better then him? person c will probably not say it. then person c is not able to tell the truth. but the fact that he see potential in someone else is all-

(29 Sep '13, 13:50) white tiger

ready improvement in the case of person c; is it not? if person d is similar on good things from person c that is good; if person d is in error and not in truth like person c then it is the same as person a, b, c ; if person d is better and not in error like person a , b , c then they will not properly split that piece of wood and will cast that stone at him and fire will come out of that stone and burn them. .

(29 Sep '13, 13:59) white tiger

when the choice of person a, b , c will be definitive and they will cast that stone at person d; person d will be a passer-by, since they cast stone at him person d will also make is choice and move on, the judgment as been done out of their own choice; they should have lifted that stone and properly split that piece of wood. I have answer your question according to what you have said. even if you say it is hypothetical it relates to something if not this question would not have come to be in-

(29 Sep '13, 14:05) white tiger

existence and you would not have been so quick to ask this question. the fact is that you are trying to find the truth about this; I have given you the truth about it but do you see it? or are you blind to it? Verily verily I tell you: you are the one to save your self or to judge your self. what measure are you using? Did you heareth my word? Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(29 Sep '13, 14:09) white tiger

Oh yea nearly every question I ask applies to my life, but the examples I use don't in any direct way. I give examples that other people can relate to so it will be easier for them to give their answers, instead of describing my situation, my thoughts, etc. But what I'm saying is that it seems you're taking some of the things I'm asking in the wrong way, I am not judging anyone in any way, shape or form nor do I have bad intentions. That's why I state that in literally every question I post that

(30 Sep '13, 13:15) lex

the hypothetical people in my examples "don't have any negative, fear based, control seeking intentions", because I don't either. I don't think you can successfully practice the law of attraction and put it to good use if you're busy being manipulative, controlling, or just flat out evil and truly be a happy person. Mean people can use this law, but there are massive repercussions. Hence why I stated their intentions in the question. Thanks for your input though, I appreciate it.

(30 Sep '13, 13:21) lex

this is what you said in example one:declares that it WILL happen and that there is absolutely no possibility of it not happening. sees no other possible outcome other than what they want and truly desire and is feeling it in the NOW. what they want they are not alone in this world are they?

(30 Sep '13, 17:36) white tiger

this is what you said in example 2: They now KNOW and TRUST that the situation will turn out the way THEY want it and to THEIR benefit, and have the outcome they desire and see no other possibility, unless it is better than what they have been visualizing. They use the same methods as person a. listed above when doubt occurs. They accept no other possibility. does it seams similar? and read example 3: and you will again see similar word used by person c. in fact person c as the same mind set as-

(30 Sep '13, 17:38) white tiger

a and b. and person c does something positive he see potential in someone else. yet he judge that person d is in fear. I will tell you a little secret those that see only the outside of the cup see their own darkness reflected at them and they judge other by their own standard it does not mean that this darkness is in person d. the light shine in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. if my word is a light on your path you are not in darkness any more. if I have been your helper-

(30 Sep '13, 17:47) white tiger

so be it. let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(30 Sep '13, 17:59) white tiger

will also add that one that see only the outside and does not properly split that piece of wood and lift that stone does not really see the other person standing in front, since he will attribute to the other person the things that are reflected from him self on is own water. And the person cannot accept this as truth and it remain the same and the person does the same saying it will be as I please and it will not show I can hide it. what will happen in a place of truth love and peace where he-

(01 Oct '13, 20:55) white tiger

cannot hide it not even from him self. will he still want to cast that stone? will he regret casting all those stone that where is to other? will he be ashamed? Verily verily I tell you Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered.

(01 Oct '13, 20:59) white tiger

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

(01 Oct '13, 22:59) white tiger

My deeds, intentions, etc. aren't evil. And I assure you I study the bible quite frequently, among other helpful, peaceful concepts. I don't know how you expect me to even do the things you're saying when you're speaking in metaphor instead of being direct. I can't decipher whether you're trying to help or just criticize me.

(01 Oct '13, 23:40) lex

you say that you study the bible yet you do not know what I am saying; can you not hear and understand my word? can you visualize? picture this in your mind a lamp a flame(spirit) a glass(water, soul) you are the one inside the glass, when one look only on the outside and see error(wood) and judge(cast stone) other on things that are not in other but in him it is, is own reflection on the water that he see and cannot accept it out from the overflow of is heart he produce evil. He judge other and

(02 Oct '13, 00:27) white tiger

judge him self. in this world people can hide things but above nothing is hidden from other or from your self and it is the truth. I have helped you I did not judge you. it is better to speak in metaphor for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. since many are not able to accept the truth and be the light that they can be. the light shine in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.

(02 Oct '13, 00:39) white tiger

No I'm grasping exactly what you're saying although I think it's coming from a place of criticism and judgement. You've basically been saying that I am acting superior, prideful, boastful in my desires and am judging others who I feel lack the drive that I do aka light that I am pretending to have, that instead of judging those people who i perceive as lesser individuals because they are fearful when they are merely but a reflection of what i don't like about myself. That I need to self reflect

(02 Oct '13, 00:43) lex

because the lack and limitations I see in other people I am seeing in myself basically. You're saying I'm judgmental of others and instead of shining a "light" and am becoming this "darkness" because I supposedly lack the ability of perception when it comes to right and wrong, selfish and selflessness. The verses you typically use when you answer my questions or telling me my issue is that I am blind to the truth of this and am running from it. Okay.

(02 Oct '13, 00:47) lex

You've basically been saying that I am acting superior, prideful, boastful in my desires and am judging others who I feel lack the drive that I do aka light that I am pretending to have, that instead of judging those people who i perceive as lesser individuals because they are fearful when they are merely but a reflection of what i don't like about myself. That I need to self reflect. I did not say this but if that is what you see on your reflection on your water I will let you be the judge of-

(02 Oct '13, 00:47) white tiger

lol well that's what i'm taking from it.

(02 Oct '13, 00:49) lex

this. but if you are the person a, b ,c in the example and want to have it your way since your way must come first before other then I would say that many are first that will be last and many are last that will be first. if you want to be the first to have your portion your portion listen this it can help you understand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_QCQ5i7NKs

you were lost I have helped you to come to your self.

(02 Oct '13, 00:55) white tiger

will also say those word if it can help you: I give sight to those who cannot see and take away sight from those who claim that they can see. if one cannot see him self and properly judge him self; why judge other? how can he put him self in someone else shoe and walk a mille to know how it is from the other person experience if he cannot do it for himself? to the measure you judge also will you be judge. do not judge and do not do what you hate.-

(02 Oct '13, 21:39) white tiger

for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered. who is without sin to cast the first stone? you better use discernment in truth from a pure heart with mercy, justice, good faith.

(02 Oct '13, 21:40) white tiger
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It has nothing to do with one's belief. Once an action is chosen, its result is predetermined. If you want to change the result, you have to change the action preceding to it.--Galatians 6:7


answered 30 Sep '13, 03:21

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph

Yea but if that were true then there would be no point. It talks a lot about faith in the bible, which is the same thing as belief.

(30 Sep '13, 13:11) lex

And if you wanna go any further faith is what activates God's will in the first place, it's all in the bible. Hence what Jesus taught and why he was able to achieve the things he did and perform "miracles". If everything was predetermined, there would be no point in God giving us free will, choice, etc. Thanks for your input thought :)

(30 Sep '13, 13:27) lex

People who fail to understand nature of the universe and everything in it which is based off of that fundamental understanding..that is cause and consequence...will use words such as 'luck, free will, choice, miracles' on daily basis. It Only displays one's ignorance.

(02 Oct '13, 06:20) CalonLan

td, one can ameliorate negative karma earned by positive present action. going back to change what has been done before it was done, does not happen

(02 Oct '13, 19:15) fred
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I put Galatians 6:7 as a supplementary proof, hence please do not be confused with faith! Principle of causation is pure science, and also backed by religion! Many people mistake this principle as determinism. Yet it's like a drama played by TWO characters--free-will and fate--Once an action is CHOSEN, result is FIXED. Hence, Law of Karma is the TRUTH behind all happenings. We breathe the SAME air, drink the SAME water, take in SAME energy through varieties of food, are sustained by the SAME gravity, all of which are sustained by the SAME supreme reality called God, who has put into operation the one and the SAME Law of Karma as the governing principle behind all happenings. (Compare Gita 7:29; 8:3; 13:20, 21) And if you know this there is "nothing further remains to be known in this world." (Gita 7:2) All happenings are like jewels strung on THE THREAD of a necklace--the thread called Law of Karma. There is definitely some cause(s) for each happening--whether visible or invisible, perceivable or unperceivable. People with limited view see only the pearls whereas the wise can see also the thread that holds the pearls.

Once convinced of this Law of Karma, one can never afford to engage in carelessness, licentiousness, or presumptuousness, but will be self-motivated to be COMPASSIONATE to all beings, acting to the benefit of himself and of others as he now knows that what he gives will return to him. He will become spiritual, unfolding from within, and thus bringing out all the divine qualities from within. This is what Spirituality means. It has to do with knowing and living the simple truth--The Supreme Soul/Spirit is our Father, all humans are His children, innately divine, and belong to one family; therefore one must take delight in the welfare of all, and not disturb others nor be disturbed by others. And such ones are "very dear to Me," declares God of Bhagavat Gita, who also says this is what one's sanatana dharma or "eternal duty" is. (Gita 12:4, 15, 20) In similar vein, Bible defines spirituality as 'living by the Spirit manifesting its fruitage--love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control as opposed to egotistical.'--Galatians 5:22-26.

ele, Thank you for that links! When I said Principle of Causation is a science, I meant both--in physical and moral sense. You take any happening, you can easily see the cause/s preceding to it. This is something you do not require a proof, because it happens within and without you. For example, You resort to moderation in sleep, eating, work, recreation and thinking, and see results in your own body and mind first hand. And change into being immoderate with regard to them, you will see results changing accordingly!

You go to your employer with a recommendation (but with no benefit for yourself), you will feel empowered to present it before him; and he may give you more responsibilities, as a result! Go to him with another recommendation (but with some ulterior motive to benefit yourself), you will feel powerless; and if the employer is clever, he may even sense it from your negative vibrations. And he may not even trust you in the future, as a result!

In my life, I have observed Principle of causation working like an Almighty/Omniscient PERSON! For all the blessings and losses I had experienced, I can trace a cause proportionate to the results! Hence for me, cause and effect principle is an ABSOLUTE certainty. tdjaum "AT" gmail.com


answered 01 Oct '13, 02:46

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph

edited 02 Oct '13, 08:53

"Principle of causation is pure science" are you talking about this - http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/karma.htm

or Newtons 3rd Law of Motion - "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"


or something else?

(01 Oct '13, 03:13) ele

The former part of your post is true and indeed obvious to anyone who cares to see these dependencies. The latter part is just a wishful thinking.

Understanding how the universe works has no correlation whatsoever towards the attitude with which you carry yourself around. In other words, being compassionate, loving, etc, is not required circumstance to understand anything. Just like being engulfed in the moment, whether hating or loving, the experience will be blinding. More so, I would say...

(02 Oct '13, 06:36) CalonLan

...that neither love, nor hate, ...when you can become indifferent to whatever duality you encounter, you will see clearly. Any sort of partiality will mislead you. Just like it did when you were writing up your second part of your post.

I can tell, for I understand all you said pretty much, although I despise about almost anyone.

(02 Oct '13, 06:38) CalonLan
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