Can our astrological sign and the position of the planets in the universe at the exact time we were born be used to predict our character, personality and our past, present and future life experiences to some extent?

There are web sites which generate this information and they even predict how well two lovers will get on using their times of birth and astrological signs.

What are your thoughts?

asked 04 Dec '09, 13:14

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Pink Diamond

There's only one certain fate for all living things: death. Everything else is optional.

(29 Dec '12, 06:35) CalonLan
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I studied astrology fairly intensively for at least a decade, along with natural cycles in general. (Astrology is just a study of the interactions of various metaphysical cycles)

When I started out, I was only motivated by wanting to disprove my flatmate's beliefs that there was really something in it. But, after looking into it, I found myself concluding the exact opposite :)

I would have to say that genuine Astrology (not the stuff in newspaper horoscopes) is remarkably accurate at predicting your personality and character. If you have never had your natal chart produced and analyzed, you may be shocked at how accurate it can be.

But that's as far as it goes for me. I spent a long time looking into astrological forecasting (transits) - before I discovered reality creation - and while you can definitely see some of the forecast trends, you are not a puppet to them and they become less and less important as you steer your own life more and more.

I think of astrology (and natural cycles in general) as providing a background effect in life.

I see it working like this...

Imagine you are cast adrift in a small boat on the ocean. If you do nothing, you will be at the mercy of the waves and tides. And anyone that can forecast those waves and tides will have a fairly good idea of the direction you will be drifting in. And they would probably be quite accurate if they contacted you (by radio, perhaps) and told you where you would eventually end up.

But, instead, if you decide you have had enough of drifting and turn on the boat's motor then, unless the tide is very strong, you can now go anywhere you want. And now those original forecasts will be inaccurate because your boat is under your control.

(In case anyone's wondering, I am Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius with Scorpio rising.)


answered 05 Dec '09, 06:54

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I like your boat analogy, Stingray. Never thought of it this way! Very insightful indeed. :)

(05 Dec '09, 12:10) Pat W

Perhaps the astrology I have been exposed to is the "fake" kind. I didn't realize there were two different kinds.

(05 Dec '09, 18:10) Vesuvius

It's all the same kind of Astrology but the popular dumbed down approach (say, a magazine horoscope) is so dumbed down as to be completely valueless and nothing more than entertainment. Astrology itself, being the study of natural universal cycles, is a fascinating subject that has leapt forward enormously in recent times with the advent of powerful number-crunching computers that can compute the interactions of those cycles with considerable precision.

(05 Dec '09, 18:46) Stingray

i am sun tarus, moon leo, aries rising-i also have studied astrology for many years but in an observational way predominately- and yes, as far as personality traits are concerned-extemely accurate. ubeknowst to many-the pope has a gold bathtub w/ all the astrological signs around it.even if you are a skeptic you have to admit where theres smoke, thers fire. nothing lasts too long w/ out some credence behind it.

(15 Dec '09, 12:25) eleanor sawitsky

I had'nt noticed this question or answer till this moment and I would just like to thank you both. They say, everything in it's own perfect time. Love and Light

(11 Jan '10, 03:52) Roy

Hello Stingray... great answer. I have been thinking of writing an article on the metaphysical backdrop of life and came across your entry on the background effect. Could you point me in the right direction on the subject of metaphysical cycles e.g. Saturn Return etc. Any site or keywords I could use to search? Much appreciated Tania

(19 Dec '10, 10:17) Tania K

@Tania K - You could start with this answer for an overview of the overall principles ( and then follow the links provided for more information. Also, once you understand the link between the cycle of 7 and the (astrological) cycle of 12, you can follow up further with any decent astrological textbooks. I don't really know of any online's been quite a few years now since I studied astrology seriously

(22 Dec '10, 01:38) Stingray

@Stingray I've been pondering this for a while now and wondered if you could shed some light on it please - are you saying that reality creation (Abraham type principles) can transcend the limitations of the tense configurations in the natal birth chart? In other words, if you just moment by moment sought the feeling of relief, you wouldn't have to worry about any of the planetary tensions in your birth chart? Or, are we always to some extent constrained by these planetary push and pulls ..

(25 Aug '13, 05:40) Catherine

@Catherine - Yes, you can completely transcend those tensions. I've mentioned elsewhere that Full Moons used to make me feel like my head was exploding ( ) - that opposition in my natal chart is by far the most powerful effect but since becoming more centered within myself, I don't notice it at all.

A more empowering way to look at Astrology is that it reflects who we are, not dictates:

(26 Aug '13, 12:00) Stingray

@Stingray I thought and hoped you would say that Stingray - it just helps enormously to hear you (someone who has fully mastered reality creation techniques) say it - thank you. The clip is brilliant - I remember seeing it once before but somehow missed that bit about astrology. Interesting point about the "collective agreements", presumably uranus, pluto and neptune whilst the inner planets reflect the individual life plan.

(26 Aug '13, 14:14) Catherine

@Stingray Made me really smile reading your Sun/Moon/Asc; I had an instinct there's a Leo there somewhere. I did not expect that when searching about astrology around here. For a while I've been wondering about my limiting Mercury in Retrograde beliefs and your answer eased it off for me a bit. Being aligned would always be in keeping with astrological phenomena, and perhaps one could indeed be inclined to behave in a certain way under certain astrological conditions (even when in the Vortex)

(09 Oct '14, 11:54) einsof

I am finding retrograde phases (such as the one we're now in, with Mercury) to be introspective and spiritual, with many answers revealed. Do you by any chance know if Mercury was in retrograde natally for you? Also, are you left-handed? :)

(09 Oct '14, 11:57) einsof

What I meant about Mercury is that it's generally advised not to begin new projects, sign contracts or purchase electronics or mechanical devices; the influence has its upside. Yes it's a background effect, but like you feel Full Moon, I feel the retrograde effects. What I meant about being aligned: perhaps my IB would concur and never lead me towards doing any of the things listed above; perhaps the IB would find a gap in the influence, e.g. have an inspiration to sign that contract anyway!

(09 Oct '14, 13:18) einsof

@einsof - I don't pay much/any attention to my natal/transits chart since coming across these reality creation ideas and I wouldn't encourage you to get too distracted either. Better to focus on the Now than a vibrational birth snapshot. Any influences that may now be involved are automatically processed by your Inner/Higher Self anyway and the results are thrown out in the simple binary-based Good-Feeling/Bad-Feeling system. So all you have to do is follow the Good Feelings. Much easier :)

(10 Oct '14, 06:34) Stingray
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I personally categorize astrology (and things like it) as magical thinking. Astrology works because people think it does. Admittedly this is a naive point of view, since I know little about astrology, so maybe it is a prejudice. However...

Among all of the prominent teachers of reality-creation, I have seldom heard them even mention these kinds of devices; when they do, they describe them as negative attachments.

The real question is, is it all magical thinking?

Maybe the world is only as we see it, but I like to think that, while we are here, we live in a world that obeys certain principles that are consistent with themselves, and that, while we are here, we can (more or less) rely on these principles.

In other words, science works because it is reliable. Astrology doesn't because it isn't.

If the "prevailing wind" of your life that is your "fate" (I say that because you do have free will to change, but sometimes you're already moving headlong in a particular direction, and it may take awhile to turn the boat around) can be predicted, I am more inclined to think that it can be predicted more effectively by tapping into the Universal directly, rather than relying on artificial mnemonic devices like Astrology for guidance.

As to the predictive nature of the personality profiles associated with the astrological signs, it is pretty easy to test their effectiveness. All you have to do is give the profiles to a group of people in a classroom, but with the astrological signs randomly shuffled so that each profile is associated with a randomly-selected astrological sign. What you will find is that the predictive nature of the profiles is just as good as if you had given each person their "real" profile.

In other words, people identify and connect with the parts of the profile that apply to them, and conclude that the entire profile must be accurate.


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Agree with you! namaste

(24 Sep '10, 07:56) daniele

Well a lot of things can narrow our character down and maybe even show us some parts of our future, but because of our free will to choose things constantly then the choices we make changes things from day to day from moment to moment.

But there are things and ways of maybe a guidance system, but it will not be an accurate system because of your choices you will or will not make.

The wise men did know of Jesus Christ's birth because of watching the sky and studying the stars; they say they were called magi. The angels told some people of the birth like the shepherds.

Sometimes you are revealed what you need to know at the time you need to know it. God knows all answers to all questions.


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I too studied astrology for quite some time. The concept is that you have various "planetary" influences that direct your present inclinations.

For instance there was a particular constellation "rising" when you were born. Actually the constellation did not "rise" but it was on the horizon when you were born. This presupposes that we do know the exact moment of birth, because with 24 hours, the rising sign changes every two hours as the earth rotates.

My rising sign is Leo with Jupiter conjunct in the First House. So in a broad brush, what I show the world is a Leo type personality, bolstered by the planet Jupiter. I look like a Leo, tall, fair complexion. I like drama, acting and playing games.

My Sun sign is Scorpio. This has to do with underlying influences that would in a pure sense make me introverted. Somewhat of a conflict with my rising sign of Leo.

My moon is in Sagittarius, the religious mystic with a penchant for long distance travels.

I am painting with a very large, broad brush here and my definitions are about 35 years old when I studied astrology. But the foregoing can give a basic idea about astrology. The interpretation could be very complex. Where the planets appear, in which of your 12 houses as well as how the planets relate to each other. You might have two planets together, a conjunction (that could strengthen and support), or 180 degrees apart, an opposition (that could cause stress). You can also have a variety of other angles and deeper interpretations.

Drawing an astrological chart in those early pre-computer days, was a chore. A great deal of mathematics, base 12 and When I did charts for people I was quite accurate in interpreting them.

The idea was that once a person is aware that the astrology chart has certain aspects, they can compensate for their inclinations in those areas.

However, I consider Astrology, Tarot, I Ching and other divination methods to be methods to train yourself to be more in touch with your subconscious, inner self, or whatever you call it.

It is not an accurate representation of reality. The basic concepts have little to do with waht is actually going on in the sky. The basic mathematics governing how astrology is written derives from long ago. And these mathematics have been carried forward in time for a very long time, but do not account for the movement of our solar system, through the constellations, the precession.

So if you determine that you were born in the time when your sun sign is Libra, and you ask an astronomer what constellation was the sun in, at that time, you will get a totally different answer.

Does this invalidate astrology? No, it is still valid, but it is your mind, your connection with Source that is working. For instance I did a chart on a man. I interpreted it for him and he said I was very accurate. But as we finished, he took a more careful look at the chart and said that the year the chart was drawn for was NOT his birth year! Yet I was right on and meaningful! But my painstaking calculations were very much in error.

So, does astrology determine your fate? Your destiny? Maybe. If that is your focus, that belief, then it does.


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Dollar Bill

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I believe the planets are not close enough to have an "influence" on us. This doesn't negate astrology though and here is my reasoning on this. Right now we are moving, I am moving my hands typing this, the earth is moving the planets are moving, everything all together in perfect motion like gears all dependent on each other to turn. Now our bodies have these cycles called biorhythms, maybe there are different cycles that match the astrology signs. Since everything moves together then it can become possible to read of things in health of a person that could be inclined toward from the stars. This is not so much a prediction as much as saying it is a possibility that could plausibly manifest in your future some time so you may avert it.

Originally astrology was for medical diagnosis I have a very old book from a man that did this.


answered 05 Dec '09, 10:39

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Wade Casaldi

The Wise Men following of the stars is Astronomy. Astrology and Astronomy are not the same even though they pertain to heavenly bodies.


answered 21 Oct '10, 01:48

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as family impresses by
acculturation, at first
breath stars endow a
vibrational greeting

unique for that time and place


answered 11 Jan '19, 19:53

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