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Astrology has always intrigued me. I am a Libra (just barely..on the cusp of Virgo), and it has been fun over the years to follow what astrology has to say about my life. I even had a complete chart done by a friend in High School, and most of it was pretty accurate. Only some of it was way off base.

I remember a scientist saying that the planets have really no physical effect (meaning gravity) on our bodies, and that if we want to look at physical effects, we should all be Moon signs! The Moon has a measurable effect on the water in our bodies, but even that is slight. Some people swear that the world goes crazy during the full moon. Ask the people who work in Emergency Rooms or policemen. My Dad used to tell that he always knew it was a full moon because he would find his workers screwing off, playing craps in the men's bathroom! LOL!

Anyway, some people swear by Astrology, and I have to admit that sometimes it it eerie how right on it is. But my scientific mind tells me that those far away planets, moving through the constellations, cannot possibly affect our Fate.

So which do you believe? And please explain why or why not you believe in Astrology. I am hoping that this will open a good and useful database about Astrology. So share your thoughts, however little you might have to say, pro or con. Thanks!

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Don't even know what that is - there go my beliefs. This ignorance is a bliss

(29 Aug '13, 05:23) CalonLan
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As a teenager I regularly read my four line horoscope in magazines or newspapers. I can confirm that they are as useless today as they were then. I can't imagine anyone having any great faith in astrology based on reading their horoscope in a newspaper.

The real value in astrology lies in interpreting the natal birth chart. For any sceptics our there - have you ever really looked at this?

The natal birth chart is a chart drawn up for the date, time and location of your birth and will give you an amazingly accurate picture of your personality/character and given that your personality predicts your future (unless self awareness causes you to change) then it can hint at the future. At this point I would have to say that I don't believe that anything really predicts the future - it can only inform you of your probable possible future.

I have found studying my own chart and those of my children to be extraordinary useful. I heartily recommend the astrodienst website and Liz Greene's psychological horoscope and her child's horoscope. Liz Greene is a wonderful psychological astrologer and has written some fascinating books on the subject including "Astrology for Lovers" which gives a basic understanding of all the sun signs (that is your regular star sign) and shows you how to calculate your rising sign. This is quite a basic start but it is amazing how some people I know quite well leapt off the page as being an "Aries woman" or a "Aquarius man". The more obvious signs likes Leo and Aries are easier to spot but it also gives huge insight into the more complex signs like Scorpio and Pisces.

In depth study of the natal birth chart involves studying a number of planetary positions at your time of birth and interpreting how they all work together. This can be done quite well using computer generated horoscopes - a free one which is quite interesting is at café astrology. The café astrology horoscope is also fairly gentle for those of a sensitive nature - it doesn't dwell too much on your less positive aspects. If you really want to explore it, consult a good astrologer as your birth chart is quite complex. The investment is worth is as you reach understandings about how you relate to others and how you see the World.

Here are some links: This site gives a great, fairly intense birth chart analysis.

EDIT: The science bit - I confess I'm not very scientifically minded Jai but here goes. I'm not too sure how it works exactly and it may not work on gravitational pull or by any means that science can currently measure. The way I see it is more of a vibrational energy picture.


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Wonderful answer! Thank you for all of the cool links.

(23 Jul '13, 17:25) Grace

I never believed in Astrology and thought it was nonsense. Then I happen to attend a two week camp for girls that occurred the last two weeks of July.

The first week we had a birthday party for all of the Cancers. They went up to the stage and sat beautifully. They were gracious and poised.

The second week we had a birthday party for all the Leos. They created an impromptu skip, took over the agenda, and entertained us.

Huge difference, maybe statistically significant or maybe they were just acting like they thought they were supposed to rather than anything innate. Either way, it got me thinking.


I got thinking that Yogi Bhajan once said that astrology was like the weather report. For a small craft or rowboat it was really really important to know if there was to be a storm. But with meditation (and yoga) you became like a large ocean liner and it wasn't so important then.


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I love the analogy! Thanks for editing! <3 Jai

(18 Jul '13, 19:58) Jaianniah

I think of astrology as a helpful indicator of how energy is flowing around and through me at a given time. It is easier to navigate situations when you have an idea of the undercurrents effecting your perceptions.

I feel that I always have control of the sails, and astrology helps me understand which way the wind is blowing.



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hiii...dear.., again an interesting question..

Well, i used to believe on astrology ,when i was not aware of law of attraction. But,since loa ,i don't believe on it so much as we all know..., ''thoughts creates our reality''. And wat so ever may be written in our destiny,if we don't like it, we can always change it with our positive thoughts. After all we are co-creators ,along with God,who has been given the power n freewill to create our reality. Those who believe in this don't believe on astrology. Stars and planets surely can have affect on us but,not more than our own minds n thoughts. So,in this way our thoughts won..n create our reality.

Love,light n blessings ur wayy..



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@supergirl- Yes, you are so right..We are all in control of our destinies with our thoughts! At least, that is what I believe! Thank you, sg! :))

(18 Jul '13, 04:49) Jaianniah

I suppose by believing in astrology you would be using it as a "permission slip" and thus giving it energy to have an effect on your life.

(18 Jul '13, 08:08) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Permission slips can be fun though!

(22 Jul '13, 04:56) Catherine

@jai..thank u darling ..:)

(07 Aug '13, 01:01) supergirl

the astrology as practiced today is a pale shadow of the intended depiction of creative life and how it comes to materialize earth

(28 Aug '13, 07:59) fred
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