I vaguely remember something that happened historically on the 13th of some month, but that is all. This question goes along with my question about 666 being a very bad number. I know where that number came from; but I do not know or remember the story behind the number 13.

Happy (and Lucky) Teaching!


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This question actually came to be from a very terrible massacre

ON FRIDAY, October 13, 1307, hundreds of Knights Templar, the wealthy and secretive order of fighting monks, were rounded up, tortured and massacred for alleged crimes against Christianity “too horrible to contemplate”.

Friday the 13th has been regarded as a day of deep misfortune ever since.

This was a dark day for Christianity, a dimming of the light of Christ and a sleeping pill for Christianity that caused the secret orders to hide even more thus keeping most humanity in the dark and asleep just for caution that those who do not understand- fear.

Finally, after all these years, the orders are coming forward to awaken the people to who they really are, as Jesus taught one way to the masses (parables) and to his disciples he taught the greater mysteries. There are still many that do not want that because there is power in controlling those that do not know, but there are also those that know there is far greater power in having everyone awaken and all progress together. As Jesus said what is hidden will be known.

Oppression destroys progress; it seems like candy to those that want control, but they can not move forward beyond that point until the oppression is gone and the empowerment is in it's place. For this reason there are those breaking away and revealing what they know to the public, like S.O.S. and others I am sure.


Just noticed this if you are into numerology. October Friday 13th 1307

Starting off there are two thirteens 13th and 1307 now if we add the numbers 7+1+1=9 so we don't need that leaving us with 3+3=6 now Friday is the 6th day so now we have 6+6=12 and October the 10th month throw out the 0 12+1=13

I just saw that when I glanced at the date everything added up quickly in front of me so I thought I'd share it. I am not saying it has any meaning and especially since before that time Friday 13th meant nothing special.


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Wade Casaldi

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This is what I tried to remember! Thanks so much! Love, Jai

(23 Feb '10, 21:10) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah: I guess it's an interesting question after all.

(23 Feb '10, 22:21) Vesuvius

You are very welcomed, I remember seeing this on television maybe it was the history channel, it was on the Knights Templar I believe, and I remembered that struck a cord with me about the number thirteen ever since that day.

(24 Feb '10, 05:35) Wade Casaldi
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I'm sure there are probably many facts that could be dug up around the superstitions associated with the number 13.I know there are 13 full moons a year and the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky every day. I read somewhere that the Egyptians believed that there were 12 steps on this physical plane to reaching everlasting life and the thirteenth step was going through death to etenal life. I think it was seen as a central number to some traditions in Sacred Geometry.


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I remember reading somewhere it was because it was the number of people at Christ's Last Supper in the Bible, with the 13th guest at the table being the traitor, Judas


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The number 13 is pure, eternal and unchanging. It transcends those things that it counts. It has no properties beyond its ability to enumerate.

But, the nature of people being what it is, things get attached to the number 13. One of the more notable examples is Apollo 13, which lifted off at 13:13 on April 11, 1970, and became the poster child for things that can go wrong in space.

Think of the number 1. It is a point, infinitesimally small. The number two is a line, infinitely thin. The number 3 is a square, also infinitely thin. The number 4 is a cube, and the number 5 is a tesseract. The number 6, well, if you take three of them and line them up next to each other...

External properties are only ascribed to numbers because humans ascribe them. But numbers do not have any intrinsic properties other than their ability to represent quantities.

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/13_(number)


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Thank you, Vesuvius, for your answer. Also, thanks for the link. I thought it would be an interesting question...silly me! I just could have Googled it. LOL, Jai

(23 Feb '10, 18:21) Jaianniah
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