We have all had the experience of taking our mind off a problem only to have the solution come to us like manna from heaven.

Whether it is a creative answer to a difficult brief, an elegant way to write a line of text or even just the name of that actor from the movie you saw last night, it seems to come from within and it can be deeply satisfying when it happens. Archimedes, who devised a solution for measuring the volume of irregular objects while he was in the bath, will know the feeling.

The above is from an article called The Claws and Wings technique. You basically ask yourself a question and try to find the answer with any resources available to you. But you keep bringing yourself back to the question. You do this until you expand too much mental energy. You then let the problem go and let your Subconscious Mind take over. I thought of maybe just asking myself one question as a mantra for an hour or several hours and then letting it go. I'll see if anything pops up. This would seem much faster.

Here is the full article in detail:


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Very interesting article, thank you! But I didn't see that its effectiveness was really anything to do with repeating a mantra. It seems the technique is about using your focused conscious effort on a question to its limit and then letting go and handing over to the subconscious.

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Its a good question. Looking back, when doing a complex web programming code technique, I can find myself in deep thought for a couple of hours, trying unsuccessfully to get the code working. Often frustrated, I will turn away, do something else such as cooking dinner and feel the relief at finally giving my mind a rest... Suddenly, the solution to the coding problem pops into my head and when I finally get it working on screen, the feeling is almost euphoric.

Absolutely no reason why this approach of deep continued thought about day to day problems, followed by forgetting the problem and having the solution pop out of nowhere shouldn't work. Will hopefully try this out as an experiment as soon as I get a convenient moment.


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