If I was hungry now how could I manifest food and a nice car for Thanksgiving?

Would I have to go into a meditative state? Fast for 3 days - which is not eating for a reason - and tell only God why I am doing this?

Would I say "I have food" continuously over and over again to speed the process up like a mantra?

Would I just stop being hungry or would I just decide I didn't want a big Thanksgiving dinner, and a sandwich would do just the same? How would my mind of manifestation handle this?

Why did I add the car in? Because that is a necessity as well. So I am trying to kill two birds with one stone, as the old saying goes.

What kind of food am I talking about? Fried turkey, dressing, desserts, macaroni and cheese, vegatables - the regular, you know.

To those that celebrate Thanksgiving have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thank you God for all you have done for all of us humans as we travel on our journey of life and thanks for your love and protection as well. Forgive all of us humans for our sins that we have committed against you God.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You know, I personally would classify becoming Spider Man easier than manifesting food if you're hungry. With that said, I cannot manifest ANYTHING when I'm hungry, so yeah, if anyone's honestly done this I would like to hear about it...

(13 Jul '12, 12:13) Nikulas
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Manifesting something you need is a difficult and tricky business...I would classify it as the advanced level of manifesting.

Better to start with easy, simple things - and practice on next Thanksgiving instead.

I started off many years ago, as many people do, with manifesting easy things like parking places in busy areas. Once you get good at this, start manifesting empty tables at busy restaurants or empty seats on busy trains.

Then gradually move your skill level up to things that you believe are harder to manifest.

For example, I saw a great looking expensive sports car in a movie once - it would have cost me more than my annual salary at the time - but I decided I wanted to manifest it - and it eventually came a few years later (I was still getting the hang of the various processes)...I still drive that car today. :)

If you are asking for specific processes, then I don't think there is any book full of more useful ones than Abraham's Ask & It Is Given.

Also, check out my manifesting spreadsheet if you want some ideas on how to use those Abraham processes systematically (I honestly use this everyday and it really works) but as I said start with small, easy things...not Thanksgiving dinner and a nice car!


Remember that it is not that spreadsheet itself that is important, it is just a computer spreadsheet, not a magic device.

The point is that it acts as a focusing tool to enable me to approach these subjects systematically...that is what is important.

Most people will accept they have to spend years of systematic practice and training to play a musical instrument well. But when it comes to creating a wonderful life through focused thought, they expect it to come by doing nothing at all (regarding their habitual thought patterns). And they expect it all to come immediately.

And when it doesn't all come immediately by doing nothing, they will invest much larger amounts of time in telling everyone it doesn't work. :)


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+1 for a thoughtful answer. These are the kinds of things I like to hear about. How someone has actually done it.

(21 Nov '09, 00:32) Vesuvius

Thank you Stingray for you sincere answer. I appreciate it for you taking the time to give me an kind and sincere answer. I will go back an re-look at your spread sheet.

(21 Nov '09, 04:14) flowingwater

I really need to manifest something really good for someone and I need to manifest something for my self. Miracles have happen in my life through the power of God and Jesus. Realities need to be made better for individual people and I would like to help them. I have come in contact with people I care about and people I don't even know who needs help. So, if we can and we have spare energies left let send love, healing, and prosparity and abundancne out to the larger world reality and hope it touches as many people as possiable this Thankgiving Holiday Season.

(21 Nov '09, 04:22) flowingwater

I understand your spread sheet is your way of focusing all of your ideas together one after the other as each needs attention and calls for it. You are training your brain how you want it to stay focus on certain thoughts that are postive and for your reality creation. I know it is not magic that is dealing with another relm of things.

(21 Nov '09, 11:13) flowingwater

Thanks Stingray

(21 Nov '09, 11:14) flowingwater

You are welcome, unknown

(21 Nov '09, 11:25) Stingray

I loved your answer!

(21 Nov '09, 15:51) LeeAnn 1

I was serious about this question about food and a nice car I know it might be an long shot since it is an need which pulls in negativity but I am going to shoot for it with an straight arrow of determination of manifesting and a prayer of petition to Jesus Christ who has all power. Thanks again for the compassion in your answer.

(21 Nov '09, 21:33) flowingwater

Sure, go ahead and I hope it works out for you. We each have our own personal style of manifesting and you won't know what yours is until you keep trying it until it works consistently. Good luck!

(21 Nov '09, 22:50) Stingray

Thanks I hope it works out too Stingray. Consistently is right.

(25 Nov '09, 16:14) flowingwater

Stingray, I am wondering what technique you use for manifesting parking spaces and other things right now. The literature I have read so far on this site has all said it takes time. A parking spot is a right now need. Thanks

(29 Mar '11, 13:21) Fairy Princess

@Juniper - I use a "signal" to my broader self that I am making an instant request and then I say my request specifically in my head. I use this many, many times a day quite reliably. My current "signal" is one that I got from Burt Goldman. When I want something right now, like a parking place, I will touch the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth and think to myself exactly when I would like the space and where it should be. Once I've issued my request, I let my tongue resume its normal position. That's all - easy, quick and reliable :)

(29 Mar '11, 21:49) Stingray
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I'm glad to see that action is as important a part of the equation as a state of mind or focus of consciousness.

The power of Consciousness seems to draw the circumstances within which the action towards the said goal or need becomes available. But then it is up to us. We can Sabotage the opportunity or act upon it.

I find that A Person with fear of action must still overcome the tendency to put off what is fearful and act upon the opportunity that miraculously appeared out of thin air.


answered 28 Nov '09, 04:36

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The Traveller

I found out fear is an spirit and we must remove the spirit of fear from us through prayer or just simply not paying any attention to it. Yes, you must choose to act, think, and speak on what it is you want it to be for no one else will do that because what ever happens is going to effect you not others so. When we can send postive energy to others to help.

(28 Nov '09, 07:27) flowingwater
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