I will complete Think and Grow Rich for the first time tonight, only a few pages left. And WOW I have a lot of changing to do.

I was thinking I should begin with The self confidence formula because I want to increase my self confidence.

Have you read it?

How did you begin your study and application of think and grow rich??

Thank you

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Chris 2

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You should know something about Think and Grow Rich.

Many copies of Think and Grow Rich in existence have been edited. Specifically, the word "vibration" (as taught by Abraham-Hicks) was edited out of the original manuscript 37 times. This was apparently done to make the book more marketable.

The same thing happened to the DVD, "The Secret." The word "vibration" was edited out of that, too. Essentially, the core of Abraham's teachings was removed. Ironically, the newer version of the secret (the one most people have seen), still keeps the secret!

If you have an edited version of the book, I suggest you get an unabridged version. Since I myself have a "tainted" version of the book, I'm not sure how much I can advise you on the book itself. No doubt the edited version still makes for a good "positive thinking" book, but I always felt this twinge that there was something missing from it.

It is my understanding that Think and Grow Rich is a distillation of another Napoleon Hill book: The Law of Success.


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