How can I rapidly turn a project around?
This seems like the best question to ask right now. I assume that my energy will hold a day or two, and I'll prevail. Here's a description of my circumstances.

I was brought into a big project (with uncertain credentials) and had a couple fails. In other words, the advert I presented to corporate, could ruin my reputation! It was unfinished, and sucked!

I'd like to get through this, and have an inspiring story. My skill set and talent is up to the task, but there was setbacks, that are not acceptable for an expert. My background is different than others, and I have resentment and distrust of agencies and corporations. This could be my strength as well as my downfall. Here's what I'm trying now.

Reset my thinking
• refocus (tune into what will make this project a success)
• envision their perspective (excluding myself)
• imagine myself as a hero facing a huge task (hero and sword stuff...LOL)
• imagine my peers genuine interest in the project (they're a noble council...not jaded agency types)
• suspend my issues (of talented people being thrown out on the street...paranoia, politics, etc)

• FOR MY FAMILY...not career, vanity, or money
• There's a small film that was DESTINED after this milestone

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Try suspending your resentment and distrust.

(30 Sep '13, 01:18) flowsurfer

I'm learning from my mistakes, and will try that. Thanks! Maybe a better way of phrasing it, would be my agenda to influence companies towards empathy and trust. I appreciate it!

(30 Sep '13, 03:15) AlicianFields
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This question is probably not relevant to your life circumstances anymore since you've probably got your outcome by now, for better or worse.

But speaking generally, I think it's pretty tough to turn anything around rapidly if you are following a linear timeline belief system.

And that's because the Law of Attraction provides a momentum to whatever existing dominant thoughts you already have about any particular subject. It's like trying to slam the brakes on a car that is travelling at high speed...there needs to be a certain stopping distance depending on how fast you are travelling (or, in this case, how much energy you are already flowing towards a subject in your life)

alt text

That's why it is so much easier to see results by starting to practice on "small" things you have never given much thought to before since you have no starting momentum to contend with.

So how quickly you can turn anything around in physical reality then comes down to how flexible you are in your beliefs (dominant thoughts) and how much "faith" you have that you can do it.

I'm defining "faith" here as simply holding onto new beliefs that haven't yet provided physical manifestational proof (or vibrational matches) of their existence. And this is necessary because 99% of every manifestation is complete before there is any physical evidence of it.

A Different Perspective

All of the above applies with a linear-timeline-based belief system i.e. one based on a belief that physical cause and physical effect are directly related.

alt text

But if you are willing to be even more flexible in your beliefs and accept the idea that in every new moment you are in a completely new universe, you can then open yourself up to the potential of instantaneous transformations of physical reality.

Bashar hints at these ideas in his dialog relating to giving up addictions easily by becoming someone who never had them in the first place.


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@Stingray - I missed this answer until now. Love it. When thinking linearly, I like to think in terms of trajectory - and how a tiny nudge of feeling in a different direction can lead to a very different end result. This seems to help me most in specific situations, like @AlicianFields is asking about here, especially when I'm not sure exactly what outcome I want, just good...

(22 Nov '13, 20:49) Grace

...Your second example, thinking more broadly, of a new universe every moment tends to help me more in my general, baseline thoughts. I had previously felt so hypocritical when I would try choosing good feeling thoughts, because I knew that I hadn't been happy the moment before, thinking that this somehow forced me to keep on being unhappy. As though, as Wayne Dyer talks about, the wake of my boat was somehow steering it...

(22 Nov '13, 20:49) Grace

... Once I see that, just saying to myself: "Oh yes I absolutely can choose how I am going to feel at this moment, and I'm choosing to feel good!" works for continuing, more dependably happy circumstances in general.

(22 Nov '13, 20:49) Grace
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Maybe this is completely resolved by now. I hope so.

If not, I think you might change "imagine myself as a hero facing a huge task" to "imagine myself as a hero completing this amazing task to corporate's satisfaction".

Love always -


answered 07 Oct '13, 07:27

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This may be of some assistance. The right brain handles things fast. But it has to have input to work from.

Meditate on all the data you need for the endeavor once you have meditated on it then say, "I now command my right brain to bring me the best answers to this", next forget about it.

Do something else unrelated, maybe take a nap. Just don't think about it any more. When you do this you truly have given it to your right brain. Next the amazing thing happens, an answer comes that had you spent hours and hours trying to work out would not have come. It just pops up in your mind like from nowhere. It will be brilliant and highly acceptable to you.

Singer designed the sewing machine from a dream. His right brain grave him the answer.

Brian Tracy got the idea for Chicken Soup For The Soul while taking a shower.

Our right brain ties things together where we before saw no solution.

Try passing it on to your right brain.


answered 05 Nov '13, 16:19

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Wade Casaldi

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