Feelings of rejection are weighing me down. I cannot seem to get out of the 'rabbit hole'. I have lost my spirituality. How do I get back to my heart and soul?

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Pink Diamond

By being in such a state, you are not helping anybody but most important of all, you are not helping yourself. I have been in similar sorts of situations in the past where I have been in depressing states and there did not seem to be any way out.

The thing is, it gets worse the longer you stay in that state. The Law of Attraction will attract more and more things in your life to match that dominant vibration.

Whenever I have been in such situations, I always think that it can get even worse and if I keep this negative vibration for long enough, then physical manifestations will start to appear like I will get a chronic disease or something as bad as this is usually how prolonged negative vibrations manifest.

We always get things that are a vibrational match to our dominant thoughts. Therefore, if we are attracting negative behaviour from others, it can only be as a result of the thoughts we have been thinking. Life is supposed to feel good. So, the key is to change our thoughts which will then in turn change our dominant vibration and things we attract in life. Try and spot the things that make you feel a bit better, however insignificant they might seem, and give those things your attention. The more you will do that, the more you will elevate your vibration. You will find that things will then sort themselves out.


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Pink Diamond

Thankyou for your helpful comments Rani. I just needed reminding. What a difference a day makes.....There is a light at the end of the tunnel and many lessons along the way...The thing is to keep on track and to get back up and on track.

(05 Feb '10, 09:41) Tisca

I am glad you found it helpful.

(05 Feb '10, 11:31) Pink Diamond

Thank you for your thoughts guys,they are helping me find my way


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John Hickey

Great news! Just remember repeated blows are a way of smoothing the stone so that it becomes acceptable for incorporation into the building of the Temple of God, Eternal in the Heavens, not make with hands. Remember this the next blow that comes lol and keep in mind that it WILL BE FOLLOWED by something better. By sharing your woe, you enable us to share in your joy, so thank you too! If you were here I would give you big hug (and tweek your cheek like an old aunt sometimes does - I actually had an Aunty Mame lol)

(14 Feb '10, 23:22) Inactive User ♦♦

What a great site this is Simon. How good is it to connect on a spiritual level with 'seekers' from all around the world. We are all on our journey & it is most comforting to have a place to share our deepest thoughts & to sometimes find refreshment in what we have learned but forgotten. I am feeling 'tweeked' just by being in this place...blessings to you all.

(15 Feb '10, 08:17) Tisca

Your spirituality is not lost, it is buried and cannot see the sunlight. The real term to describe this site is 'Dark Night of the Soult' Even Mother Theresa experienced it and gave up all faith. If you have always been a spiritual person you will get bouts of this until the ego realises that it it not in charge, it is not you. Google 'Dark Night of The Soul' You will find that many people have been through it. Don't bother to ask God to cure it, that will be your ego satisying itself that it can produce a God. Gently read up on it and you will find the answer, your world will brighten but until your ego loses it's grip forever you will experience more 'Dark Nights of the Soul'


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Gerald Phillips

Thanks Gerald I have posted a Question in reply to your answer. You have helped so much to clarify my confused thoughts

(28 Jan '11, 11:38) Tisca

Do you love your self, if so, forgive your self for whatever wrong you think that you have done, and pray to God, and ask him to give you the strenght to endure over time, and not to be so hard on your self. The Bible teaches: that God is plentyful in his forgiveness. If you can forgive your self, God will in turn forgive you. Forgiveness comes from within the heart. Can you take a few minutes to give your self permission, to look deep into your heart, and forgive your self, and know that it is okay to forgive yourself.

This is what God wants you to do for your self, for he has already forgiven you. Trust God, believe in your self, correct any wrong doing, and live your life to do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you. You cannot turn back the hands of time, but you can change your future for the better, if you work at it.

God love you, and he will never turn you away. He will point the way for you, and support you in your time of needs, so leave all your sorrows behind you. You can count on God for a better, and brighter future. As you believe, so you shall recieve. How strong is your faith? Put your trust in God, and he will sustain you in your darkest moments. Remember to love thy self inorder, for others to love you! My prayer are with you.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thankyou for your prayers Elsa and your encouraging words. Positive words and thoughts are encouraging and certainly help in overcoming dark thoughts.

(08 Feb '10, 08:01) Tisca

I agree with Rani - depression pulls you down all the time and you must make a determined effort to change your thoughts and therefore your circumstances. Think about and listen to songs that always make you feel happy or uplifted, read inspiring stories, do someone a favour or kind deed, do whatever you can to take your mind off yourself and your present feelings of depression. Start counting your blessings - what do you have that others would long for? Are you healthy? Do you have a job? Do you have friends and relatives? Are you physically intact? Do you live in a country full of opportunities? These are all blessings that others don't have - think about the physically disabled people who still find joy in their lives - I watched two elderly ladies on the news who were joyfully competing in athletic sports, an 85 yr old lady earned herself a gold medal for long jump and she competed with a 95 yr old lady in sprinting - and they didn't look a day over 60 yrs old!!

When you look around yourself and can smell the roses, when you can see the joy and laughter in other people, when you hear the sounds of life surrounding you and can start to see the good rather than the bad in everything, then you have found your spirituality...


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I have so many blessings to be grateful for and there are many roses to be appreciated...I am thankful for the answers i have received from caring people on this website...thanks so much

(08 Feb '10, 08:57) Tisca

If you can, get one of the Abraham-Hicks books from the book store or library. Just reading the book will uplift you and help you to feel hope again. Inside, are many suggestions for feeling a little better day by day. Do them, even if it's difficult to even want to at first. As it was mentioned by others, as you begin to feel better, a better life will come your way.


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LeeAnn 1

Have just viewed a video on 'Fine Tuning Manifestation' on A-Hicks website. I see what you mean. Have subscribed to the daily quotes. Thankyou for your helpful words LeeAnn.

(08 Feb '10, 08:47) Tisca

By going straight to the source the creator the one that made you and loves you so very much. The one who has all power and is so full of love and forgiveness for you. All you got to do is say Lord Jesus Christ I am lost and I don't know what to do or which way to go. My souls needs you and I ach to be rejoined with you Lord Jesus.

Especially if you have travel down the rabbit hole you don't even know what is real any more or which way to go or what to believe. But God does he knows it all and has answers to all of your questions. So ask Jesus to come into your life and even say if it is true I don't even know whether what I believe is real anymore including you so if you are real God than Jesus please come into my heart and life and save me and show me the way out of the rabbit hole so that I will know for my self that you are real not what someone have told me or what I have read.

If you are real within your heart God will reveal his self to you and let you know he is real and when you ask Jesus to come into your heart and life he will. God might speak to your directly or someone will call you on the phone or you will see somthing on tv but somehow and somewhere he will let you know he is real and you will know that this answer came straight from God from Jesus. You will feel his love. Pray to him which is simply talk to him. Get alone and just tell it all to him express your feeling he want tell anyone and wrap up in his bosom of love he has for you his arms are open wide to recieve you into his arms and his holy family.

Only God and Jesus can get you out of the rabbit hole and you know you are out and you will know which way to go and you will feel good on the inside for his love will overflow within you. That spiritual connection will have been made between you and him. Pray without doubting and it will come to past. Just hold on and he will forgive you of your sins and than you must forgive your self but first you must ask for forgivness. God knows our hearts, minds, body, and soul and he has been waiting for you to come to him or back to him.

Have faith in God and Jesus Christ for their love, and power are great for you. Jesus will lead you he will be your light in the dark places and lead you up out of the rabbit hole. Yes, there is a God and he is real for he created man in his own image and he gave man kind free will to choose. Choose to have faith in him today.


answered 04 Feb '10, 10:41

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Thanks 'flowing water'...for your reminder---- to Let Go and let God

(08 Feb '10, 10:37) Tisca

You are so welcome for God loves you so much and God has all power and his mercy and grace are so great. He will be the light for all of us to follow who believe and have faith in. It is our choice of free will he gives us so that hopefull we will all choice to love God as well. The way we treat others and our selves is a reflection of that love for God. Tisca

(09 Feb '10, 07:01) flowingwater

Having lost once spirituality is not really losing it. It is actually failing to get in touch with it. Getting back to our heart and soul does not mean we are far away from it. In truth we are always in our heart and soul. It only seems that we are out of it because we fail to see and get in touch with the heart and soul of others.

Feelings of rejection is a proof that we are not in tune or not in one with the heart and soul of others. It means we are separating ourselves from others. It means failure to see the oneness of all creation. That while all is one, everyone is manifesting in different vibrations - attitudes, characters, habit, sex, color, biases, etc. Seeing and accepting that truth is attuning oneself to the heart and soul of everyone which leads to getting in touch with our spirituality which is the very essence of all. Fully realizing these will not lead to any feeling of separation, and not even leave any space for a feeling of rejection.


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Thanks for reminding me that connection is everything

(08 Feb '10, 08:59) Tisca

The fact you are here asking shows that you haven't lost your spirituality, you have just let it become clouded by your current perceptions of whatever is happening in your physical reality right now. I would suggest just sitting and meditating and being with those feelings of rejection. I know this can be really hard to do when you're feeling lost but know that you're not alone - just ask for help, in the stillness, and it will come. You can climb out of that rabbit hole but firstly you have to make the choice to do so and secondly you have to make that decision a priority above all else. When you can sit quietly and just be with those feelings of rejection and try and just watch those feelings as opposed to letting them fully take you over, you will begin to see that there is something in you so much stronger than the feelings - it will be vey subtle at first but with practice will get stronger - and you will discover that those feelings of rejection will eventually dissipate.Make the decision, be determined and above all else persevere (don't give up) You Can Do It.


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You are right about being clouded.There is something much stronger in me. Thanks for reminding me Michaela.

(08 Feb '10, 08:51) Tisca

Feelings of rejection are weighing me down. I cannot seem to get out of the 'rabbit hole'. I have lost my spirituality. How do I get back to my heart and soul?

Go out TODAY and find someone who is rejected. Talk to him/her. You will get your heart and soul back in an instant.

I don't think you lost them anyway, but this will remind you where they are :)

Alice in Wonderland and rabbit holes reminds me of the wonder of nature etc. Got a digital camera? Take it out to a favourite nature spot, think of nature spirits, elves, fairies, devas, angels, etc ask them to 'visit' - then take lots of photos all around... see what happens.


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Inactive User ♦♦

I thought I saw a fairy once but it move so fast it was a little larger than a bumble bee and odd shape from a bumble bee is why I notied it anyway but boy did it hide from me. But I am pretty sure it was a fairy. It was near my pink azelas bush. Angels watches over us all of the time. Have you seen any natural spirits that you would like to share with the site? Don't reveil no more information than you want to share. For this was a personal question and I did not mean to intrude.

(05 Feb '10, 11:53) flowingwater

I will keep my camera close by. How nice it would be to see a fairy. Thanks for your words. Reaching out to people in need is not hard for me to do. It's the thoughtlessness of some people that gets to me. Shall try harder to be detached & accepting.

(08 Feb '10, 08:13) Tisca

They are just younger bretheren ... it helps it you think of them that way. Old souls, young souls?

(09 Feb '10, 02:13) Inactive User ♦♦

' younger brethren' or lost children-part of their being has probably not matured due to some hurtful event in childhood so although they don't realize it, they are probably stuck there. It's easy to be compassionate when you look into the eyes of a child and that child can be any age.

(14 Feb '10, 14:56) Michaela
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I read each and every single one of these comments and just by reading them, I regained a little of what I feel that I'm losing. But I don't believe that age signifies the maturity of one's soul, I believe the events in one's life does. I'm a younger person myself and I have gone through events that even the most oldest and maturist person might have never experienced. There is no phrase to decribe the feeling of someones soul being lost, I believe for everyone it is different, but I do have to say, the thought of knowing that someone else might be going through the same thing you are can be an uplifting feeling becase you know your not alone. Also, knowing that Our Heavenly Father is always there makes a feeling that you know you never lost a friend and there's always someone to talk to. I thank every single one of you for your words of comfort and I'm deffinitely going to try my best in regaining my lost spirit. :)


answered 28 Aug '11, 08:26

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