If you are a leader of an organization who has certain goals, what role does your leadership play in the manifestation process?

Do the people whom you lead need to have the same vision as you? Does that vision require meetings to communicate your vision, or is your own clear mental picture sufficient to produce manifestation within the group?

Are guidelines and agreements among the participants required, or is your ability to envision what is required sufficient to produce the necessary alignment?

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The role of the leader is extremely important. Because the leader has the vision and knows how to harness the resources available within and outside of the organization to achieve the vision. A real leader knows that the vision must serve the good of the masses and not only that of the individual or the organization. The members of that organization will instinctively know if their individual needs will be served as a result of the vision and they will participate to the extent that they recognize this. A good leader recognizes that there is abundance in the universe and that everyone can win.


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I like this question because it says in the bible to be in union with each other in prayer in other words as we align with others the vision and word becomes amplified.

It seems best to have a leader even if it is democratic and put up to vote "what do we want to work on?" someone has to say lets vote and take the votes so even in that situation that person is the leader.

But this being too democratic reminds me of Laural and Hardy, Olie says "we'll flip a coin I'll call heads", Stanly says "why did you call heads I wanted heads" so then Olie says "if you want heads fine I take tails", he gets a coin and goes to flip and Stanly says "hey why are we using your coin, I have coins too you know!" Olie says "fine you get a coin then", Stanly says "why are telling me what to do I can decide on my own." Olie says "Okay you decide what you want to do!" Stanly says "why do I have to make the decisions around here?" I think at that point he just hit Stanly over the head with his hat and told him what to do. lol

That is a kind of blown out of proportion of lack of leadership but it shows nothing gets done until someone decides and says "right here is what we do."

I remember reading how Napoleon Hill had a board room of many people that worked with him in agreement maybe Henry Ford it was. If there can be a leader that is the main instrument all the other instruments tune to and the one the sets the key of the song to be played, everyone may vote on the song but you still need a leader to set the tuning and the key, this is the same in business.


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