What are the primary causes that are stopping things, people and events from manifesting into people’s lives? From your unique point of view or perspective, when observing others in your life what is one reason that you feel people are not able to manifest the things that they definitely want and desire?

I’ll start the ball rolling by saying in my view: ignorance of the fact that we create our own experience of reality is one reason that people’s manifestations are not fulfilled. If we’re unaware or don’t know that we can do a thing, we can’t normally do it because we won’t even attempt it.

On the other hand, once we begin to remember and realize that we do actually create our own experience of reality as we go along, then we know that anything is possible and thus, we’ll start to practice conscious realty creation and we will begin receiving all of our desired manifestations :)

There are many other reasons stopping manifestations. And I think it may be helpful to others if our community lists some of those reasons as clues and pointers which may be helpful if remembered and realized by others.

Please stick to one reason and elaborate as much as you can or want to, thanks.

What do you say?

asked 15 Jul '11, 05:36

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eddie= my guru. If I knew you I'd love to have a drink with you, play some chess and talk about these sorts of things for days....

(16 Jul '11, 01:28) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Why thank you, that would be great. Let's just say that we're all teachers and students. The word guru implies that someone knows more than another, but really we're all simply remembering what we already know at a soul level :)

(16 Jul '11, 01:36) Eddie
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Limiting beliefs is huge! All of my life I have found money on the ground. A few years ago, I lost $40. After that, when I would find money, I would think how bad it was that somebody lost it. I decided that was wrong, so I stopped finding money. I recently remembered this, and decided that I could find money without anybody missing it. I just remembered, I also said a prayer for the one who lost it. So, I have been finding money again. Not much, but it is exciting to find money.


answered 15 Jul '11, 12:14

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Fairy Princess

Have you read the story in Florance Scovel Shinn's book The Game Of Life and How to Play it. There is a story very similar, it talks about trusting in God and this women that needed money found it on the sidewalk. A door usher said is that money, people have been stepping over or walking on that for hours, I thought it was a candy wrapper!

(15 Jul '11, 17:18) Wade Casaldi

No, I never read it. Maybe I will check it out some day. Thanks

(15 Jul '11, 19:04) Fairy Princess

@FP - Excellent observation. In my view identifying self-limiting beliefs is definitely a 'biggie' because most people don't realize they're stopping themselves from receiving. EFT will definitely help those who feel attracted to it. @Wade - great story :)

(16 Jul '11, 01:13) Eddie
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I think the biggest reason I've observed is that we often allow doubt, in other words, lack of faith to creep in.

We learn and begin to accept that we are responsible for the creation of our own lives, but I've noticed that, at the beginning, when people first learn this they're very enthusiastic and usually start using processes to help move them in the direction they want to go. However, I think when we do this without first examining and removing those limited beliefs that are not serving us, those beliefs will continue to pop up,causing us to doubt, and put a halt to the manifestation.

That's why I think it's imperative that someone examines their beliefs and works on changing those that don't serve them before they play with manifesting experiments... and that's why I think Stingray's http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/14919/manifesting-experiment-4-the-resistance-release-method-get-what-you-want-by is the one people should use first ( unless of course they're fortunate enough not to have any limited beliefs or resistance ).

Nice question Eddie :)

( Sorry Fairy princess I typed this up without reading your answer...seems we're pretty much on the same page :)


answered 15 Jul '11, 12:32

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edited 15 Jul '11, 12:48

That's ok, Michaela, great minds think alike ;). Anyway, when I intend to answer a question, I don't ususally read the other answers before I answer. I usually do afterward. Your answer goes into different detail than mine any way. Blessings

(15 Jul '11, 12:41) Fairy Princess

@Michaela - Yes doubt or a lack of faith is another 'biggie' as it equates to non-belief. Any request followed by a negative, BUT counters our own intention. Also it's important to remember that a time interval is normal when changing one's belief :)

(16 Jul '11, 01:23) Eddie

I'll have to boldly agree that limiting beliefs is the source. 90% of all of our thoughts (and that stems to emotions, beliefs, expectations, habits....) are deriving from the subconscious mind, and many people, including experienced practitioners at times, do not realise exactly what their subconsious activity is. It is simple- hack into your subconscious mind and start re-writing the story of how you want to be. Unfortuanntly, from my research, this can sometimes be a...tricky process. It seems that EFT, hypnosis, and certain specific forms of meditation (alpha and theta brain wave manipulation) are the answers to crack those blockage forests to 'a clean slate.'

Getting a clean slate, a clear mind, an empty cup- if all people started with this, then after watching the secret they would all manifest anything without flaw.


answered 16 Jul '11, 01:35

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Nice. And simply observing your thoughts and being aware of the action of your mind is the key to understanding it. Then change is easier :)

(16 Jul '11, 04:20) Eddie
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