I like my body but I want to put on more weight. I went through a period of depression a few years back and I lost a lot of weight. I can't seem to get back to my original weight or put on more even though I am free from depressing feeling. What do I do? I really want something that will work.

Secondly how can I heal myself instantly if I feel any pain or symptoms in my body?


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Start by perceiving your body as the precious vessel for your soul that it is. Nurture it with nutritious foods for optimal health. I would suggest practicing daily affirmations.Louise Hay has some wonderful affirmations for just about any topic.Here are just a few suggestions -

"My body is balanced, healthy and happy, and so am I. Good health is my Divine right. I lovingly take charge of my body right now. I nourish myself each and every day."

Pain is a signal that something we are thinking or doing is not in alignment with our highest self.When we truly love ourselves we can learn to dissolve pain. Practicing thoughts and affirmations on self love will help immeasurably - "Loving my body is the first step in healing."


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There are 2 techniques that have helped me in a lot of ways: EFT and QT. The basics of these 2 techniques can be found on the internet without to much trouble, if you care to spend a bit more time you can find them for free. EFT helps in a lot of acute cases, like burns, cuts, etc. If you look in Youtube you will find a lot of free videos from people that help you deal with a lot of issues that might take a little longer. But I find it easy to do, both on myself and on others and you can literally try it on everything. With a little of daily perseverance you will get quite far. QT is a technique that uses loving energy in combination with special breathing techniques and I found this to enhance a lot of other things I use as well. The first thing to do however, like Michaela said, is to love yourself, without any self love you will not get very far, you will have to be convinced that you deserve to be healed and that you deserve to get the best, because you are the best and you are perfect just as you are. Self love and acceptance are really important here. I like the book of Louise Hay too, this has helped me get clear about what I was struggling against. It will give you clarity and understanding. I wish you a lot of love and prosperity.


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Marlina 2

Hi Sunshine, It seems that you are going through a low right now and are really in need of "some sunshine". I have listed below some of the things that works for me and which I hope can work for you as well. I suggest that you try as much of the following as possible and you should start feeling better immediately.

1 - As Michaela suggested, affirmations works. Practice them regurlarly. Write down a few "power thoughts" and walk around with them and pull them out whenever you feel yourself getting down.

2 - Try to get a few good spiritual books such as "The Secret" or "The Master Key". There are many avialbale for free on this website. Start filling up your mind with positive thoughts so that there will be no room for negativity.

3 - Abraham Hicks has some of the most amazing audio/video that you can listen to for free on line and which are sure to give you an immediate boost. After over 20 years of spiritual exploration, I just discovered Abraham Hicks but I believe his teachings are the greatest and most practical that I have encountered so far.

4 - Start a focus block (see Manifestation Experiment 2) in this website. This really works becuase it helps you to maintain a positive focus.

5 - Most important, you have to monitor your thoughts closely. You will know when your thoughts are not right because you will start feeling down again. Walk around with some power thoughts written down, place them on the walls at home and in your office until thinking positive becomes a habit for you.

6 - Also, try to relax and have fun with life in every little thing that you do. Even when things are not all right, learn to laugh at yourself even then. At the end of the day its all about fun anyway.

Good luck.


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thanks every one. i really appreciate all these.

(27 May '10, 07:08) Sunshine
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