No Need to expalin any further.

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(30 Dec '09, 17:55) Pink Diamond

To me, Love is everything.

I am not talking about romantic love, exactly; rather, I am talking about love that "passeth all understanding".

It is not something that you go looking for- rather it is something that you express to the world, and if you express it right, the world will send love right back at you

Love is I Cor. 13- a great definition of Love....

Love is changing poopy diapers and not minding:

love is opening the store door so the lady with the limp doesn't have to do it;

love is spending hours on the phone in the middle of the night with a person, teaching and being patient, despite the fact that you had other plans for your evening, like sleeping;

love is someone who says, "Oh, Wow!" to everything positive you say;

love is quitting smoking because it is what is right, and staying quit despite the way you feel...;

love is being a dad who watches Saturday morning cartoons with you, and likes the Roadrunner the best, just like you;

love is blind to age and size and sex and physical attributes;

love is a constant appreciation for everything- an appreciation that you send up to God with every breath;

love is patience with everything, especially traffic and children

What does love got to do with it????


Without it, there would be no point to life!


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Seems you thought about this. From the looks of it Love is impersonal. Shows no favortism.

(24 Dec '09, 13:20) RPuls

Yes, I think that real love is impersonal; that is how you know you are doing it right. Thanks for the comment! Jai

(24 Dec '09, 13:44) Jaianniah

Great answer Jaianniah.

(25 Dec '09, 10:39) flowingwater
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What love has got to do with it is simple Love comes from God to dwell within us and if we have love and the way we treat ourselves, others, our family and God is revealed through the way we show love.

Love hides a multitude of faults. Love makes you tell your friend yes when you really want to say NO because you are tired and you have so much to do but you try to treat others as you wanted to be treated.

Now love does not say stay in a relationship that you know is not right for you it is abusive, evil, or dangerous to stay in.

But the love of Jesus that is within us will radiate out to others those we met as we past by on our journey of life for only a few seconds or minutes to maybe a few years or a life time.

There is also love for yourself which will tell you hey it is time to show love to your self by getting out of this very stressful job, relationship, or bad habit you have pick up that is ruining your life and others as well.

The lack of God in your life tells your soul down deep that somthing is wrong and missing out of your life. You feel it in every fiber of your esistence. Until you have no more feeling than you are in real trouble than. lost but hopefully still maybe time to save you and your soul.

Love is so very important for if we don't have love for one another than the only thing is left is the lack of love which means distruction for love builds up and the lack of love tears down.


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It is the glue that holds the Universe together.


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I think love is an attraction like a magnet, this is something that pulls the object of desire toward itself and is the basses for the Law of Attraction. So it seems as a vacuum constantly attracting but that is only one side the other seems out pouring which gives and doesn't need anything in return. This is similar to how out chakras work, there is an intake side and an outflow side. The energy vortex of a magnet seems to have no reason for existing but it is there, we could say it is magnetized and that is why, we could go down to the electrons and say they are all facing this way and that is why. But what is it that makes them want to be together is it a want or a flow of energy that we call love? It could be that love flows through everything including us and we experience this flow, but when we find no outlet for this we experience the flow stops just as with no north end to attract the south end a magnet losses it's magnetism. So maybe love is a stream in constant flow and when things are in that flow everything seems to go right.


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Wade Casaldi

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