For the past several years, gratitude & appreciation have been a primary focus for me. I express them in a variety ways such as personal thanks and widespread praise of all that is.

I wonder, what ways do you give thanks and how do you deepen your expression of loving appreciation?

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Hu Ra

When I feel appreciation welling up inside of me, I try in any way I can think of to share my gratitude with the object that allowed me to feel it and also with anyone who might enjoy feeling vicarious thankfulness for this person, place, thing, or idea. Most of the time, I thank these things only inside myself, for I'm flooded with bazillions of bizarre and thankful emotions every day for the bazillions of occurrences, gifts, beauties, understandings, examples, conversations, thoughts, exchanges, abilities, pleasures, ideas, blooms, opportunities, transformations, dreams, luxuries, comparisons, goods, services, and feelings that enrich my experience. The easiest and quickest ways to thank another person are with words (the more imaginative the better), smiles, and hugs (big hugs!). These can be expanded upon with service, paying it forward, and reciprocity, when appropriate (we can't always give back what we received to be thankful for, but there will be something else we can offer).

Thanking and appreciating are both great personal pleasures to me; indeed appreciation may be thee pleasure of this world. I never feel greater or more selfless than when I am both in love with and reciprocating care to the world, as the world ever lavishes on me. In feeling this great outpouring of love towards people, places, things, and ideas, I understand more what is meant by leading a life of service... a life of abundantly offering myself to thanking everything I enjoy. This is a state without obligation or expectation, only the joyful work of following through the desire to give and care for.

I deepen my appreciation by deepening my understanding. Existence is marvelous, and I find less and less to be dissatisfied with, as it is all equally unsatisfying to a limitless appetite. Life has taught me time after time that pleasant and unpleasant has nothing to do with the ultimate value of an experience, and that if I appreciate any of it I'd better appreciate all of it. The more open to living I am, the more appreciation for it I feel.

Eventually, appreciation illuminates and encompasses every single detail of existence...


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Hu Re

What a wonderful answer :)

(06 Dec '10, 14:08) Michaela

Very beautiful!.......

(06 Dec '10, 14:35) daniele

nice to have the hu's here

(06 Dec '10, 16:03) ursixx

Hu Ra and Hu Re that is

(06 Dec '10, 16:04) ursixx
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I believe that I am amazing life form living in an amazing universe filled with abundance and light. As a result of my belief I stay in a state of appreciation morning, noon, and night. I think this is awesome! so I smile an say thank you.


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That was.... wait for it....AWESOME!!!

(06 Dec '10, 16:01) ursixx

I kept an appreciation notebook, and I kept that for months until my way of thinking had changed and appreciation came to me more automatically and easily.


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LeeAnn 1

An appreciation notebook, what brilliantly fun way to document life's blessings! I've been pondering themes for a notebook and you just gave it to me. Thank you LeeAnn.

(08 Dec '10, 06:54) Hu Re

Yes! Thank You LeeAnn! Inspiring!

(09 Dec '10, 00:46) Hu Ra

You don't have to keep up with it for long. Soon, the appreciation will come to you automatically, and you won't need it!

(10 Dec '10, 02:20) LeeAnn 1
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Appreciation is a great way to spread positive vibrations about a third person. say that you work with Amy and she does a great job. And when you talking with Mel(we all know Mel). Mel is the kind of person that like to make themselves feel better by talking"trash" about someone else ("Did you see what Amy was wearing", or you know who Amy is sleeping with") .By expressing your genuine appreciation of and not reacting to Mel's dialog you make you appreciation double acting.

Or like Hu Re stated

I try in any way I can think of to share my gratitude with the object that allowed me to feel it and also with anyone who might enjoy feeling vicarious thankfulness for this person

Object/person that made you feel great stated to thrid person give that much more validity to the other person.


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Think on these things often:

  • Thanks to the Earth for providing a foundation and soil in which all things grow.
  • Thanks to the Rain without which nothing could grow or be.
  • Thanks to the Sea for all its cleansing and recycling, and its bountiful and unending harvest.
  • Thanks to the Moon for its beauty and never ending contribution to the growth cycle.
  • Thanks to the Sun for providing light and life sustaining energy and for transferring it into every living thing.

I am in absolute appreciation of all these things through which all life is made possible.

and then...

While I don’t want what you want, I absolutely want for you what you want for you and I sincerely hope that you receive all that you want and deserve! SURE :)


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I have a compilation of photos of my favorite things, things guaranteed to make me smile: FOOD, night photos of big cities, rainy days, Henry Cavill :), etc. Every morning and every night, I look at my slideshow and repeat positive affirmations. Keeping these visual reminders of my favorite things keeps me feeling very appreciative.

Also, keep telling yourself that you are "God's favorite child." That always makes me appreciate my life.


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I give thanks for every new day in my life: that I share with others, for the universe, and it providing for all of our needs!


answered 07 Dec '10, 08:25

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Inactive User ♦♦

i just use money. :) $$$ American money for now, but I'm considering Euros.


answered 07 Dec '10, 08:34

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