I face yet another surgery in two weeks. I would like to be at my best for this, and to see it in a positive light. What kinds of activities should someone facing physical stress undergo?

Blessings, and Thank you in advance...Jai

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Meditation? ;)

(06 Jan '10, 17:30) Vesuvius

Yes... and let the main "topic" of your meditation be a successful surgery, so that you won't have to worry as you will be sure of the positive outcome.

(06 Jan '10, 20:48) Asklepios
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Place your thought in the mind of I am consciousness, this body will be repaired and fully healed with full recovery and be better than ever hoped for. Put that in your manifestation box too, that this is a good thing that will heal your body and make your experience using that body better than ever hoped for. Spectacular results like the doctors never saw before not only full recovery but regeneration to a perfectly working and appearing body that you want.

we are energy fields influencing these bodies see your body as you will it to be, and it will be influenced by that will and start forming to that conscious concept of self image and function.

Use these in meditation, mantra, affirmation but in the in between time release and forget about it.


answered 06 Jan '10, 21:43

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Wade Casaldi

The Bible says, if two or three are gather together in my name, what ever is asked in prayer, and in my name, shall be granted unto you. So, on this day, I ask like minds to holds hands spiritually, and for us to combined our vibration of healing engery of power, and say a special prayer to promote healing, and a speedy recovery for our dear friend Jai.

Jai, my prayers are with you, you will do fine. God will take care of you! He will give you the courage, and the strenght that you need to endure. You have a good soul, and you will be healed in Jesus name. God's Blessings, and a speedy recovery.


answered 06 Jan '10, 22:31

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Thank you, Elsa. God Bless, Jai

(06 Jan '10, 23:27) Jaianniah
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