Okay, so I was looking over a story I wrote last month (which can be found here) when I noticed something that blew my mind: On chapter eight, paragraph 40, I state that it was a massive storm spanning from the east coast of the United States all the way to the Great Lakes region, and I set the story roughly in early November. Did I, when I wrote the story, unwittingly predict Sandy over a month and a half before it hit?

asked 09 Nov '12, 19:06

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Statistically I would say no. November is the end of the hurricane season . And as even as you wrote "the Gales of November" .The month is know for it's storms in the eastern part of north america.
But keep a journal see what happens. Your imagination is a powerful tool and weather control is not impossible.


answered 10 Nov '12, 02:09

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Thanks for the answer! You make a good point about the Gales of November, and all.

(11 Nov '12, 21:49) ExistentiaLux
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