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Is it possible for reality creation to have an opposite?

I just quit smoking, and I did it with a series of steps that prepared me...I literally asked the Universe to remove my desire to smoke, and it seems to have worked. One could say that I actually manifested better health INTO my life; right now, however, it feels more like I got rid of my desire to smoke more than I asked for better health (Hopefully, I will see it differently as the months go by). Would this work for other undesirable parts of my life? Or am I just looking at manifesting backwards?

Blessings, Jaianniah P.S. I explain how I quit smoking in my own answer to "What is the fastest way to get rid of a bad habit?"- in case you were wondering what I did to quit...

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Duplicate: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/473/is-it-possible-for-reality-creation-to-have-an-opposite

(30 Dec '09, 15:47) Vesuvius

I see the duplicate but I do believe John's question was much more complex and difficult to follow with parallel universe and Einsteins equations in it, that was the reason I never answered his I got lost in it as to what was he asking.

(30 Dec '09, 18:31) Wade Casaldi

I kind of thought John's question was on can we think something out of existence, like no such thing anymore, disappear or dematerialize, not remove something from our lives.

(30 Dec '09, 18:38) Wade Casaldi

I feel that John's question and mine are actually asking two DIFFERENT things...please check this for me....Jai

(30 Dec '09, 21:05) Jaianniah

Since there appears to be some concern over this decision, I've reopened the question. Hope that's okay with everyone

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I believe that manifestation is ultimately a feeling driven activity not a stuff driven activity.

So it is not about having or not having some Stuff experience

It is a feeling about having or a feeling about not having something.

Your soul is yearning for the feeling associated with the experience, which is then formulated and attracted with your consciousness, which once again is feeling based.

So your soul and your consciousness are working with a feeling & only your body is dealing with the Stuff component of the experience.

This way, both the presence and the absence of a physical experience are both a presence in a feeling dimension.

In both cases you are actually "having" a feeling. Only physically you are having and not having, but emotionally you are having in both situations.

Sorry to flog the dead horse here. But some points are so subtle that repetition is the only way to animate the concept into comprehension.


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The Traveller

Richard Bach would call such manifestations "negative attachments." But that doesn't necessarily mean they don't work, at least for some people.

Anyway, your request to have the universe remove your desire to smoke sounds like (in the words of Anthony Robbins) you got enough "leverage on yourself" to make it work.

Good for you.


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No, you can never manifest something out of your life in this attraction based universe. You can only attract and manifest new and different things.

So, although you are saying that you have manifested the absence of smoking, my interpretation of it is you have attracted a non-smoking and healthy body.


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Pink Diamond

Yes this would be recreating your self, for example: weight I once saw how people have a set image in their mind of what they weigh and although they can vary up or down some they always go back to that same image set.

This same thing is for money as well, a set imagine of a set income keeps people from getting more, they can raise or lower some but always manage to come back to the set image.

I guess that could be the same for any image really, so key here is to change that set image. I am trying to think of what Avatar called it, it is the core belief that holds us in stagnation.

For example smoking: Unfortunately in the English language the description of smoker is the positive and the non-smoker is the negative. So trying to picture yourself as NOT smoking is like trying to picture yourself as not riding a bicycle. This makes the choice of image more difficult.

A far better choice of image is to see yourself as content and happy, breathing fresh clean wonderful air, feeling great to be alive!


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Wade Casaldi

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