Guys I am again confused!

I am having what I am calling ‘half-manifesting’.

After working on attracting some investment, by meditation, practicing Abraham tapes and exercises, reading on IQ, digging, feeling happy and harmony with the universe, I did. I attracted the investments with many other deals, meeting and projects which are much than I imagined, by time I turned to business woman more than LOA applier, then I noticed that and worked on, I was struggling ‘business with its rules, loa applier, business and market situations, loa applier and being positive’, as a result I didn’t success in any deal, but keep on attracting them, still manifesting but without customers and money.

Yesterday I went on deep depression, cried like a little kid :(

In this period I was neither complete positive, nor complete negative. I was in between, so I keep on manifesting deals but not manifesting customers not complete one single project but I keep on attracting offers, special good offers but fruitless!

Now I will keep on working, even I am feeling sad; I have to deal with a belief planted in my head that I am fruitless, which I consdired as a Phenomenon

So when you have such situation, ‘half-manifesting’, in-between of positivity and negativity, how can that be held, deal with, can it last for long time? Is there a brief bridge of practical method more than, ‘just turn it positive’, something like sport exercise, for my mind is a big mess :(, but in general I am good and desired to clear it up, yet need methods.

I want to have some practice in order to have some fruits so they can be evidences to my mind, which is spiritual but somehow skeptical, which is common in all human beings I discovered, we are part of half human half spiritual being.

Help me

asked 12 Feb '13, 08:18

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Meditate and know your self.if you do not know your self you cannot know other.Then how can they agree with you and you with them? Seek and you shall find.ask and it is given.knock and the door will be open to you.

(12 Feb '13, 09:16) white tiger

Business, particularly in this day and age, has rules. Lots of them. It's like a game. If you don't like playing the game, with rules and all, then maybe you shouldn't? If all you want is money... focus on that and leave the business game behind? There are a ton of people who have a ton of money and don't know the first thing about business.

(12 Feb '13, 10:17) flowsurfer

@White tiger, that's a good point to practice on know myself to know others, I once thought of controlling others will just in business, although I have struggle with meditation.

(12 Feb '13, 12:33) r0la

@flowsurfer, a friend suggest me the same to focus on money, I think I need more insight about that, but your note shed a light upon where my intention should be, on being successful business girl or the money, ohhh I know that too but want to work on and discuss more, can you suggest me more, how to focus my intention on one when I have double?

(12 Feb '13, 12:37) r0la

@r0la Do you like the game of business?

(12 Feb '13, 13:48) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer, some how I enjoyed it, but I am concerned about money more, I was playing lottery then I decided to have money in more significant way but the target is money and I am desiring to let all the focus on that.

(12 Feb '13, 14:18) r0la

@rula look at what you wrote:I once thought of controlling others will just in business.The only place you should control is your own will and seek harmony and peace with other.If one does not do this you would not accept it and so will they.Respect,peace,harmony,understanding ,wisdom,truth and love are all good point to practice.

(12 Feb '13, 15:05) white tiger
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What I do as soon as I notice I'm not in a good-feeling state - and am not too "stupid" in that moment to remember to do it :) - is stop all (non-vibrational) action immediately and focus on getting Vortex whatever way I can.

From that place of being Vortex-aligned, you then have vibrational access to options that you may have been blind towards when in an out-of-the-Vortex state even if they were right under your physical nose.

So if you are finding yourself faced with obstacles regarding what you want, my advice would be not to fight them or spend any time feeling bad about them, but just simply and systematically find some reason to get into the Vortex.

And from that aligned state of being look at your life again through the "eyes of Source" and it will seem like you are looking at a different world - and solutions will naturally begin to present themselves.

In other words, don't try to wrestle with obstacles you are unhappy journey only leads to an unhappy destination. Trying to persist with physical action when you are not feeling good is a great way to waste your time :)

Leave those obstacles alone if they are being stubborn. Just move yourself into a different vibrational state, and they'll be forced to automatically start to clean themselves up in order to keep up with your newly-aligned good-feeling vibrational reality.

And if you keep aligning with that good-feeling vibrational reality consistently enough that getting there becomes habitual for you, it eventually has no choice but to manifest itself as your new physical reality :)


answered 24 Feb '13, 14:21

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@Stingray, I agree about not being aligned for not having vibrational access to there yet, VORTEX.

This in between, there and not, is disturbing, painful but at least things keep happen and that console my will.

Deep in me I know it is about vortex, distraction and not the other outside circumstances. sometimes I said when it happens I will feel relief, relax and me, but I know it is not how law of attraction works, it is being happy to get there. And I will.

(25 Feb '13, 04:45) r0la

I am patient. yet excited to get my cake but patient, for I believe every delay is to collect more data in creating my masterpiece.

I love every process and enjoying doing them and really love the journey more than the target. But I had the breakdown when a friend of mine reached three of her target by complaining, being ungrateful and crying, that stimulate every little cell in me. Universe is that how you work? I have been here grateful, relaxing and happy and got none!!!

(25 Feb '13, 04:49) r0la

Then I said everyone has his way in getting things, love Abraham when they said 'big things need more time in my point of view'

I will always get back to vortex as Bashar says 'Higher mind never give up' and as I told you already things are keep happen but not producing so far. But I am manifesting.

your links remind me of who I really am, what is LOA really is, thanks for brought them up!!

(25 Feb '13, 04:54) r0la
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