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First I would like to thank everyone that's here.

Second of all I would like to say sorry for the moderators that I didn't contact them before about what I'm going to do now. I don't wanna make your life more difficult than it needs to be, I just want need your help. That's why I ask you NOT to close this question and let people who want to post comments about what I'm going to post in a moment.

About two weeks ago I had a thought, an inspiration you might say. I'm one of those guys, just like you, that has been looking for answers to spiritual questions. As I like answering your questions, I find that we often lack the 'basics', 'the fundamentals' about who we are, why are we, what is our purpose, where we are in our spiritual development and so forth.

Now, this sight mainly, and you that are posting questions, has inspired me to write a FAQ which means answers to most frequently asked questions to the subject of enlightenment. That's what was the original intention.

But once I got into actual writing the intention changed and what has happened was that I suddenly was typing words without any conscious effort on my part. It was like the words where just 'flowing through me' I was typing someone else has put together.

I'm saying this just to let you know how this book came about. I'm not saying it to make myself feel special, because I have no such feelings. Instead what happened was this book that came out brakes down the spiritual path as to say to pieces I never knew existed. In other words, the insights that came WHILE writing this book, I have never encountered anywhere else, and those that I did I support with real experiences of my own life.

It's a very private an honest testimony of my life. Everything you will read here is true. I'm just saying that for you to know that THIS IS NOT A WORK OF FICTION. EVERYTHING that I am writing in this book is REAL. It is as real as you and me and I know that this book is important. It's not important because I wrote it, but it's important because the message that it has behind it. I think it has the potential to put people that have never even considered to turning there head towards spirituality, to see it in a different light. I think insights that this book consist can transform someone who has no intention of going on a spiritual path.

Again I'm not being pompous or something, that's not what it is about. It's about the MESSAGE and I believe, if you read this book, you will see that this message is genuine and real.

So cutting to the chase here. What I'm gonna give you in the end of this massage is going to be a fragment of this book. It's gona be available for everyone who will want to read it to do so online or download it to there computer. But still i need your help on this one.

I need someone to edit it for me. Although I did most of the job, and I think it's not quit bad, I think it can be better. I need someone who has the skills that can transform this book into something more magnificent. I'm asking this for two reasons. First of all English ISN'T my native language. I'm very good at it but still I'm not expert in grammatical, vocabulary and so forth. I need someone who can do it for me. Second reason is that book will be FREE for everyone to download from the Internet. I'm NOT intending to make a profit of it simply because that's how I feel would be the most beneficial way that this information can reach the most people. I know if you read the fragment that I will post, you will have no doubt in your mind that that is my true intention here.

For anyone who would be willing to do this there is a reward. The reward will be a full name recognition of that person as the editor of the book. Since I'm not making any money out of it that's all I've got to offer.

So if anyone would be interested and feels that the message resonates with him please contact me a putting the word 'Edit' in the subject line

On the other hand I really would like to make this available to everyone. I'm planning to launch a website where this book will be available for a FREE download. As I said before I think even 'simple' people, who don't look for spiritual information, can be 'tricked' on the road of self-improvement. I believe that will be one of those tools. What I would like is that this information be available to everyone and that language would not be a barrier here. In that case I'm asking you, that if in any way, shape or form, you feel any resonance with this information and you would like to translate this book to ANY language you feel competent of delivering, as a reward you will be mention as a translator in the book. Again, that's again all I have to offer.

So if your one of those people and you think it would be worth for this information to go out, please contact me at putting the word 'Translate' in the subject line.

Once again I would like to say that it's not my intention on disturbing the work of this forum. I would never do that if I thought there would be another way around. So I wanna ask and thank the administrators of this site for allowing this topic to be open and let other people look at it. I hope that you will sacrifice some time for reading this book and feel for yourself is this worth it. If you feel it's not, please feel free to close this question. If on the other hand think that we're on to something here, I'm sending you my deepest love and gratitude for that.

That being said the last thing left for me to do is to post the link. So here it is, I wish everybody a Happy New Year.

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Your message is fine, Wildlife. I've just switched it to Community Wiki since it is not an actual question.

(03 Jan '10, 05:20) Barry Allen ♦♦

" The wisest follow their own direction "- Euripides.

I was going to bed 2 hrs ago - thanks for a good read, I'm sure you'll find an editor.


answered 03 Jan '10, 04:43

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Yes you have just experienced what I experience all the time when I write, I think many do but few say they do. The writing flows through consciousness comes pouring forth, it is what has been called upon so it beckons to the call and comes though.

I am sure you can find a good editor here to help you with your book, this is a very noble deed you have done to help many, I have not read your book yet but am willing to dig in and see what has come through you.

Thank you

One more thing, this is not really a question so maybe this should be a wiki thing? I'll let that to Barry to decide.


Columbus was searching for Hindustan not India as the name we know it today by.

Your means you own, you are is You're.

Example: That is your car, you're the one that owns that car.

I am enjoying this so far so good. :-)

There means location, they're means they are, their means they own.

his is he owns, he is is he's also he has he's. example: That car is his, he's the owner of that car, he's a red Corvette.

here is location, to listen to something is the hear.

My Review

I liked this book, it is good although quite candid at times and sometimes could be considered insulting to individuals and religions or religious belief. The book has many good points of awareness and it is interestingly a woven tapestry of teaching and personal experience.

I believe I'd give it seven thumbs up.


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Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Jan '10, 09:39

Because I am a writer myself, I agree with Wade, as most writers write, they encounter a flow of energy, and begin pulling ideas from the ether. These come from universal mind, mass consciousness, eternal memory or whatever you want to call it. In my own case I don't question it much, but just appreciate it. As I read through your story, I was thinking that your grammar was really pretty good, but that mostly the spelling needs work.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm sure it wasn't easy to put yourself out on a limb.

Best wishes!

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answered 03 Jan '10, 05:25

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LeeAnn 1

Good luck in your writing. Seems that we have some real righteous people here on Inward Quest. It was a nice surprise for me to find out that you are Polish too. I did not think that I would ever write here in Polish: tak więc powodzenia w pisaniu i znalezieniu edytora.

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answered 03 Jan '10, 11:13

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I am half Polish as well, so you now have quite a few of us!

(03 Jan '10, 19:00) LeeAnn 1
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