This question came to me while I was reading the Surfing your desires process explained by Stingray. He mentioned in this post that when you want to force a manifestation to come faster, you can sharpen your desire and then sooth yourself about noticing the lack of the desire, and then sharpen and sooth again...with the complete faith that what you desire must come because you understand fully the nature of the universe and the LOA.

I ask this question out of curiousity, it would be interesting to try this out as I become more comfortable with alignment processes in general.

My question is, how do you sharpen your desire? Also, it was stated that this desire must be something you genuinely need... how do you differentiate something you truly need, from something you really really want?

Thanks so much!

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If you are going to be applying that Surfing The Desire process, you don't need to do anything at all to sharpen your desire...the fact that you don't have the thing you really need and time is running out will sharpen it for you :)

In the description of that process, I've given the example of someone needing something to happen by a certain date and so the desire is being naturally heightened by that deadline date getting closer and closer.

Regarding really need vs really want: For that process, really want is just something you would really like to have sometime - there's no pressure for it - whereas really need is something that must happen before a certain time.

I tend to use that process only in a time-based way i.e. I need something by a firm deadline date. But you could probably apply constraints in a different way such as "I need to make my business work before my funding runs out".

It is the constraint that heightens the desire which you then, in turn, use to manifest that same desire.


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Thank you so much.

(18 Mar '11, 13:05) Nikki777

You're welcome, Nikki777

(18 Mar '11, 23:06) Stingray

You can sharpen ur desire by using as many props as you can..these props can be things, people, ur environment etc etc.. for example if u want to become Miss Universe then wear a beautiful dress, put on a tiara make yourself look like the Miss Universe n click a pic...every time u look at this picture believe that it has really happened with u n appreciate it..this picture is now ur "prop"...similarly u can choose anything as a prop for yourself that will help you to think appropriately and align yourself with the frequency of ur desire n ultimately manifest it into your life. n about differentiating between what u "need" n what u "want", its not a difficult job at all because once u realize that u really need something in life, that something is missing in your life, the very thought makes it your "desire", your "want" you see our wants n our needs are the same is only when u want something that u feel the need for it.. :)


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Thanks Snehal :)

(18 Mar '11, 13:05) Nikki777

ur most welcome.. :)

(19 Mar '11, 13:23) Snehal

for as much desire you seek try for an equal amount of the heart.
note where your desire button gets activated, review the auto reflex
you are in command to reset the parameters,
what do you choose


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Desire for oneself is on the path of grasping and wanting and lack.

Desire for others leads back to you.

You can't get more when you are full. You have to empty :)


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u make it an obbsesion,, u live breath n eat whatever desire u wish to make the "greatest " or to "sharpen it" i promise if u do this with any desire u will sharpen it enuff to make it like the razors edge !!! love n light, rob


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