Hi All,

I have been away from IQ for quite some time now. I duno, but I was somehow not feeling inspired to come here and read.

It is a fact that I started on this journey only because of IQ and all of you and since nothing in my life seemed to be showing an improvement I just kinda took a break.

I have been doing a vibrational cleanup daily since the last 8 months or so, using different processes shared by all of you here. Even took cues that all I need to do is get into the vortex and even did that fair number of times, only to realize that still nothing was moving.

I recently came across a quote by Abraham, that if your desire is strong enough, it doesn't matter what limiting beliefs you may have or whatever resistance may block you, you ought to get it.

I somehow feel this is where I have been lacking and I am stuck here for almost a year now. Any ideas how to make your desires burning hot like fire?

In recent times I have been staying quite low because I feel all that I read here and attempt to practice (feels like unreal for sometime) or rather I have not been practicing what needs to be done, as it should be (Most likely the case). In any ways it is quite frustrating.

I know the answers to all of this lies in the Vortex and all I need to do is get in and be there most of the time. Somehow, not been able to / not been persistent / disappointed with the results of whenever I did.

Would love to hear from all of you.

Thanks a ton!

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Good question Sourabh.

(15 Apr '12, 02:06) Paulina 1

sourabh, keep on getting up, loosened expectations, feel good breathing, enjoy making something to eat. get ready to face your fear, angulate it to a vision. then take it apart and put it gently away. yet, if my desire entails others to contribute to me, then maybe it is not self-less enough to be. who judges your intentions or do we say that limiting beliefs only are the chief culprit

(16 Apr '12, 20:34) fred

Thanks Fred, that makes a lot of sense!

(18 Apr '12, 00:19) Sourabh
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Hi Sourabh,

Both Paulina 1 and eclectic 1 offer some sound advice and things you can consider and might want to do, if you feel inspired. I’ll offer some insight into your post and then leave you with an analogy.

Always do whatever you feel inspired to do, that’s the way of the new energy and the way of living on the new earth. Well done.

I say that the fact that you asked for clarity is why your higher self brought IQ to your attention.

Cleaning up your vibe, to use your words, is great. People respond differently to different ideas and that may be related to the life theme they’ve chosen. Do not place too much emphasis on the idea of the Vortex. That idea may or may not be helpful to you, so leave it as one option, one way in which your desires can manifest. If you place too much emotional charge on a particular idea, you might be inadvertently holding yourself out of vibrational alignment with your desires.

To understand and to get the feeling and the meaning of that quote by Abraham:

Imagine that your child is trapped inside your vehicle that just crashed. You were thrown free and are not badly injured, but your vehicle is about to catch fire. You need to lift the vehicle, so your child can be freed, but it’s too heavy for one person to lift. If your love and desire is strong enough, you will lift the vehicle and free your child. Remember, there is no spoon…

Do you have that kind of burning desire (no pun intended) to manifest anything into your life? I didn’t think so and there’s probably no need to have it and I doubt you can hunt it down.

Placing Your Order

Imagine that there’s an Internet/mail order company and that their catalogue contains all of the very finest products that money can buy, at the very best prices available anywhere in the world. Rather than promising an immediate or very fast delivery service for the products you order, this company has one condition: they will not and do not promise or guarantee a delivery date.

If you accept their one condition, you’ll definitely receive your item at the very best price. And as a bonus, because you have no idea of exactly when your item will be delivered, when it does arrive it will be a lovely surprise and so you’ll appreciate it even more than if it was delivered the same day.

That’s how it works. The Universe will deliver absolutely anything you ask for, as long as you do not place your condition of a specific delivery date. Remember, your condition cannot override the only condition of the Universe – that you can’t insist on conditions - that’s unconditional; that’s what is.

Therefore, know that if you place 100% of your trust by believing that the Universe will deliver, and if there are no resistant thoughts in the form of: I doubt or I don’t really believe etcetera, then you’ll simply relax and enjoy your life. And then, due to fully believing and fully trusting, the Universe must and so will deliver whatever you ask for, guaranteed!

And the best part about the Universal catalogue is that all orders are absolutely free :)


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@Eddie: Thanks for the lovely answer, that clarified a great bit for me :) And the revelation of the "Time condition" was liberating!

(16 Apr '12, 02:35) Sourabh

@Eddie: Just that I have come across this idea so many times from so many sources that the intensity of your desire is like the fuel to it. Are you saying that having a more intense and passionate desire will not make any difference to the manifestation process, in any terms? Also I realized that over the last 1 year or so, I have not really felt passionate about anything for more than a couple of hours, this led me into thinking, may be that could be the missing piece!!

(16 Apr '12, 02:35) Sourabh

No, of course a strong unbending desire will probably result in an instant manifestation, but it's not something you can chase; you either have it, in the moment, or you don't. Passion is the fuel of strong desire...

(16 Apr '12, 03:13) Eddie

@Eddie: Thanks, that does re inforce that same observation! However, given my situation where I gota get moving. My family has been suffering because of me for over 6 months now. Inspite of such trying and urgent situations if my desires are not becoming burning hot, what could the reason be and what can I do about it? Thanks so much.

(18 Apr '12, 00:22) Sourabh

@Sourabh, it seems to me that it may be worthwhile for you to put the idea of LOA on the shelf for the time being.

We can't force our understanding and, in turn, the results we're getting, if we're in a state of urgency or panic. Maybe you will have to honor your existing beliefs and find work doing that which you know you can do.

Later, when you're more relaxed you can look into the LOA idea again, and then practice using the many helpful tools that are available and achieve better results.

(18 Apr '12, 01:33) Eddie

@Eddie: Thanks so much. Seems like a good idea :) Will do so and keep you posted!

(18 Apr '12, 03:49) Sourabh
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Dear Sourabh, We all sometimes go through theese stages and there can be many reasons for that. Sometimes we just loose faith or feel that it is all for nothing and our desires take a back seat for a while. People sometimes get disilusioned when things dont have an instant gratification and their inspiration wanes for a while. It happens to the best of us but luckily it can be remedied.

Dont despair for your desire will return. The first thing I would look at is your health. How have you been feeling during this time period? Are you maybe suffering from low self esteem or even minor depression? Did something happen at this particular time that could have set this off or is it maybe just boerdom?

If you feel you maybe have health issues it is best to deal with them first before doing anything else.

If you are OK healthwise than boerdom is one of the greatest desire killers and needs to be dealt with. The best way to do this is to go out and have fun. Yes forget about desires and LOA for a while and just go have some good old fashined fun. You can have fun by doing whatever it is you enjoy in life weather alone or with friends or family. Just going out and being carefree for a while will get rid of boerdom and return your zest for your desires. This can take some time so dont rush it.


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Paulina 1


@Paulina: Thanks so much. Thats really a heart warming answer. I havent been unwell, but I think you are right when you say that about boredom. Also I should really take a break for some time. Thanks a ton! :)

(16 Apr '12, 02:19) Sourabh

Sourabh, I like Paulina's statement that we all go through these stages, or dry spells if you will. Sometimes disappointment and despair linger just at the edge of our consciousness and we do not wish to go there. What I find is that when I have done all the other things that I normally find helpful, and yet I remain in place, or feel stagnant, I need to do ONE MORE thing. That one thing is: dwell for a time in THANKSGIVING. Not the yearly dinner, but the sensation of true gratitude. I begin in the quiet of the morning and just begin to mentally or verbally list it all. Every tiny fragment that makes me feel good, makes me smile, brings back a happy memory, anything and EVERYTHING. I look toward the heavens, or look within and I say, "Thank you!" I get caught up in it and begin to feel the euphoria of it. I find that within a very short time, there is new and dynamic movement. both within my own spirit, and in circumstance. I wish you true happiness and grateful abandon!


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@Eclectic1: Thanks so much :) Just recently I have been coming across this idea of being grateful, from all sources. Just that I have not been consciously doing it. Your answer gives me that required inspiration to be grateful for everything. Its amusing, when you know what needs to be done, you are still stuck and only when some blessed soul (like you) clearly reminds you, it is then that you get on to doing it. Thanks once again :)

(16 Apr '12, 02:22) Sourabh

You are absolutely welcome Sourabh!

(16 Apr '12, 08:43) eclectic1

Resistance is caused by what? Darkness. Stop the cause of the resistance, then there will not be any overflow of the heart.

When someone is against you is it not of his own free will because of the overflow from his heart then he produce darkness causing harm to himself and others.

Who is without sin and can judge another? Should you not remove the plank in your eyes to be able to remove the speck in your brother eyes? Are we not all equal to the Eyes of God in Truth and Love? You are you and your brother is himself. You are not in his shoes and he is not in yours.

If you do not act in truth and love and share together then how can you know? I will also add your desire, is it in truth and love, balanced, or overflow?

You know the difference. Experience and enjoy.


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@White tiger: Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and insights! Really appreciate :)

(16 Apr '12, 02:24) Sourabh

To make desires manifest, allow them to manifest. There is a lot of difference in allowing and making, but if taking some action helps, try this,

Create a place. Build a nest. If you want a mate in your life, clear some room in the garage for their car. Park on one side. Sleep on one side of the bed. Give your desire room to manifest. Clear out some dresser drawers, some closet space.

Act as though you have that relationship already! Dress up and go out. Do things you would like to do on a date. Go the places you would go if someone asked you out, or you asked that special someone out. Clean your house and your car. Keep them clean.

Look at others with love and gratitude. See the joy in other couples. Do not, EVER, envy the people you see who have what you want. See them with Joy and you will bond with that energy current.

If you feel that you have flaws, work on them. Do not expect that another will complete you, or you will attract incomplete people.

Complete yourself. Love yourself. You will attract a mate. This is the Law.


answered 18 Apr '12, 06:45

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Dollar Bill

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