I have been pondering over this issue and came to the conclusion that a MASSIVE collective desire for health, youth, beauty and happiness must have been created throughout the years since the advent of Marketing and PR.

The intellectual elite tends to demonise consumer media, saying that it fools people into believing the 'illusions' it tries to sell, that it's built around the idea of engaging people's subconscious minds so that they will be 'tranced' into buying products they do not really need.

I myself share those perspectives to a degree but looking at it from another angle, isn't consumer media helping to spread ideals that are evolutive in nature? Meaning ideals that if allowed by a sufficient number of people would catapult society into some sort of utopia? I know there are other issues involved (maybe from a perspective of limitation?), after all, these companies are not only disseminating ideals but also trying to sell products that supposedly represent them, and lots of them are grounded in unsustainable ways.

So my question is, is Marketing Media actually launching unified 'rockets of desire' on a massive scale? In subtle ways, is it helping humanity to evolve toward those ideals?

Is the reason why those ideals have not manifested on a large scale a lack of allowing and lack of alignment? Would love to hear your perspective on it too Stingray :)

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I would have thought they're doing a pretty good job at bringing about the manifestation of those ideals - what with all the cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasties and botox etc on a worldwide scale

(26 Oct '15, 08:47) Inner Beauty

@Innerbeauty- agreed.

There is enough cultural narcissism to last mankind at the moment. Media is doing a 5/5 job normalising such ideals...sickening to me.

(11 Feb '16, 09:57) Nikulas
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Demonizing the media is an easy excuse for many, and it also makes you popular at your local Smash-The-Illuminati-Conspiracy meetings :)

However, and this comes from having worked within that "demonic" media for some years, I don't think this is quite the whole story.

The media organizations - Marketing, PR, News, Music, Film, or whatever - can only exist because they are providing something that we want at some level. If they didn't give us something we wanted, they wouldn't receive the attention from us that powers them and they would just wither away.

I think the issue that many have is that they think the Media is more than just a "reflection" but is an "influence" as well. And I would agree with that as well.

The "problem" as I see it is that we, as the current version of the human race, are willing to give more attention to our five physical senses than to our vibrational (emotional) sense. In other words, we give more credence to someone else's "Truth" perceived externally than to our own.

And once you've decided that someone else's "Truth" is also yours, you are rather at the mercy of the controllers of that "Truth" :)

I don't worry about it though - not that I worry about anything actually :) - because I think the ever-present safety-valve is that people get bored rather easily :) I've mentioned before that I think that people are generally more interested in What's For Dinner Tonight? than any mass manipulation the Media is trying to pull.

alt text

Yes, there's always the next craze or fad, the next New-Look or New-Style, but there always has been really...it's just that our global communications systems make them feel "bigger" than before...but, sooner or later, people get tired of them and they usually fade just as quickly as they came unless they have a genuine benefit to some section of the population.

So my question is, is Marketing Media actually launching unified 'rockets of desire' on a massive scale? In subtle ways, is it helping humanity to evolve toward those ideals?

I think this is a healthy way to look at it.

A mass of consciousness decides it doesn't like something the way it is, so it looks for "something else", the Media picks up on it and runs with the trend perhaps influencing the trend slightly along the way, and the mass of consciousness evolves a bit from getting (or not getting) that "something else".

Then the cycle repeats...endlessly.

Is the reason why those ideals have not manifested on a large scale a lack of allowing and lack of alignment?


Or it could be that when you are engaged in chasing someone else's "Truth", you are not actually chasing what you really want so not getting it is actually the right outcome, if you see what I mean :)

I doubt that most people would want the six-pack abs, the perfect skin, the new miracle hair-care spray and so on, if they just felt self-love instead of self-loathing.

Filling that inner void with consumer items boosts the economy but doesn't ultimately boost your self-esteem :)


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Thanks for your response Stingray! When I talked about manifesting those ideals, I didn't mean it through products and man-made solutions but more as an organic evolved reality. Like for instance, people remaining young longer, rarely getting sick, etc

(27 Oct '15, 13:54) Surfgrass

Well I think the new generation of human beings are more beautiful than the past ones, especially with all the mixed marriages. And definitely humans are living younger and surviving a lot of sickness more than the past.

(27 Oct '15, 21:07) Inner Beauty

@Surfgrass - "Like for instance, people remaining young longer, rarely getting sick, etc" - But there is no absolute reality other than what you make it. It's an illusion to think of The World as some fixed collective group that you can measure. It isn't. But speaking in those terms is a convenient illusion to help us discuss broader ideas. The people I notice in my reality are young-looking, live longer, rarely get sick etc :) You'll perceive your world according to your beliefs.

(28 Oct '15, 17:47) Stingray

Thanks again, you pointed out a 'blindspot' that I think many of us have in abstracting reality - that is, thinking in general terms about other people and 'the world' out there. That reminds me of something Bentinho Massaro said in one of his talks - more and more, what used to be a 'collective' with more or less consensual beliefs about the nature of reality and the human being is splitting into 'subcollectives' based on resonant beliefs.

(30 Oct '15, 12:34) Surfgrass
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Since we are constantly being bombarded by messages of "what we should be" and not "you should be happy as you are" then that is exactly what we'll manifest.

Appreciation is completely out of the question, as you should have this, be like this, if you're not like this yet you're not perfect. This puts us in a vibration of "not enough" which equates to lack.

So in a sense, those ideas that the media exalt is putting us in a state of out of alignment. Simple as that.

It puts us in a state of wanting, and when we want, it means we feel like we don't have.


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Hi @Surfgrass the media is a way of communicating widely to people throughout the world by means of radio, tv, newspapers, internet, magazines ... just taking an objective look at the contents of the media and you'll notice that there is a lot of emphasis on health, youth and beauty, however you'll also notice there's a lot of emphasis on accidents, armed conflicts, disasters ...

All this is background noise that contains opposite poles of influence, so personally I would say it cancels itself out to a state of mild indifference. The only thing that really makes a difference is when you accept those influences into your personal experience, seeing a beautiful person on tv is not the same as feeling and living it in your mental imagery, your own reality.

So what seems far more important to me is personal vibration, the way you feel inside, in practice on a "bad" day you'll tend towards things that can go wrong like accidents, illness and thus attract that into your life, on a "good" day you'll tend towards success and health and thus attract that into your life. This underlines the usefullness of emotions, there're feedback mechanisms that let us know which direction we're headed and how to consciously change course.


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