In the book Think And Grow Rich, the author says there is a secret contained in the book but doesn't reveal what it is. Instead he lets you work it out for yourself.

So what's the secret?

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Jeffrey Hayes

Great question it cause many interpertation of the answer and made you ponder a little. Thanks

(31 Oct '09, 04:45) flowingwater
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The original book was edited. The edited version deleted the word "vibration". The original restored version is available, published by Aventine Press. I purchased my copy on Amazon. The secret is clearly given in the title. Another way of expressing the secret is to say, whatever you focus your attention on, grows in your experience. You always get what you think about, whether you want it or not. It is the living of this knowledge that imparts the greatest secret and as "things" manifest into your experience via the focus of your attention, you realize that the true gift of this secret is the conscious realization of Source. The "added things" are a a mere reflection of your Connection with Source. Conscious Realization of Source Energy is Everything!


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Thank you for your answer and leting us know that the word vibration was the word edit out of the book and where to find it. I like the way you said it. You are right what ever you focus your attention on grows in your experience and you get what you think about. Who is the source that your conscious is realizing in the book or your own interpretation of who you think they meant the source it?

(31 Oct '09, 04:40) flowingwater

If you read the book carefully, it says in the Introduction which some people never read, that in every chapter there is a word that is the secret to success. I tried to find out what that word is and could only guess it's the word "Desire" and if I remember correctly, a "burning desire" was often repeated. If we think on this word "desire", perhaps it is indeed the secret to having what we truly want. How can we go after something if we simply "want" it. We need to "desire"? Do this little experiment to see what the difference in those two words is. Say "I want" out loud, notice how the sound energy only seems to come out from the neck upwards? Now say out loud "I desire". The sound energy almost seems to come out from deeper within us. This deeper place is where the secret in "Think & Grow Rich" is. This was a good question and I'm still not sure whether "desire" is the correct answer.


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No secret all. The book as a whole constitutes a step by step roadmap to lead to success anyone willing to follow the script: Develop a burning desire, have faith, learn how to feed constructive ideas to your subconscious mind, acquire specialized knowledge, put your conscious mind to work, have a written plan, be decisive, be persistent, join forces with like-minded individuals, understanding the function of sex as related to success, understanding the power of the subconscious mind, trust your inner voice or six sense, etc...


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user-32 (yahoo)

Jerry Hicks, an avid student of Hill, says that Think And Grow Rich was edited in order to be published and marketed more easily. He obtained an unedited copy and compared the two, realizing the word "vibration" had been edited out dozens of times.

With this in mind, and considering Hicks' and his wife's own work (The "Abraham" material), one might conclude that the secret in Hills book is the following:

  • The world we experience is made of vibrations
  • Our thoughts, as expressed through visual images, words, symbols, meaningful action, are the blueprint of our world as it is taking shape
  • Therefore, by deliberately thinking along certain lines it is possible to control what comes to us ("The Process of auto-suggestion").

Thanks for asking! I enjoyed answering, hope it's useful to you


answered 05 Oct '09, 20:16

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Thanks for the information about the word vibration edited out. I am begining to learn we must keep our vibrations lifted up so our frenquences will sent out an better signal radiating from our body outward.

(31 Oct '09, 05:06) flowingwater

Weren't all these secrets the basis of everyday life in Central Asia and far east thousands of years ago?

(26 Jul '10, 22:53) Back2Basics

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he


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The way I understood it is that whether or not you think you can achieve something, you are right. Desire coupled with action are the necessary ingredients and there is no fixed path you need to take - it will be shown to you. You just gotta keep doing it for when you're at the threshold of your patience, the moment just after that is the moment you will achieve your result.


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You need to focus on the end result...........and that is the secret to "Think and Grow Rich." If you believe it "can" or "cannot" happen, that will be the end result. You need to 'THINK" you are rich and then you become's the law of attraction.


answered 05 Oct '09, 02:58

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What ever your mind is focus on in thought and your desire in you knows its no limitatons to I. we have no limits,we can be or do whatever we want in LIFE.wHATEVER YOU THINK YOU BECOME.


answered 05 Oct '09, 03:16

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Steven Wilson

Agapia is correct-"Burning Desire". But, Napoleon Hill says in the book that he can give you only one half of the secret and the other half is in you to find out-that is developing a burning desire for any goal.


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when we say "Think" what we really mean is the whole lot of processes that go into thinking... the basic elements of the "Think"ing process are initiated with a desire or a wish... and there in starts all the imagining and visualization... which attracts or repels your wealth... purely on the scene that you play in your mind... trust me... it does... Think & Grow Rich" is just that...


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The actual secret is that you can think until you are blue in the face but if you do not act on the information that you have you will never achieve anything in life. By al means change your mindset, but then "act" it out!


answered 05 Oct '09, 03:51

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Reciprocity. You exchange your ideas or talent for money. Everyone has to prosper. The Universe is a give and take place--no one should strive for being in just the taking or giving end of life.


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That is the whole point of the book - if you read it and digest it you will learn the "secret" which is actually no secret at all it is a mind-set

If someone simply tells you the "secret" then you will not digest or understand it in the same ay as reading the transcript and the book,and learnign the teachings within it.


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They made a whole movie about it, they even called it .. ''the secret''.

it's the law of attraction.


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Yes, and it was edited, just like Napoleon Hill's book was, for marketing reasons.

(26 Jul '10, 18:02) Vesuvius

I am under the reading of this book.I think that it is the same principle as in many other ones. Thoughts and ideas are being exchanged for money. And what's more probably there is this secret.


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For me, the "secret" consists in what is named: "being dedicated": emotional-affective investment (passion) and the certitude (faith, confidence) of results, expressed by joyful and grateful anticipating experience and permanently present as background of all your activities. It is for great goals (one or more), which dominate your life.

The rest are only details and/or accesories and "automatic-pilot" of subsistencial habitudes.


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Hey guys.

Think about this for a second. I have read the book many many times.

You remember those 6 steps in the desire chapter? If you pay close attention, he refers to that many times, directly and indirectly, in all chapters.

The secret is to have a definite major purpose, stated in the 6 steps to impress your subconcious mind via autosuggesstion.

I have a pdf that explains this in detail. You can download it at this site -

I am new to this site, and I love it already :-)

Have a great day



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Welcome, Winner28 and glad you like it already. Have an nice day. Please join with more questions, answers, and comments.

(30 Oct '09, 08:24) flowingwater

Nappy was a student of Emile Coue, the French creator of AutoSuggestion. When there is a conflict between Will Power (left-brain) and Emotion and feeling (right-Hemisphere, emotion always, without exception triumphs. Coue calls this the Law of Reversed Effort.

The secret of Think and Grow Rich is:"Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.: Notice the a-b-c formula.

Quick neuroscience fact: up to 2008, there was a conspiracy of silence how to help stroke victims recovery use of the mind and body. Doctors and nurses, and rehabilitation staff recommend almost no exercise of the side of the body disable by the stroke.

On average they waited up to weeks to start special exercises, instead of starting immediately to use neuroplasticity to retrain the area of stroke. The time of each session was a maximum of 10-15 minutes daily.

Today, it is standard operating procedure to get the stroke patient exercising on gaining full consciousness for up to three-hours daily, not 10 minutes. These substantive treatment changes have proven to be unique in the restoration of body and mind of patients.

Google: neuroplasticity (neurogenesis) in stroke patients.


answered 03 Dec '09, 20:37

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H. Bernard Wechsler

the secret includes all these. Yet, it is the vibration, through faith, that one materializes the dominant thought in his head. For example, each of us in here perhaps live inside a home. Yet, through the antenna, our tv sets, our cellphones, etc obtain the channels, radius, etc we want. Like-manner, our heads are a receiving, and a demanding station. Through our dominant thoughts -mixed with the ingredients, like faith, hill spoke of- we demand that which we seek. The vibration through such surpasses any obstacle, any brick home, any opposition, and that is why "you will become what you think about" regardless the current position you are in. So, we must think of it, as us being seeds, and through a universal law, we will grow into what the seed represents! That is why events, people, opportunities and whatever is required to achieve will come. How will we use such? Think not about how, for because of your dominant thought, you will perhaps tap into the how without being mentally aware -just like when you do things without "being there"; i am guilty of this sometimes when I work on projects! Anyways, on a lighter note, got to stop letting secrets out. Do not want to be found dead or crucified, tomorrow morning, because the brotherhood, masons, whatever "thought" I was a threat to the established slavery-ruling system of things. With that said, may God continue blessing the rulers of this established order, God bless America, and "In God we trust"! Ok! My all seeing eye is closing now! Goodbye!


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john doe

Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit is another way of saying what doesn't destroy us just makes us stronger. Life is like a fire, we either consume it or we let it consume us and in ordre to consume it we must grow. Our predominant mental attitude is our only ally when the chips are down and things are looking bleak at the eleventh hour. Definite of purpose is the lazer like focus and compass that keeps us moving forward, possibly changing direction at times but never quitting, like a rocket flying to the moon.


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