A lot of time I find ( myself included ) that people are very good at offering insightful advice to others but not always so diligent about practicing it in their daily lives. Why is this?

asked 09 Jan '10, 00:24

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I think the simple answer is that it's harder to walk the walk than it is to talk the talk. Walking the path requires effort; talking does not.


answered 09 Jan '10, 03:15

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Totally concur - we get out of life what we put into it, although, being human, it is easy to backslide occasionally.

(09 Jan '10, 04:06) Michaela

Why is it easier to talk the talk, than it is to walk the talk? We need each other for support; we sometimes know what to do, but we also need someone else to tell us what we already know.

We humans thrive off of each other, and we cannot function on our own without each other. It is the love that we feel for each other that makes us continue to lean on each other in the time of need, because we cannot do it on our own.

In life we all need each other, otherwise life for us would be very dull and lonely, if we did not have each other. Life is a love cycle between all humans, so you do not have to feel isolated; we are here to help each other, so go right ahead and ask for support when you need it, and give it back to someone else, when they need it. Humans are not perfect, but this is what this life is all about, so remember to Love thy neighbors, as thy self. It is all good!


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Elsa I changed the word 'strive' to 'thrive' as I think that's what you mean, as it makes more sense in the context of your answer.:-)

(09 Jan '10, 14:16) Michaela

Thank you. (Type error)

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Yes, very true. it is really easy to give advice than to implement it. But i have always believed that whatever we are telling others is something we are telling to ourselves, whether it is a piece of appreciation or a comment. People who understand this do not find the need to give advice and find enough appreciation for everybody around!


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This is a great question, I know I have helped many over the years and they all said wow that really helped me and changed my life this is so much better that is so much better etc...

I am genuinely happy that I helped them and their lives are are so much better but then I think why don't I apply this stuff to me and my life? Well I did at one point I decided I am going to be my own teacher, after all I taught myself guitar it shouldn't be hard to work out how to get a college level education through my own studies. It did at first I was learning a lot and doing essays on what I learned and just really being my own teacher and student. But with no goal to keep my eyes on nothing to push me to continue my hard training and learning schedule I slipped until I had almost forgot I ever stated that.

What is worse I forgot now what I even taught myself then because it was never applied to anything.

I believe for us to apply our own answers we need to be at the end of our ropes and willing to do what it takes. I know for me those are the moments of my greatest enlightenment, that I just can't take it anymore and want to change things NOW, then at that moment it is like an explosion of light comes over me here is your answer and I apply it right then and there and pow a huge change happens.

But those are violent changes (that are one moment this way the next completely different) for long term stuff that takes something to excite and motivate to apply and keep applying, a proverbial carrot on a string.


answered 09 Jan '10, 19:43

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Wade Casaldi

we teach best what we need to learn more


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I like that - we, too, learn in the teaching :-)

(19 Apr '10, 11:29) Michaela

Maybe this advice that we have for someone is a new idea for us that we have not thought of yet, and this friend having this problem gave us the opportunity (oppor tun ity) to tune in to the answer. Then later, we can apply it to our lives because now we have this wisdom that we hadn't grabbed yet. And because of the LOA, we attract people with problems that we have. As within so without, as without so within, by looking at their problems, we see our problems reflected in them and can see our problem. Without having them to reflect our problem back to us like a mirror, we would not see our problem, so we cannot ask for a solution. When we see the other person's problem, first, we solve the problem for them, then later, we recognize ourselves in that problem and how we can apply that new knowledge to our own lives and problems. If we do not, we continue to have the problem and attract people to reflect it back to us so we can solve it for them and so on. Eventually, in order to move on, we must apply that to ourselves.


answered 06 Mar '11, 20:55

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Fairy Princess

Thanks Juniper :)

(07 Mar '11, 14:30) Michaela

I guess we need to apply the instruction to get the log out of our own eye before we attempt to get the splinter out of our brother's eye, then we can see more clearly to get the splinter out of our brother's eye.

(07 Mar '11, 15:18) Fairy Princess
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