Hi, I've been going through a cycle of losing my job, gaining a new job this year. It's so accurate that it has happened on exactly the same week every year (last week of may.) This time around a couple of good things have happened.

  1. I'm not depressed.
  2. I realised that I'm in a cycle.
  3. I'm taking ownership of what happened.

The only bad thing is im being kicked out of my home in 2 weeks(this was new lol). Its alright though because I see this as some kind of a test that I need to pass to grow. Its weird how I lost the jobs because it seems like it "just happened" and then a couple of days later I wake up of and realize what happened and I'm dumbstruck. I'm not looking for any kind of pity because I see this more as an adventure plus, ultimately I know I'll be alright.

My question is has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you get out? How do you go from being an "over-thinker" to somebody who can manifest and let go?

My biggest problem I feel is fear over my situation and a childhood upbringing of you have to work hard to earn money. I'm not afraid to take action but I would like help finding what I am missing. And I'm a 26 yr old guy if that helps any.

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Update!!! Here is a message for everyone who understands the basics but haven't had much success implementing it in their daily lives.

Update 2!! I tried posting it but the sidebar read -1800 characters lol. If you have a situation similar to mine then send me a message and I will pm you the article. by the way, I just got a job offer doing something I like. Gratitude

(03 Jul '14, 11:31) vth0601

congratulations! :) I think you could post that article as an answer below - since it answered your question for you, it is an answer, and can benefit others who come here.

(04 Jul '14, 12:38) Olga Farber
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you said: How do you go from being an "over-thinker" to somebody who can manifest and let go? My biggest problem I feel is fear over my situation and a childhood upbringing of you have to work hard to earn money. this contradict 1. I am not depressed. you have some fear and some stuff to understand and deal with. this is something to deal with: The only bad thing is im being kicked out of my home in 2 weeks(this was new lol). as for job not being long term the job market is changing the job where you work all your life are becoming more rare. there is more people and more new company that rise and also fall. some people take risk hoping that it pay and often it does not so they need to cut somewhere, in company they cut the newest employe, so do not get depressed over this find another job to pay your bills. eventually you might find another job more stable. for the moment experience and enjoy the ride of up and down. try to stay in the middle. going in extremes brings you to the extreme opposite. you are also young so you have more things to experience and learn.

As any body experience similar situation?

I would say every one in this world. everyone experience up and down and extreme opposite it is part of this world, look around you roller coaster go up and down. some people are rich on the outside and poor on the inside some are rich on the inside and poor on the outside.

many judge on the flesh and very fee have discernment on the inside truth.

how to stop being a overthinker?

easy learn the truth about everything that you think about when everything is solved and you have no more question about the subject hunting you at the surface of the water between wave;the wave will slow down to a rest and you will see your reflection on the water.


was it not said the the truth would set you free? john 8:31-36

If I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


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Hi...strong text I'm so glad for the internet to give you a chance to ask that question and have some kinda support. Sorry for your job loss and that sounds super scary and tough to have to find a new home. I've been homeless before, mostly by choice lol, and depending on what area you live and if you have a car, it can be an interesting and economic alternative lifestyle for ya. Just depending on what your other circumstances and support are. a lot of people our age (i'm 26 as well) are just having a tough time finding ourselves and what we want to do and finding fulfilling work and balance in life. I hope that helps at all. WHy I wrote back is because you admittedly are at rock bottom, and I want to encourage you to be open for miraculous change. Sometimes at that horrible rock bottom moment, things and people in the unseen are conspiring on our behalf! be open.


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I love this answeet, thank you, Corrie, for reminding us of miracles. ♥

(04 Jul '14, 12:33) Olga Farber

Thank you for the inspiration, my biggest goal is to stay calm. I'm confident that at the end of the day everything will be fine.

(04 Jul '14, 13:22) vth0601

Hi @Corrie ... yes energies in the form of people, situations, things, etc are always conspiring in the non physical invisible world ... conspiring in the sense of combining and acting together, everything is always linked in some way

(05 Jul '14, 02:11) jaz
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Hi vth0601 in other words "how to have everything in the world you really want" ... I've personally tried and tested Joe Karbo's method and it really does take you from rags to riches in every sense when you take it to heart and put it into everyday practice


have fun ♫♪♫


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thank you, i will definitely check it out.

(04 Jul '14, 13:20) vth0601

@jaz found an online pdf .reading it now! Very interesting. It's the 1973 edition. Googled the title plus pdf. Can see how it would help a person at rock bottom. IF they follow the steps!

(09 Jul '14, 05:04) ursixx

@ursixx glad you appreciate it :) ... and thanks Joe Karbo

(09 Jul '14, 06:03) jaz
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i checked out his page, I admire what he's doing. It inspires me to see someone else in the same situation but with an awesome attitude.

(04 Jul '14, 13:19) vth0601

awesome attitude, to me, too - I'm inspired by his approach.

(04 Jul '14, 13:25) Olga Farber
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