(Please see Roy's question: What, in your words, is the greatest secret of all?)

I post this question to find out if my statement is really true. Please read my answer to Roy's question, and let me know what you think about this statement.

Curiosity killed the cat...but he has nine lives for a reason....

Lots of Love, Jai

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Well, I get it.

It's easy to say that "You are powerful," or "Know thyself." But if I might borrow a modern anachronism, these two statements "beg the question." How does one do it?

I found the phrase, "Everything we need to know is already inside of us, we just need to go and find it," resonated with me for a number of reasons:

  1. We already have all of the tools we need,
  2. We already know how to use them,
  3. The only reason we don't use them is that we have forgotten.

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It is said that children learn by doing. Each child will develop at his/her own developmental stage. Language grows out of children. All that the child needs to learn for adulthood he/she would have learned by age five.

You do not have to go looking for your innate ability that you already have it. You just have to learn to use the ability that you already have to develop your self that is your role as a person, and as master of your own ship.

So do not go looking for what you already have, acknowledge it, and use it to your best your best advantage. Get to know your self, and see what you can learn by getting to know yourself better.

Get into the habit of looking within for your answers, and the answer will come to you. Listen to you inner voice from deep within; the subsconscious mind knows the answers to all of your question.


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I agree but not so much inside as we are energy fields and all is a unified field including all understanding and knowledge, it is by the illusion of separation that we feel we need learn from others. The right brain tunes in passed all time and space and can harmonize any frequency of thought pattern, so when we feel we know something not but wish to learn we can tune into the frequency of it as known. The easiest way I have found is to envision a person who embodies the answer as coming into me and blending with me, it is really like we tune a radio station, and this person is just like the number on the dial we want to listen to.

With this understanding I would not as much say it is within but the ability to tap into it is within.


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