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in this video you will see free energy using magnet. some people disagree to this because of man made rule. some will say that it is, is hand or arm that move the thing in the middle. some will say that it is impossible and a hoax.

to answer a fee of those remark when you use a drill and press a switch for it to work does it work because your arm or hand give power to the drill?

you see the drill motor is a electro magnetic motor it convert electricity in to magnetic field to make the same thing this magnetic motor is doing.

where does this electricity come from from a dam where water pass through it and make a generator turn.

what is a generator or how is electricity produce from a magnet.

what is a generator is it not magnet that spin and the magnetic field convert in to electricity by the magnetic field passing near the wire?

then they send that electricity in wire to your house. and require a lot of power to move from the dam to your house and it is lower down with transformer so that you can use it at your home and the electric drill is the reverse of the process to make electricity convert to a magnetic field to make the motor turn.

how electricity is making magnetic field.

what is a electric motor

and a magnetic motor is a magnetic field that use the same precept, the only difference it is not requiring electricity to do it. since the magnetic field is all ready there using magnet.

some will say friction will make it loose energy and they are right about this every thing moving will slow down because of friction. did not man invent bearing to lower friction how about space is there friction in space? if nothing touch it not even air and it is set on bearing will it not have the lowest friction possible? what does friction produce? is it not heat how to conserve that energy? can heat be turn in electricity?

also if one does not know about this you can convert electricity in to magnetic field or magnetic field in to electricity. where did you think the electricity from the wall plug where you plug the electric drill came from? look at water it fall down as water convert to a gas and go back in the cloud how long did you see this in this world? did it stop to happen because of friction? did it stop to happen because you cannot create a source of energy that refill it self? look at the universe does it not spin? what about planet in it? or the sun? is it someone with is arm or hand that push all this?

look at battery does it not conserve energy for when you need it?

to each problem there is a solution you just need to find it. but is the one saying there is no solution or this is impossible is that one right according to you?

I would not see why magnetic motor would not work if they are capable to get the right polarity to interact properly to make a perpetual motion. and since it work with magnetic field if you put wire or coil wire near some magnet that are turning on the shaft you should get electricity. and could use that electricity to get a faster rotation when needed.

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white tiger

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so what exactly is electricity ? electricity and magnetism go hand in hand you can't have one without the other ... it's a subtle polarized force that is present throughout the physical universe, it's the force that holds the visible world in place ... electricity is a natural phenomenon and can only really be described by the effects that it produces ... the best way to know whether this motor works is to assemble it and test it yourself :)

(08 May '15, 01:28) jaz

in other words electricity is a physical manifestation of the life force energy, chi energy, god energy if you prefer ... the spectacular electric storm with thunder and lightning is an example

(08 May '15, 01:45) jaz
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The magnet motor is based on the principle that opposite poles of a magnet attract and similar poles repulse.

Wasaby Sajado gives a simple demonstration in his video on

youtube - free energy magnet motor fan (engine) "free energy"


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yes thing that are now to work. emf: magnetic field produce electricity and electricity produce electromagnetic field: emf the only difference is that water turn the turbine that are magnet and wire to produce so that the wire move near the magnet to produce electricity. and magnet you can use the polarity to provide a perpetual motion. and having a moving magnet if you put wire next to the magnet you can produce that electricity. and use it or store it for when you need it.

(08 May '15, 18:38) white tiger

the thing is many think it is a hoax or limit them self or are in ignorance about how this work. they probably are lacking knowledge. they all stop at this law When energy passes, as work, as heat, or with matter, into or out from a system, its internal energy changes in accord with the law of conservation of energy. Equivalently, perpetual motion machines of the first kind are impossible. and this law is false. they only have to look at the universe they live in planet rotate around the sun-

(08 May '15, 18:45) white tiger

-for billions of year. and they did not stop because someone said perpetual motion machine are impossible. same as water filling river and the sea. it convert go back up and fall down as rain again how long as it being doing this I think it is pretty perpetual. also if energy cannot be created or destroyed then energy is perpetual.

(08 May '15, 18:49) white tiger

what makes motion it is energy. so one need to make a machine that use the energy that is there and do not loose the energy so it will need a good system of conservation of energy to use the energy where it is needed.

(08 May '15, 19:06) white tiger

yes white tiger I'm Ok with what you're saying ... my way of describing the situation is that I can easily experience in this physical world the phenonmenon of attraction and repulsion of magnets, the driving force of the phenomenon is that very same force that animates the whole cabouse, the building blocks of the universe, that force that maintains our physical bodies every second, that force that we can consciously use :)

(09 May '15, 00:54) jaz

in fact all motor that we have on this planet are perpetual to the energy they use. like fuel when it is empty the motor is it that the motor is not perpetual or that the source of energy ran out? some will say it is not perpetual since it ran out if you add fuel that ran to it perpetually it would never ran out. why did it ran out because it changed state fuel as burn made heat and co2 and when out by the exhaust system. in the case of a electromagnetic motor

(09 May '15, 17:49) white tiger

magnetic and electric convert to one another and we have the knowledge of both. we know how to use emf to produce electricity and we know how to use electricity to produce emf. we know how to use electricity to produce emf to make a motor run using electricity. then why not use magnet emf to make a motor turn and use emf to make electricity? since with magnet the emf is all ready there it is only a question of using the right polarity. and conserving the energy so it does not ran out.

(09 May '15, 18:28) white tiger
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