When you first start meditating, for most people they usually cannot last more than five to ten minutes, but as they continue to practice meditation regularly, they seem to be able to last longer. So does the amount of time you can be sitting still during meditation reflects the amount of issues you currently have in life ? i.e. the lesser issues/problems you have in life, the longer your meditation session can last (if you want to prolong it).

asked 14 Jan '12, 20:09

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I think that instead, it is a matter of how practiced you are at it. Someone with little experience usually cannot meditate for long, often just a few minutes. But a person with more experience is able to relax fully at will, and has more of an inner life to turn to, and is therefore able to spend more time. Best wishes.


answered 14 Jan '12, 21:00

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^ Well said. I will regularly meditate simply because I feel an urge to do so, not because I am trying to 'accomplish' anything. Meditating is really just enjoyable for me personally.

(14 Jan '12, 22:06) Snow

yes i agree that experience can play a part in it if you compare expert vs newbie. but if you compare newbie vs newbie the one that stay longuer has a better awareness concentration and focus. a one pointed mind. experience and enjoy.

(14 Jan '12, 22:53) white tiger

well you are right but here's the tricky part about it.. logically speaking, a person who has meditated regularly would also have lesser issues as he does it more and more.. so is it really the increased experience or lesser issues (because of increased experience) :-)

(14 Jan '12, 23:48) kakaboo

well kakabou to answer that question i will say this one can experience new things in life and can have to meditate on new issue. also one can still meditate in dhyana or samadhi after the issue are solved. it is lesser issue or less veil of the mind. but yes one that has experience more will also have solve more.

(15 Jan '12, 00:56) white tiger
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nope the amount of time you can stay in meditation is more link to the degree of awareness and concentration and focus that the person has. has for the amount of issue the meditator has that can only be know by the meditator. when he reach dhyana or samadhi all the issue are solved. from the outside only someone that knows him and is with him often could know what issue has been solved. because if a person change inside it will change outside has well. example: the meditator in life is angry at someone for no good reason and he works that issue in meditation well when he will see that someone that anger will not come back again. so someone that is use to see him get angry for no good reason at this person will notice in wounder and know that this is solve.


answered 14 Jan '12, 22:48

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white tiger

The more practice you have at meditating, the longer you can sit. Other than that there are no guarantees. I have not been interrested in meditating. The person who suggested it and instructed me on it not a person I would aspire to be like. This person has studied it and practices it, is a healer, but behaves in such a way that they cause pain to me and others. I have actually had to use healing modalities like EFT, etc... to clear the pain this person has and continues to cause me. This person can talk about spirituality, meditation, etc... for hours and hours, but not reflect this spirituality in being a loving person. I don't know what issues this person has, they claim and act like they have none, yet continue to act unloving and beligerant. So, other than being able to sit and meditate for long periods of time, I haven't seen it improve this person.

So my answer is that it is practice that allows one to meditate longer. The length of one's meditation is not a good gauge of the amount of issues they have.


answered 18 Feb '12, 09:23

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Fairy Princess

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Improving or change comes from within, and the person must have the will to improve/change, obviously this person doesn't want to. I hope you don't cast off meditation because of him/her. I share with you a link in case you are interested, it's a 21 days meditation challenge from the Deepak Chopra Center: http://www.chopracentermeditation.com/bestsellers/MEDITATION_WINTER_2012/register.asp

(18 Feb '12, 10:57) Kriegerd

Thank you for the link, I will check it out. My point though is that practice is what allows you to sit longer, not the amt. of issues.

(19 Feb '12, 09:12) Fairy Princess
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