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I surely do hope that we can collect sufficient data in here. ;-)

What is Entropy? It's actually one of the holy pillars of today's conventional science. It's basically a little fancier elaboration on the laws of thermodynamics which we surely have all learnt about in school. Entropy basically means that everything goes from order to chaos. Order basically stands for the energy and structure we need to survive.

For example, after we burnt a piece of wood, we cannot reconstruct that piece of wood from the smoke anymore. If we tried to catch all smoke particles in order to do so, we would have to invest a lot of effort and energy, in turn creating much more entropy and chaos than the order that we desperately tried to restore.

This principle inspired the great Isaac Asimov to this beautiful little short story: The Last Question. Here you will learn what the introductory Multivax is all about.

I have my own take on this but I guess I will formulate it into a new question the other day.

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That's a really good story. Asimov was a genius.

(07 Jan '10, 00:05) Vesuvius

You can't reconstruct the burnt piece of wood, but you can grow a new tree.

When you grow a new tree, the tree takes energy from the sun and uses it to convert raw materials (carbon dioxide, water, etc.) into organized structures. This is how entropy is reversed (if only temporarily, and of course on a much smaller scale than in Asimov's story).

All living things create order from disorder by using energy to build ever more complex and intricate structures.


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lolz the system is asking me "have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?" ... it surely should be worth some of my points as a bounty to solve the ultimate question of mankind, shouldn't it? But I guess I'll rather take your answer instead ... this is along the lines I also believe, which leads to the next question about what life really is:

(15 Jan '10, 01:09) herzmeister

previous links no longer work. the last question was answered by achieving oneness in hyperspace.

The most interesting part of the story to me is the last section when all the minds are fused with AC to create Oneness.

Entropy is the only quantity in the physical sciences that requires a particular direction for time, sometimes called an arrow of time.

A closed system is a system for which no obvious matter crosses its boundaries. An isolated system is more specific, a system for which no mass OR energy crosses its boundaries.

IMHo, entropy is based upon the following presumptions about the universe: nature of time and closed/isolated system.

i hope for greater acceleration in the paradigm shift of the scientific community. I hope that LHC experiments will instead produce evidences supporting quantum mysticism.

an observation of a Higgs Boson with a mass of 126 GeV, with a very small uncertainty (±1 or 2 GeV), would be damning evidence against supersymmetry, extra dimensions, technicolor, or any other theory that incorporates any new particles that could be found by any accelerator that could be built within our Solar System.... One of the major reasons that science is held in low repute among portions of the citizenry is that it has too often allowed itself to become entangled with public relations. The PR connection has nothing to do with peer review, that essential element in the scientific method. The PR connection has to do with institutional politics, funding, and personal ambition.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:


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don, what if there are differences as; always was, self begotten, begotten and entropy plays her role in what has been begotten. knowing the purpose and allowing that to be minimizes early entropy

(21 Mar '13, 14:55) fred
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