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Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

When your soul goes into the "physical world", it does so with a purpose, which is forgotten upon birth. So maybe it's not that we ought to GIVE our life a meaning, but rather FIND one.

You are thrown into various conditions, life and world settings, as if it was a puzzle and your soul before going physical wondered whether it can figure out how to put all the pieces together. Everyone has got different pieces of puzzle. Or in other words, everyone is trying to reach the same goal through different perspectives. We're basically going back to where we started.

Why am I writing this. Because I just want you to know that you're well on your way :-) Whatever struggle is in your way, just keep on putting those pieces of puzzle together.

There will be things in your life, which resonate with you greatly, they may reinforce your current state of being or completely change it. Whatever happens though is as it should be.

I now understand why I am living the life I'm living. Why I'm at where I am at and I have what I have. I'm glad I'm not stinky rich or without health issues. And although there were monetary and materialistic "clouds" that got in my way, they were not big enough to cloud my vision for long.

It is no coincidence I'm using nickname "CalonLan". It's a song carrying a message and ever since I heard it, I knew! As I burst into tears immediately I was a hundred percent sure that THIS IS WHAT I CAME HERE TO FIND. I couldn't rationalize it back then, I was just drawn by the energy of it. But today it all makes perfect sense.

And to YOU, guys and dolls, belong my THANKS also. The level of awareness to which I was able to raise thanks to you was the key. Had I stay where I stayed, perhaps I wouldn't be able to find my way in this life time. The words are not enough, no matter how big or bold I type them, so may the tears that fill my eyes as I'm typing this be my silent thank you. <3

Nid wy'n gofyn bywyd moethus, Aur y byd na'i berlau mân: Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, Calon onest, calon lân.

Only Boys Aloud - Calon Lan

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@Calon Lan That certainly does bring a tear to the eye - stirring stuff. Are you Welsh Calon Lan? If so, you should visit the sea - the coast there is beautiful - I think you mentioned previously that you had never seen the sea?

(27 Aug '12, 06:08) Catherine

@Catherine, I'm not Welsh. And unfortunately, the closest coast worth visiting is over a thousand kilometers from my place. But I know one day in a parallel reality or simply the future, I'll get to visit some and surf the waves over there ;)

(27 Aug '12, 07:03) CalonLan

@CalonLan - Thank you, your words and the video are lovely. I have a branch of family from Wales, and the expression of purity and love in the language and people are second to none, I'm not surprised you were drawn to it. My Welsh uncle has the biggest, sweetest calon lan I've ever encountered. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

(27 Aug '12, 12:05) Grace

@CalonLan- Very inspiring, thanks for sharing:)

(27 Aug '12, 17:31) Satori

Unfortunately the link doesn't work, thanks anyway for the thought.

(27 Aug '12, 17:39) Wade Casaldi

@CaloanLan I am so grateful to be a part of ur life. Even if it is short exchanges of teaching and learning from each other, it is well received and so much a joy of mine. I am glad to see it is with u as well. Love to you. :-)

(27 Aug '12, 17:51) TReb Bor yit-NE

... going to have to check my mail more often ... "you're my hint of danger"... thanks for the lovely lullaby ....

(24 Sep '13, 06:09) ele

You need to fix you link @Cal

(24 Sep '13, 07:59) ele

@cal..-loved it. each n every word n each and every letter with hidden meaning n emotions in it. i am really glad that i am part of ur life thrgh IQ. tons of thank you" to you...just stay happy always as ur now. i wish tons of happiness ur way...,stay blessed every sec of everyday :))

(25 Sep '13, 02:30) supergirl
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You have reminded me just how much I have to thank IQ for- all the great people who have answered my many, many questions (okay, some of them were rhetorical...>))...I thank you for reminding me to be ever grateful for the opportunity to say "Thank You" to everyone here. Everyone's patience and love have not gone unnoticed.

I think it is important to say thank you. It is important to humble ourselves and give credit where it is due. So I say thank you back- to you, to all the people who have helped me along the way!

Thanksgiving is a thing that God loves. He loves to hear our thanksgiving, both to each other, and to Him.

You did well.



P.S. I will never forget how to say or spell your name again! :)


answered 28 Aug '12, 02:36

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Thank you, Cal!

(21 Jan '13, 07:16) Jaianniah

Great stuff Calon Lân

                              I ask not for ease and riches

                              Nor earth's jewels for my part

                              But i have the best of wishes

                              For a pure and honest heart.


answered 21 Jan '13, 08:23

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blubird two

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beautiful :))

(25 Sep '13, 02:31) supergirl
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