I have some great memories from Girl Scouts, sitting around the camp fire and telling eerie stories. There are TV shows that focus on the paranormal, and books galore about vampires, witches, and werewolves.

Is this stuff real, or is it just something we make up?

As an aside, I was "visited" by my grandfather the night he died, even though we had no idea he had had died until the next day...

I guess we all have such stories. Are they real?

Blessings, Jai

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Yes, some of those stories are very real indeed but others are just a fiction of someone's imagination create to scare you or just have fun telling you the story, others are half truths and half fiction. In other words took part truths and added fiction or lies to it to make a great scary story.

So people like to be entertain around campfires with great scary stories I don't.

I have had people tell me some strange stories and I have heard some strange stories some telling about vampires. Many ghosts or spirits stories, vampires, metamorphosis, even a story about capturing the devil and he burn his way out. I think there are a lot of strange things that happens and of course no one believes it unless they also saw it or heard it themselves. I believe just because something is strange or unusual or apart from the normal does not mean it is not true now it also does not mean it is true either. Usually the truth will unfold itself.

I don't think many people want to believe a story about a vampire or werewolf by being right in front of them and will be killed by them within the next few minutes to proved to them selves that there really are other creatures, beings, immortals and etc here on earth living along side us or with us just staying out of our way so they want be recognized most of the times. Who knows maybe some beings and creatures were here before us humans were here on this earth.

The world would be filled up with books completely and over flowing of the the things we do not know and may not ever know for sure just a few may know and sometimes those that do wish that they didn't especially some of the scary stories that come out at the movies some of those if they were true I know if you lived it you wish that you had not and did not know anything about it.

In the bible they say the things that Jesus done here on this earth would fill up the world with books just between the age 12-33 when we didn't hear anything about him. So, therefor you know there are so many other things that are here going on among us that we don't know anything about and may not want to know anything about it.


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Why are we intrigued by ghosts, the paranormal, vampires ? because these kinds of phenomena touch the most sensitive parts of us ... our souls.

For quite a while I've been daily practicing a set of 16 Servranx magnetic exercises and as a result beneficial things, situations, people gradually and naturaly fit into place without any conscious effort of my part, which is the whole point of the exercises.

Recently I came across this article by Hagur about how to obtain vampiric powers


The original Servranx exercises are designed to increase your personal magnetic power, Hagur has slightly modified these very same 16 exercises to fit the purpose of becoming what he names "a vampire".

My conclusion is that conscious increase and use of your own personal magnetism, in other words the increase of the flow of chi energy through your body is highly beneficial.

References :




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Like you, Jai, I also have fond memories of scary stories being told at Girl Scout camp, neighborhood sleep-overs and etc. (In fact, my website is about scary stories!) Some are probably urban legends, some based loosely on truth, and some just made up for their spooky effects. Some, though, are real! I personally know of some real, very scary stories, and we probably all have one or two.


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LeeAnn what is your site? I personally don't like scary stories but some are differently real much too too real LeeAnn. Hope your are great and happy this New Year LeeAnn.

(18 Jan '10, 03:46) flowingwater

Hi Flowingwater. If you click onto my name, you'll see my website listed on my profile. But if you don't like scary stories, you won't like the website! It's not for everyone, I'm sure and some are real. Happy New Year to you, too!

(18 Jan '10, 20:34) LeeAnn 1

I thought I should add that I discontinued the scary-stories website a few months ago now. It was a lot of fun for the year I had it going, but I felt I wanted to go on to something different.

(16 Feb '11, 00:38) LeeAnn 1
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I strongly believe (as I stated in my earlier question about Hollywood counterfeiting miracles) that most people are attracted to miraculous powers. Hollywood turned it into magical powers, Hollywood changed the source of those powers from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to the absents of God, the devil and the evil spirit. Then to top it off Hollywood took away the true miraculous power of Christians and turned it into weak humans that need to have faith in the objects that represent Christ instead of Christ within. Lastly Hollywood made it very difficult to kill these evil side beings that the Christian had to do it in a sneaky tricky way behind the back of the evil beings they could never win face to face.

All of that is the description of the evil side but turned around to the good side.

With all that said is it any wonder why there are many kids that turn to devil worship and satanic sacrifices in our world? They believe the Hollywood counterfeit over the real power and authority of God the father, Christ and the Holy Spirit we have within.


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