I call paranormal beings ghosts, angels, fairy folks... For what I have been reading in other posts they seem to vibrate on another frequency, so we are unable to see them unless we get to the same vibrational level.

Even Abraham Hicks is a group of entities, isn't he?

I don't call UFO's and beings from another planets 'paranormal' because either there is life in other planets, and then if you're lucky enough you'll get to see them, or there isn't, and that's it.

Back to my question, I believe in paranormal beings, especially fairies. Can I manifest them? And how? (Forget the Ouija board, I will never get into that!)

I've been reading this post which was very enlightening but not exactly an answer to my question.



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I'm interested in why you believe in fairies. Did you have an experience in the past you attribute to them?...and if so, care sharing? (Just me being a bit curious and nosy :P)

But yes, you can summon other entities. Some magical systems practically rely on them. That is normally only done after a lot of self-work though, for various reasons (not the least of which being able to shut your mind up completely and detach so you can actually communicate without interjecting your own 'overlay') Or else, with a lot of ritual work.

If you already have had an experience (which I am assuming to be so) then it is likely you already have a natural affinity...most of us are fairly separated from nature and so do not. I only have minor experience though so really can't suggest anything in particular.

You may find these sites and some of the works on them interesting though:

http://lava.net/~pagios/main1forweb.htm and his home page: http://shell.lava.net/~pagios/


Those are both in the tradition of "Franz Bardon's" works. There are many other traditions which go into 'paranormal beings' of course, but they are not nearly as well gone into online as far as I know.

(I also second Vesuvius's suggestion)


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Thank you, Liam! No, I cannot say for sure I have had an experience... I became interested in fairies when I did a research on Celtic culture and Paganism. But I have the feeling, that if I were to see a ghost or a fairy I wouldn't be scared. I am a very curious person and I would try to make the most of my experience... Only one weird thing happened to me once, not long ago. I had on my bed a pack of Tarot cards and I had spent quite a lot of time putting them in orderand kept them on a bag. Then I closed the door of my room and went with my mum to a Birthday party. There was nobody left...

(26 May '10, 10:49) BridgetJones09

...in the house. I came back and put the bag with the cards aside. The following day when I wanted to use them there were a lot of them upside down and mixed up. No one had tampered with them except me. I attributed the mischief to fairies since that was the subject of my sudies then, but I don't know for sure... Thanks for the answer and the links! BJ09

(26 May '10, 10:53) BridgetJones09

I believe the most sensible approach is to begin by finding your spirit guide. Esther Hicks did this by seeing a psychic, who told her about Abraham. Esther then began a practice of meditation, which eventually led her to establish a connection with Abraham.

A summary of Esther Hicks' story about how she connected with Abraham is here:



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I'll look to it, thank you! :)

(26 May '10, 10:54) BridgetJones09

Hi Bridget, yes there're all kinds of paranormal phenomena in the universe and you can selectively contact them, it really all boils down to going into your mind/body systems and learning how to perceive information and learning how to expand that perception so that you're getting much clearer messages and a lot less jumble.

Here's what Simeon Hein says

" Over ten years ago, I took an 8-day class in "remote viewing." You know, this was the top-secret "Black Ops" program developed by the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 1970's to create a cadre of psychic spies for the military. It was classified "Top Secret." 

The American military community and intelligence services wanted a way for anyone, especially ordinary people, to be able to tap into their minds and get access to "distant" information in foreign countries and the like. Now we're told it was used by our government for more than 20 years. A little over ten years ago, the program was declassifed and the protocols revealed to the public. But did it really work?

I was curious and had a chance to take a viewing course with the full procedures that the military had used. And it wasn't cheap. The course I took cost over $3,000 for just eight days of training in 1996 dollars. Sheesh! And coming from an academic background with a Ph.D. in sociology and as a former statistics teacher, I didn't even think it would work. I thought you had to be special or something like. But I was so curious, I plunked my money down and went off to take the course. And I was wrong. It did work. At first I didn't believe it. Was it a scam or a trick of some sort? Well, honestly, the results weren't perfect but they will were still extraordinary. Really. So how was it possible?

The truth is, I never thought it would work, at least not for me (I'm naturally sceptical). I was almost hoping it wouldn't work; my mind wasn't ready for it. But it did. And within a few days, I was accurately drawing and describing hidden pictures I was only shown after I finished writing and drawing. I was stunned.

But it wasn't just me. Within a short time, everyone in the class was viewing and viewing accurately, as if they were born natural psychics. It was astonishing, but we did it. And so can you.

And that's when the weirdness started. Folks started contacting all sorts of stuff. You know: ghosts, ETs, even things I can't name. But we all learned a lot. Our universe contains all sorts of life in it, and soon we were interacting with it. That's another story. But beyond the weirdness, something amazing was happening. We were learning to use our minds in a completely new way. To tap into a hidden part of awareness to achieve apparently "super human" feats of perception and awareness. And it appeared that anyone could do it.

The truth is, you can do this too. You just have to know the special secrets of resonance nobody ever wanted you to know about. Not your teachers, parents, authority figures or any else. And since I learned those secrets over ten years ago, my life has never been the same. And now, I'm committed to teaching you these same techniques that have worked so we well for me to everyone else.

Extensive research shows that almost everyone has some degree of remote viewing ability. So, yes, YOU TOO CAN DO THIS. Extensive statistical research commissioned by the U.S. Congress, showed that remote viewing gets at least eight-percent more information than is explainable by chance. Wow! That's like having a permanent, built-in advantage and ability to get more information in any situation, any time you want it. And I want to show you how to easily and effectively access this innate, super-charged source of information. Look. It's simple. This system is based on carefully tested and researched military techniques, When I first took this course, it was the most revolutionary thing I ever experienced. And I want you to get the same benefits I've gotten from remote viewing; better intuition, improved mental clarity, and much greater confidence in your gut feelings."

Simeon Hein teaches virtual viewing



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