Has anyone seen a real ghost and have hard evidence? Why are ghosts so elusive and and not everyone sees them?

asked 05 Oct '09, 08:14

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eziospags 1

Yes , and anyone can. hard evidence? No. but what kind of evidence you would call ''hard'' ? .. I mean, there are tons of photos and videos, books and even documentary films. not only about ghosts, but about many things that we find hard to believe in. here is the amazing part .. we believe in God based on 4 main witnesses and a 2000 years book. and that was ''hard'' enough for millions of people to go as far as killing millions of people. at the same time, we reject believing in things like UFOs, Aliens and Ghosts regardless of any evidence provided to support their existence. I think there is no such thing as hard evidence or weak evidence. there are hard beliefs and weak beliefs. if your mind rejects the idea of the existence of ghosts, and I showed you a ghost .. not a photo or a video .. a real ghost. you may feel shocked or scared and believe it for a moment. few minutes - or even few days - later, you will start looking for evidence to expose the hidden illusion trick I performed. your mind will restore itself to the od belief state and the only problem that it will get busy with, is ''the secret behind the trick''. for our minds, reality is not what it is. it's what we believe it is.


answered 06 Oct '09, 00:32

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Very good observation and a statement of thought.

(06 Oct '09, 10:18) flowingwater

there is no worse blind that someone that does not want to see.

(09 Jul '11, 19:01) white tiger

I've seen what people call ghosts but I don't really believe they are dead people returning to a time after their death. I've read a few books that discuss a different concept of time, whereby everything that happens in the Universe happens all at the same time. I think when we see 'ghosts' we're simply tapping into that concept. Any fearful experiences are, I believe, a projection of our own fears. Anytime I've experienced a ghost, I've never experienced any fear, and I've been having the experiences since I was about 12 yrs old.


answered 05 Oct '09, 21:37

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I've never seen a ghost but, then again, I'm not particularly interested in looking for them. I lead a fairly busy life and ghostly beings will just have to make an appointment like everyone else :)

I have had people tell me that they've seen beings following me around though...apparently due to the large amount of spiritual energy I give off...it sounds like bragging, I know, but that's what I've been told by a few different sensitive people...apparently, it attracts them.

One time, I used to live in a large mansion house in the middle of a fairly large and deserted private forest by myself for extended periods. There were probably about 30 rooms spread over three floors in that house and it was mind-bogglingly dark, quiet and isolated at night.

A friend of mine, who used to stay there as well from time to time, used to tell me he could see beings following me around the long, dark corridors at night. Apparently, they were there before (outside the house) but they didn't actually start coming into the house until I arrived. Spooky, huh?

He didn't tell me this straight away though. It was only after a few weeks of me noticing him suddenly looking up from time to time in another direction (as though he had just seen someone) when I was with him that he finally admitted to me what he was seeing...and it took a lot of coaxing on my part to get it out of him. Apparently, he didn't want to scare me. It took a few nights for me to get back to sleeping well again in that house after that revelation :)

On a few other occasions in different locations, I have had friends notice a tall, luminous-white male being of light dressed in a hooded cloak follow me around, about 8-feet-tall, I believe. I mentioned one such occasion in this answer.

A separate friend, who had no connection with the other and didn't know about the other's visions (a fact that quite impressed me), also saw him regularly and told me that he said his name was Gabriel and that he would always be with me.

I never really followed it up because I became rather bored and cynical about all this psychic stuff around that time after discovering some reality-creation principles.


answered 08 Feb '10, 01:26

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Stingray thanks for you always have some great stories of interest to tell. But I wonder was this tall entity could have been the angel Gabriel? I am sure it did take a few nights in that large dark house to start getting back to sleep after hearing that you had someone following you around that you could not see. But I think we all do this plane that we are in chris crosses into other planes and dimensions so the spiritual always doting around in this physical world.

(08 Feb '10, 10:04) flowingwater

Stingray, Do it not occur to you that you are being introduced to your Spiritguide.The fact that he appears eight foot tall tells me the place He is walking in is just a little higher and slightly out of sight of this demension.You have some very Intuitive friends,We have just found ourselves a great circle of Unique Friends.Let the Fun neverend.Love and Light

(08 Feb '10, 17:05) Roy

@Roy, yes, it has occurred to me that there might be some spiritual guidance involved. But I'm fairly practical person as far as spiritual matters are concerned and knowing there is an 8-foot luminous being following me around is not a particularly useful piece of information for me. I do get interesting ideas from time to time so there may well be something going on as far as inspiration is concerned but I suspect the big guy is quite happy to stay in the background...I'm sure he'll be in touch sooner or later if that is not the case :)

(08 Feb '10, 19:45) Stingray

@Flowingwater - I've absolutely no idea why the name Gabriel was chosen so I can't really say.

(08 Feb '10, 19:46) Stingray

@Stingray and @Gabriel Yeah, don't even bother with names. It's even said in the inside cover of all Abraham books that the name Abraham doesn't have anything to do with, or refer to, the biblical Abraham nor president Abraham Lincon.

Stingray, your stories are so dry, witty, and funny, explaining the most abstract of things in your experience.

(26 Jul '12, 06:52) Nikulas
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Yes, I've been seeing ghosts since i was a kid.


answered 05 Oct '09, 13:10

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Ghosts are real and some people see them an some don't but they are there whether you see them are not an so are an lot of others things maybe I don't know. When you first saw them did they frighten you? Did they try and do you any harm? Just because I ask you don't have to answer I am not trying to be personal.

(06 Oct '09, 10:09) flowingwater

I was around 10 years old the first time i saw one. A dead soldier lay on my sister's bed. He was in a guerilla attire, with helmet, combat boots and all; appeared to me for a few seconds. My family found out later on that our neighborhood was used as a dumping site for dead soldiers during world war 2.

(07 Oct '09, 05:46) Celine

Yes. In 1996 I awakened at 3am in the morning. At the foot of my bed stood my Uncle Jim, who had passed away in 1982 at age 70 of cancer. What was very interesting was how vivid in terms of color he was. His blue eyes were bluer than thay had been in life, his complexion clear and filled with more energy that a human. Startled, but not frightened I asked Uncle Jim what was he doing here. His response was "I just came to tell you that everything is going to be alright". Another interesting note is his communication was telepathic, I did not hear him...the communication was sent straight to my mind. After thanking him he vanished. I then pinched myself to see if I was awake or dreaming, and I was fully awake.

Please note, I had not thought or spoke about my Uncle Jim for over 13 years prior to this incident. I have not received a visit from him since.


answered 30 Oct '10, 01:18

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No, i have not seen an real ghost but I have talked to several people who have seen an real ghost. I doubt you will ever get real hard evidence of ghosts you might see them one day your self but having proof is another thing that will hold up.

The one guy I talked to said he was born with the ability to see them. He said he see them all the time. He is dead now. I don't know whether you have to be born with an gift to see them or not or just be in the right frame of mind of accepted that they do exist.

Well, simply put we all should know there was an spiritual world before there ever was an physical world.

Think of it this way you know animals see ghosts, spirits, and other things all the time. They even bark at them we look and don't see anything and say nothing was there. But that doesn't mean nothing was there just because we didn't see anything now does it?


answered 05 Oct '09, 09:20

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Yes sure have. At first I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me but now I just accept that they're there. I sure wish they'd help me out around the house more though!


answered 05 Oct '09, 15:11

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Maria - Manifesting Muse

well they could help you around the house but would you like to have stuff moving in your house with no one else then you there?

(09 Jul '11, 19:05) white tiger

Yup! i guess i have ever encountered unexpected 'ghost' several times since i was kid. I hav never expected to see all physical appearance of ghost but in fact few times I saw what people say ghost. But I have experienced more frequently other types of encounter with ghost other than from sight but from hearing, feeling, or smelling. Once I kept in mind when I got strange sound in one night three times in three different places. The first was bathing sound, but when i saw the bathroom, the floor was not even wet. Second, i heard my friend's granpa snoring. later i found out that nobody was in the house, and the grandpa had died several months before. Third, i heard a gigling sound of woman at midnight. I searched it through with several mates and found the resources was under the very huge old tree on the river bank without anyone living there. I dont know whether I am fortunate to have such experience or I am just daydreaming with invisible supernatural world like that.


answered 05 Oct '09, 22:19

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I think you have figure out by now that you are not just day dreaming. But it might help to say that to your self since know one elese seems to hear, see, smell anything but you. Maybe you are just tune into their vibrations or whatever I don't know why some people do see them and somem don't but they do.

(06 Oct '09, 10:16) flowingwater

yes like feeling you are observe or not alone. or having object moved in the house and you are the only one there.

(09 Jul '11, 19:08) white tiger

I have seen a ghost... 3D, full colour, ordinary non scarey man - 50ish, brown hair turning grey, slightly curly, moustache above a mouth that curved down sharply on the left side, leaf green V-Neck T-shirt with collar - standing beside my bed looking at me.

Scared the living daylights out of me!

Despite my husband being sound asleep beside me, I decided not to scream, I just turned over put the blanket over my head and called up the combined efforts of Jesus, Buddha, Mohommed and every other holy person I could think of at the time to make him go away. It worked.

It was only later when I was relating my experience to a gifted friend that she pointed out to me that the man sounded like he might have died of a stroke. She asked me if I had visited a hospital recently which I had. She laughed and said that maybe he died and I was the only bright light he saw :)

I do feel rather guilty about sending him away.. I have sent him mental apologies since.. hopefully he found a much brighter light than my faint flicker. But it has made me wonder about a lot of things.


answered 07 Feb '10, 23:47

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Inactive User ♦♦

Asking questions is a good first step . Now step two go to ghost house yourself . Step three run .


answered 05 Oct '09, 09:29

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Like your answer see if it is real and if it is than run (smile)

(06 Oct '09, 10:05) flowingwater

I's a bit like having sixth sense and other such 'gifts', talents, abilities some people have more developed senses,'gifts', talents, abilities in some fields than others.


answered 05 Oct '09, 19:21

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I have seen and felt what I think was paranormal. I don't know for certain if what I expierenced was paranormal or not, but at the time of the expierence it sure felt real.


answered 29 Oct '10, 21:02

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Martin Burns

yes i have seen ear felt. i have seen a fee shadow, also light shaped 3d transluscent shape brighter then the sun my dog was pointing to it in the woods 10 meter in front of us then it vanish when it got near the woods. i have ear whisper and concentrating to ear the whisper i would ear my name it happen 3 time. also i have felt observed and presence a fee time. also one time at 3 am in the morning i have though of moving something and 10 second after it was moved. so that is evidence enuff for me. as for the question is it hard evidence for you. you can accept this as truth or not.


answered 09 Jul '11, 19:18

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white tiger

Yes once when i whent on a school trip at a place called howtown in my doormatry me and my room buddys all saw a black figer standig rigt next to one of my friends bunkbeds the next day my friend was throuing up like hell .wierd huh. well thats not all... the shower door keeped opening.To prove our self the door wasn't on a spring we put my suitcase next to the shower door then we garded the door for 5mins and the suit case was mooved at that point we went screeming out of the room to tell the teachers but of corse thay didn't beelieve us... now for two last fing if all of us whent out of the room if one of us came balck in there would be two more markes on the ciling or the walls...I dont know if the next one is true or not but one the room one top of myn the boys said that there was a hand print one the wall that opened and closed each time thay go in or out of the room pluss they said they saw the mystiruse figer aswell... now i'm not lying or over exited i typed what relly happend so pleas dont take this as a chieldish joke just because i'm ten. (p.s i dont bleeve in gosts until that night because them nights at that place scared me and my friends out of our skin thank you for readig who ever you are.)


answered 07 Oct '11, 15:29

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Laura ruddick


When I was in 8th grade, and had just gone to bed, I saw someone standing at the foot of my bed. I sensed him as well as saw him- he was tall, too thin, and older. I freaked. I went and told my parents there was someone in my room...My Dad came and checked the room, but saw nothing...

I climbed back in bed, but that guy was still standing there. Eecky-freaky!

I spent the night sleeping on the living room couch with the lights on all night.

The next morning, my mother got a phone call. My grandfather has passed away- He was found dead in his room. Estimated time of death was right at the time I saw that man- 10pm....I believe my grandfather had come to me to say good-bye and to let me know he loved me...It was the only way he had to do it...My mother and he were estranged.



answered 26 Jul '12, 08:25

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I sometimes see a gray like fog in the same shape, I have never seen that shape before so it's hard for me to describe.. I would put my face under the covers of my bed and it would be there super intrusive.. I am sure it was some sort of spirit.


answered 11 Oct '11, 23:47

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